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In 2003 I started a makeup company called E'LON Couture Cosmetics. It was quickly picked up by Macy's and carried through their Midwest region. We now have a catalog which has been mailed to more than 25,000 women. We are set to go international with our line in London and Ghana in 2009. I am a model and makeup artist and founded the company to show true beauty for women of color and not the images that are made to be presented to our daughters.



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https://E'LON Cosmetics fan page



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  • I am sorry that I am not on BBWO very much. I 've had issues to deal with.I am trying very hard to be more active. Please check out my business site. Thanks for not deleting me.
  • Congratulations on making the BBWO Top 50 list, Yolanda! Keep inspiring other women of color!
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  • Thank You!
  • YOLANDA! Your Page if Beautiful!

  • Yolanda,

    Hello! Myspace Comments

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    Start treating Yourself to a little ME TIME TODAY! With that said make sure that you make yourself at home on MY Network and at My page; and, treat yourself to my wonderful, 100% Natural, (Inexpensive), Fabulous products that leave you and your skin feeling pampered...You won't be disappointed!

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  • Thank you Robin! We serve an awesome God!
  • Hello Yolanda,

    Awesome! I enjoyed your post on "Remember courage" it brought tears to my eyes. I remember having a passion to create my own line and started in my 20's Many people told me I was very ambitious. I have many aspirations and yes Daddy plays a significant role in our lives for good or bad. Blessings to you for your empowering moments with him and receiving his affirmation. I'm impressed and wish you God's best in every continued endeavor. We have God and He's more than enough. Our source who connects us to resources. Thank you. Robin aka Empowerment Diva
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