March 31

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.Hello everyone, Let me introduce myself.......My name is Donna Elmore. I am half African American and half Japanese. I used to live in Japan when I was younger, but I still remember alot of things. I have not been back in "years"......But maybe one day! Alittle about myself....yeah, yeah, I know maybe you heard , "This from alot of people I like to help others. I think that is what this world is all about.. Give, give ,give....One thing I do know is you can never out give God! l am a believer of the Lord 100%. He comes will and always come frist in my life. Another thing I enjoy doing is "praying for others" So, if you ever have a prayer request just send me a message, I will be than happy to pray for you....[Y]...To add to that I like to "donate to different charaties, such as St Judes Hospital for cancer and Lukemia children.....Food for the poor, Help a child foundation for "abused children", Children's International I sponsor one 6 year girl from there, just started doing that just a few days ago. I used to do the Christain Children's fund as well. My dream is to make enough financial gain so that I give to the needy, no strings attached. Just go up to some family in need or maybe a homeless person, well you get what I am saying...;) And just hand them a enevlope with some money in it, and tell them that a ANGEL WAS SENT TO THEM TO HELP THEM OUT IN THEIR TIME OF NEED. tHAT WOULD MAKE ME SO HAPPY TO SEE THAT SMILE ON THAT PERSON'S face. How ever I can serve the Lord and his works. Ok now...lol Ia m happily married to a wonderful man, and I have two grow adult kids who live in Texas, and I have a few grand kids...;) Yeah I am a granma...lol I have 4 and half year old daughter too....She will be 5 in Aug. As far as what I do for a living I had a lot of different jobs....lol I lived in Hawaii for 11 yrs. I was a US Customs agent there, very interesting work. Then from there I had my own Daycare in my home.....what a difference huh?...lol I moved back to the "broke state"...lol...lol California. But it will all work out. I still like it here. My husband and I did Foster care for 3 years.....done with that. But , my passion is to work out, I love to work out and I also show people how they can eat "ANYTHING, AND I DO MEAN ANYTHING THEY WANT, AND NOT REALLY HAVE TO EXCERISE AT ALL" and still lose weight and keep it off. No more gaining weight, specially around the "mid-section" which is hard for most people to keep off....sounds to go to be true ...but I it is true! I am making alot of people "HAPPY"! So, if you would like to know how let me know....you'll be glad you did!!!!!!! I enjoy making others laugh , I am very out going, kind heart , smart business person as well. Oh yes my favorite color is "red" ...lol...lol just threw that in there for as a smile from "YOU"....LOL Hope you were not bored....chat later stop by and say hello sometime. God Bless Donna .



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  • Happy Birthday!
  • Hi Donna I received your friend request , and message, I will love to add you.. Hope you much bless success. God Bless You! Hope we can keep in touch when we can. Take Care!
  • Hi Donna,

    Thanks for the friend request. I enjoyed reading your profile page. You have a very interesting life. I wish you much success with your business ventures.

    LaKeisha Hankins
    Discover Your Soul Purpose

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  • Happy New Year and Welcome to BBWO: I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities available to you on this site. When you have a few moments, I extend an invitation to you to visit my web page www.tcmandassociates.net and complete the contact page with all your business information.

    I would love to be your business assoicates, please add me as your friend.




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  • Hi Donna, I loved your profile. I can relate to your desire to help others as well as pray for others. I always desired to be a prayer warrior, and boy oh boy am I being trained. I also desire to one day have a "Angel" ministry, where I am able to bless others with no name or face attached.

    I want to thank you for your blogs. They are truly helpful to me, being a business owner. I am in the process of changing the way I do things..."Who Moved My Cheese" and your post were right on time.

    I want to also give you a invitation to join my ning site www.proverbs31women.ning.com. This is a online "Secret Place" and your prayers would be a blessing.

    I guess this is enough for now : )...till next blog.

  • Greetings!

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    If you already signed up for the Kit that's Great! Have an amazing day.

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  • Hi Donna, when you get the chance to , send me a friend request like what your profile is saying... Be Bless,..
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