Debra's Poetic Justice

I have been blessed with a unique talent. I can write about any topic relating to any issue, holiday, marriage anniversary, church anniversaries, pastor appreciations, weddings and funerals,etc.Ever get tongue-tied, tripped up or just don't know what to say? Well fret no more, give me a shout and I'll help you out. Commemorate Your words presented in a "POETIC FLOW" forever.You receive a personalized poem printed with Your words to Your special someone. Allow ME to express YOU! I have never had a disappointed client. Each poem has it's own flow, it's own flavor and expresses precisely the message YOU wish to convey.Bless someone's life with the gift of Your Words EXPRESSED in Poem.Debra's Poetic Justice:(Following does not represent every poem written.)SUBJECTS/ TITLES OF POEMS WRITTEN FOR OTHERS.PASTOR APPRECIATION :1. What is a Pastor (Recited for Pastor's Birthday and Televised Recital for Pastor Appreciation.)2. A Balanced Team3. I Appreciate You Pastor and This is How Much.4. Revival5. Happy Anniversary/Birthday Pastor (Recited at a Pastor's Appreciation Dinner ~ 500+ guests).6. Congratulations To You!7. God's Love (Televised Recital at 3 church services ~5,000+members and also a Radio Recital at local church 500+ members.)WEDDING ANNIVERSARIES:1. When I Reminisce.(Recital at Distinguished Restaurant).2. You Are So Beautiful to Me.(Recited at a Family's Celebration 50year Anniversay at a Hall).BIRTHDAY:1. When I Didn't Know What to Ask For.2. There's No Imagining Life Without You3. The Fabric of the Man. (Recited at a Boss's Birthday Bash).4. Just Live. (gift to Boss who'd just had a heart attack).5. Smiling Deep Within. (Birthday gift from Father to his Son).6. Your~ Mother's Love! (Dedicated to my Ex-mother in law).FUNERALS:1. Our Precious Gift. (MY SISTER)2. Our Dear Dad (Best Friend's Dad)3. God Gave Us a Ray!4. The Heart of the Man.5. A Life of Significance. (God Mother/ Aunt)(All recited at Funeral)HOLIDAYS:1. The Blessings of You.2. For the Rest of My Life - "I Do." (Valentine Day for Fiance')3. Praise to my Father for a Dad Like You!(My Dad on Father's Day)4. Voices In The Wilderness (Televised Recital for Black History Month)5. Your Love Enhances Me.JUST BECAUSE:1. God's Light In You Blesses Me.2. Legacy of Love.3. Even At A Distance. (Cousin)4. God Bless This Home. (From a Son to Parents)LOVE:1. The Awakening!2. Love on the Highest Degree.3. Do You Know4. Soul Talk.5. So Am I To You. (Recited in a wedding)6. Why Do We Have to Wait?7. What Do You Do, When You Don't Know What To Do?8. I Long To Please You.9. Loving You!10. The Man That I Treasure.(All Personal)WEDDINGS:1. So Am I to You. (Recited in an Exclusive Wedding)2. And They Two Shall Become One Flesh. (Recited in Wedding)3. God's Gift (Recited in Wedding)4. My Heart's Prayer. (Recited at Rehearsal Dinner)5. The Story of Our Lives.6. On This Your Special Day! (Recited at Reception)*THESE POEMS WERE GIVEN AS GIFTS TO BLESS ANOTHER LIFE AND WHETHER YOU ARE THE GIVER OR THE RECEIVER YOU REMAIN BLESSED BECAUSE THE GIFT AND WORDS, THOUGHTS AND HEART (FLAVOR/FLOW OF POETRY) FOREVER REMAIN, LONG AFTER THE DAY IS THROUGH.De Poetic 1
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