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Sigh. The silent expression given after looking over those fun, summer pictures taken of you in your twenties.  Those were the days - sun, fun, laughter and beautiful skin happily displayed under shorts and sleeveless tops. “When did my youthful glow disappear?”  As the body ages, cellular regeneration slows down, and skin begins to act differently, yielding dark spots, wrinkles, and rough, cracked skin.  Thankfully, plenty of wholesome products from nature can help you maintain your beautiful skin, and this puts you on the winning side - allowing you to grow older gracefully.  

You truly are what you eat, therefore an adequate intake of water and nourishing foods work internally and the epidermis benefits from those positive effects.  

In addition to eating and drinking mindfully, consistently use these three topical steps to keep your body’s largest organ conditioned, hydrated, and have you on your way to celebrating the reappearance of that youthful glow: 

First, cleanse the skin using soap or body wash with rich emollients, such as raw butters and plant/fruit oils. The hydration process begins when water comes in contact with the skin, and the wholesome emollients seal moisture into the skin.  Forgo products with harsh surfactants, such as sodium lauryl sulfate. They strip the natural oils from the skin, and hinders the goal. 

Next, slough off dead skin cells using salt or sugar scrubs, clays, or a natural fiber sponge.  Exfoliation is one of the most skipped steps in bath and body care, but is necessary for a radiant hue. Exfoliating the skin 2-3 times a week, softens rough skin, lightens hyper-pigmented spots, and allows for better absorption of other bath and body care products.  

Lastly, apply moisturizers with liquid content and emollients (lotion/cream) to maintain skin hydration and soft skin throughout the day.  Or use emollients (no water content) such as body butters and body balms for sealing in moisture after showering, softening rough skin, and protecting the skin. Petroleum jelly is an emollient, however, it does not allow the skin to breathe as well as plant/fruit-based emollients. 

Add these simple solutions to your bath and body care regimen, and you can expect that youthful glow to reappear. Say, “Good-bye” to sigh and hello to shorts, racerback tanks and short maxi dresses.





Be Whole,


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The winter months can be so unkind to your skin - wrecking havoc by turning hydrated skin into parched skin.  With the dry, cold air outside beating at your skin, cranked up heat indoors pulling moisture out of your skin, there seems to be no rescue for your epidermis.  Lost cause?  Absolutely not.  You just have to make a few adjustments to your winter bath and body care routine:

Step 1: Use a gentle grime fighter that won't strip your skin of its natural, protective oils, and that will also add to the conditioning of your skin. 

 Organic Love Body WashA pure organic, castile body wash! Lather up in goodness of sunflower oil, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, and glycerin! Organic Love is enriched with African Black Soap and Green Leaf Papaya to eat up those dead skin cells! 





Step 2: No more than 3 times a week, your skin should receive some TLC with a scrub/polish.  Exfoliating eliminates dead skin (keratin) sitting on the surface, removes impurities from the pores,  and leaves behind smooth, soft skin.  


Almond Whipped Cream ScrubA creamy body wash and exotic sugar scrub, with Sweet Almond oil to boot. Pick up your favorite sponge or puff and cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, and fragrance your body!





Sweet Raw Sugar Honey PolishA skin delicious blend of golden crystals, for banishing dead skin; pure plant oils effective for mature skin; rich humectants for protecting the skin; and honey to boot.







Step 3: Add an oil treatment to your bath & body routine. Topping the epidermis off with wholesome oils (emollient) is the best way to seal in moisture.  

  MarinadeAn after-bath oil, that is great for those on-the-go days. Seal in the moisture after showering, by spritzing on this oil-free Shea Butter oil blend. 


 Pure Body BalmA head-to-toe deep moisturizing balm, created for those women who need a bit more TLC for their scalp and body.  Pure Body Balm rejeuvenates dehydrated skin, works as a protective barrier, and is gentle on sensitive skin. 




Be Whole,


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This is the  JMCC way to grow your business!!

