Friends (200)

  • Shae

    What's Your Business?T-Shirt Sales
  • Patrice A.

    What's Your Business?Business to Business Resources and Exchange Information
  • Grace Vanriel

    What's Your Business?Strategic Marketing
  • Rhonda Harris

    What's Your Business?Business Management Consulting - Finance, HR, Operations
  • Fatimha McCrea-Perry

    What's Your Business?Motivational Speaking & Inspiring Author.
  • Jeanie Brister

    What's Your Business?Digital Media & design Specialist and Instructor
  • Kathy Wilson

    What's Your Business?Freelance Web Designer
  • Devon Presley

    What's Your Business?Stayin Home And Lovin It...., I'm with a wellness company. Unlike other large corporations (Johnson & Johnson etc.) My company redirects revenue from product sales back to the average family giving them the opportunity for significant wealth without any risks or large investments. We don't sell or stock inventory. We just help people set up a membership that's like Sam Club's and they have the option of getting up 20% commission every month from their organizational total. You go on vacation and come back and still get your check.. We smile all the way to the bank and I get to help others do the same.

    What's Your Business?[Just Launch] *Advertising for online businesses Nationwide* Get new prospects!@@!
  • Tara Colquitt

    What's Your Business?Debt and Money Management that leads to Restored Credit Scores
  • Lisa

    What's Your Business?I sell unique, handcrafted, artistic soaps.
  • Nicole E. Hickman

    What's Your Business?Business to Business Support, online store, handmade party favors, invitations, etc.......
  • 1brwnshuga

    What's Your Business?Life+Style Event Marketing, PR, & Events
  • Foluke

    What's Your Business?online magazine and network
  • Jubilee Jones

    What's Your Business?Graphics design, printing- business cards, flyers, banners , etc. for businesses and events
  • Pastor Aminata

    What's Your Business?Leadership Training and Development
  • Sharen Rooks Agency

    What's Your Business?Sharen Rooks Agency
  • tanesha jackson

    What's Your Business?Event Planning and Sales