Florence, South Carolina and Columbia, South Carolina

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Just being a woman of color speaks for itself. I love to strive and make success happen

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Ning, Facebook, Cafemom

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I am a single mother of 2 kids. I work full time as an CNA. Im also certified EKG. I work part-time as a rep for Primerica where we teach and help families to become financially indenpendent and also saving money on life insurance to give the surviving individuals that extra security in that time of need. If you would like to become an independent business owner or you would like some life insurance quotes please contact me.... I am hiring and will be looking for 20 recruits who really wants to work and make money...thanks



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Seeing other networking , business related sites

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  • Nora,

    I'm not sure if I've already asked you this, but did you want to be a spotlight author for my website. Each month I want to feature a new person, an interview, provide links to their websites, and info on their work. Would be interested in that. I think this conversation is deja vu but my memory is shot. If that's something you want to do check out my site, ImaraUshairi.com.

    Adrianne Graves
  • Hey Nora. Thanks for trying to stay in touch. Well my poetry blog is rolling and my website will be available this Monday. I have a poetry reading this Monday as well, and I'm working on the typesetting for my book.

    What's new with you. Is everything good?
  • That is too funny, I used to get Trya Banks, I guess times are changing! I am good starting to get busy and I love it
  • Hey Nora :D Many thanks! I'd love to come to South Carolina, :D I've never been but I hear it's nice. Thank you for checking out my website, I appreciate it whole heartedly. I prefer not to take money orders (or checks) only because verifying funds prolongs the process. I can't release artwork or product until all monies are received. Waiting a couple more days to receive the work can make some people nervous, lol. I do most business transactions through Pay Pal. I find it more secure and sound (for the mind) for both parties :D Thank you and God bless you Sis and have a prosperious week!

    Jubilee Jones
  • I am willing to travel are you thinking of doing a workshop?
    Email me at monarchpublicationsllc@yahoo.com so we can discuss

    Books by Holly
  • Hey Nora. I am from South Carolina as well... I lived on Wadmalaw Island/Charleston SC (the country!!!!). But anyhoo, I don't just speak with older women. I am Apart of an organization & social networks where I am able to inspire through different books or motivations that have inspired me throughout my journey. And I know exactly what you are talking about when you speak of Character!!! It took me up until this point to realize that your Character is everything and it is destined.....And I am getting to a point where hatin sistas (&brothas) and life road blocks don't even trip me up...I keep it moving because in all actuality everything we see is temporary but as long as I stay positive, positive things will happen. Sorry for going all into a TMI (too much info) moment...NIce to meet you Nora! We must stay in contact.
  • Thanks Nora :D Most of us are multi- taskers, lol. I am curently working on a solo music project. I hope to release it by the spring 09'!

    Also, business cards and other marketing materials from Allure Design Graphics are high quality custom made specifically for your business at moderate prices. All designs are unique for the customer with no use of generic templates. Please check out some samples at www.alluredesigngraphics.com. If you have any questions email me at: jubilee@alluredesigngraphics.com . I can also mail samples out to you. Thanks again Sis :D

    Jubilee Jones
  • Hi, Nora! My biggest piece of advice for up and coming authors is to do your research on the publishing industry, so you won't be "scammed" by wannabe publishers. Also, continue to hone your skills as a writer. Read other authors who are writing in your genre, study their style and then create your own. There's much more to writing than "telling" a story. You have to become the characters and be able to reveal everything that character feels, all of their pain, happiness and heartaches. Also, a big part of spinning a story is description. You want your readers to feel like a fly on the wall, intruding. Now that's writing!

    Much success,

    Jessica Tilles
    Author & Publisher, Xpress Yourself Publishing
  • Thank you Nora and looking forward to networking with you.
  • Soth Carolina, huh? We are neighbors! My sistah-author, Allyson M. Deese is in North Carlina! She also writes poetry.

    I'm published with Xpress Yourself Publishing.

    We should definitely keep in touch!
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