Friends (54)

  • Denise Turney

    Birthday:September 4 What's Your Business?Literature and entertainment
  • Carol Dunlop

    Birthday:January 1 What's Your Business?I coach Diet Victims to lose weight and keep it off
  • Michelle S. Hawkins

    Birthday:March 6 What's Your Business?Wire Sculptured Jewelry and Fiber Art
  • Doreen Motton

    Birthday:March 22 What's Your Business?President/CEO of Neero & Ana, Inc., manufacturer/marketer of the Satin Hydration Therapy brand satin pillowcase for healthier hair and skin.
  • Sabrina Rawls

    What's Your Business?Catering Delivery Service and Gourmet Goodies
  • Linda Wilson

    What's Your Business?Pure Romance
  • Missie Shealey

    Age:57 Birthday:January 23 What's Your Business?Author
  • Jennene Biggins

    What's Your Business?Digital Marketing Strategist, J Biggins Consulting, LLC /Founder and CEO, The Voluptuous Woman Company
  • Paris E. Tompkins

    What's Your Business?The Oodles Company, black rag dolls and children's books
  • S.P. Austin

    What's Your Business?Life/Relationship Coaching
  • Wanda Paulette

    What's Your Business?Professional Visual Artist - Painter, Illustrator, Muralist
  • Lisa

    What's Your Business?I sell unique, handcrafted, artistic soaps.
  • Shannon Pounds

    What's Your Business?Natureal' Hair Care
  • LindaAnn

    What's Your Business?I am a National Expansion Leader with 5LINX!
  • L. Michelle Coats Of Elite Events

    Age:46 Birthday:March 24 What's Your Business?Elite Events, Million Dollars Designs for Every Budgett
  • Tee Thompson

    What's Your Business?I own an event planning and management company
  • Jocelyn Richard

    What's Your Business?Visual Praise Productions
  • Jacquie Ross

    What's Your Business?CastAway the Clutter! Professional Organizer - Organizing Homes & Offices. Organizing Presentations & Workshops, Organized Families Examiner Writer