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Just to share a little information about me, I was born in Marianna, AR. I am a proud graduate of Holly Grove High School, and I currently working toward a degree in Business Management from Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas and continuing on to a four year college to get a degree in Business Administration. I got married In April 2004 to Terry, and we have one small son born in July 2007 and I have a grown son from a previous marriage who is twenty-three. I do have a full time job. I work as an office manager for a branch of the USDA. I don't consider writing love stories as work. That is my fun time, my stress-reliever time, so when I get in from work and get my son taken care of, I relax by writing love stories. I began my writing career in the High School, when I would hand-write my stories for my classmates to read. I'm proud to say some of those same classmates are Carrie J. Keaton readers today! My professional writing career began in 2006 when I self-published my first book with Authorhouse. My first book, Two Loves, One Heart explores domestic violence as well as romance. Anyone who has ever felt the heartbreak and trials that love can bring, especially those who have experienced abusive or controlling relationships, will relate to my main character Lynnette’s journey to find true love within herself. I want to give readers hope that they can bring their lives around from the brink of devastation and despair if they have the desire to help themselves. I want to get it out there that they are worthy of being helped. This help can come from family and friends or professionally if the need be. I am speaking from experience and I am a SURVIVOR. My strong faith in God and my family helped me to find my way back from that dark and lonely place. I am thankful and truly blessed. That horrible experience has taught me that, “LOVE SHOULDN’T HURT”. Since then I have working on a second and third novel which I would like to call my “Heart Series.” My second novel will hopefully be complete by the end of this year or the first of 2009. So stay tuned!!!!



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  • First I will like to say Welcome to BBWO, I hope God will bless you with many
    great connections.. I am inspire by your profile.. You seen to be a Inspiring woman with a positive message to share.. I would like to add you here on BBWO, if you want you can send me a friend request and I will accept. Continue to let God use your Gift to write as a way to reach out to others
    about life issues that are important to you. Be Bless Ms. Carrie. Take Care!
    And sorry I see you are online as I am writing this but I just had to leave you a comment... Stay Inspire**
  • Dear Sister,

    Please see my video Ms. Melanin (A Dedication to the Black Woman) by Kamal Imani


    Kamal Imani

    Got Inspiration? Check out the inspirational hip hop & R&b song “I Will Make It” by Niva feat Kamal Imani
    “I Will Make It” inspires you to keep the faith and believe in yourself! What more can we say! Keep your spiritual energy up and rock to this. And, remember to look to the person on your left and on your right and tell them “I Will Make It”! Can I get an AMEN?
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  • Hi

    I am just stopping by to say that I was interested in your profile and I hope that we will be able to connect in the future.

    I have a national network in the UK working around leadership and enterprise and therefore, very keen to network with like minded, aspirational business owners and professionals. You can visit me at www.sistatlk.co.uk and get a snapshot of the work that I am currently doing in the UK.

    I look forward to connecting and sharing, so please take the time to add me as your friend and let’s network.

    Sonia Brown

    You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you. Source: Dale Carnegie
  • Hi Carrie,

    Welcome you this wonderful site. I hope you enjoy your networking expericene.

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    Breast Cancer is not just a woman's disease; men should examine their breasts as well.

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