Here is one of the reasons, being a Juniques Multi Cultural Connection member can be so powerful for your business, network, personal, and professional growth.  

There NO COST to being a Juniques Multi Cultural Connections member!!!

Juniques Multi Cultural Community , using the Attract, Sort, Assign system to help grow your business

I am using the ATTRACT, SORT, AND ASSIGN system  to promote many of the activities I am involved with. 

Most people struggle with  HOW to promote their business. 

You can promote any business/service ( so you can share this with those, not interested at all, in any MLM business)

The system is designed to ATTRACT, SORT, AND ASSIGN  this a my success formula.

We can speak more on this. 

This supports the ONE CLICK MARKETING approach.  

People like free and you have to plenty to offer with juniques multi cultural connections.

People like options, business or otherwise ( regardless if they share with you or not, they are looking)

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People want help - The Attract,Sort,Assign System provides training and support for any business (on or off the net)


People want to grow - The Attract,Sort,Assign System develops one personally and professionally

People want real - The Attract,Sort,Assign System shows how getting 20 people following you into your business choice guarantees financial improvement - yours and theirs. 

Reality - most people, especially those joining MLM companies, quit within 90 days

Most people, especially those joining MLM companies, will not recruit more than 3 people

Most people, especially those joining MLM companies, do not make any money to talk about.

There is  an extremely low percentage making "real" money. ( 1% to 3% of a distributor base)

Most people, especially those joining MLM companies, QUIT OUT OF FRUSTRATION.

Most people,especially those joining MLM companies, continue to repeat this scenario, too often. 


Stick with me, I will show you what works.

No hype, No crazy promises

No guilt tripping (you should do better, just because, you should do better), 

No unreal expectations ( join my business in less than 90 days you will be making "walk away" income - gimme a break!). 


We will use a lot of 4 letter words





Yes, I have more, LOL

Get back to me.

Lets discuss your progress. 

At your service,


Get Started Today

PS I use the Attract, Sort, Assign system at Black Business Women Online.

This system can be applied many different ways, and it is a benefit to all who use it. 

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Hello Community,

The internet is providing a communication opportunity, never before available. Definitely take full positive advantage of this opportunity.

Rare, never before seen Whitney
Houston live performance. This 1996 performance was recorded at Black Entertainment Television at the
second annual BET Walk of Fame. Ironically this was the same day Tupac was murdered

Juniques Multi Cultural Connections

Culture to Culture Connections

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Black Girlz Talk

Black Girlz Talk

Coming soon is a web based talk show, Black Girlz Talk. Our goal is to showcase African American women in a positive light. In the meantime, check out some of our articles. This quarter topic is relationships.

Why is it so hard to find a good man?

We often complain about the difficulties we face when searching for Mr. Right.  It’s not enough good men in the world.   No one can live up to my standards.  All men are dogs.  He is a male gold-digger.  All men cheat.  I’ve heard it all. Blah. Blah. Blah.  Stop dating the same man over and over again.  If you want change, you have to do something about it. I know that most people don’t like stepping outside of their comfort zone. But remember what do you call a person that keeps doing the same thing and expects different results? Insane. 

I’ve talked to a lot of single women that are carrying baggage from one relationship to another.  I tell everyone you can’t give someone your all until all your doors have been closed.  Just like the airlines only one free small checked bag, leave the rest at the gate.  When you get to a point where you are ready to date, take your time and proceed with caution. There are still some good men in the world, but here are a few of my favorite Mr. Wrongs:

The computer love

The computer love is the guy with the cute pictures on, Blackplanet, and Facebook. Based on your profiles you are a match made in heaven.  This is the person you are secretly obsessed with but too scared to tell your girlfriends because you don’t want to be judged.  So you go by yourself to meet him for the first date, but guess what. He looks nothing like his picture.  You respectfully say, “You look different in your pictures.”  He explains it was a picture of him 75 pounds ago. You laugh it off, but deep down inside you feel played.

Mr. out of my league

Let’s keep it real. It may be easy to catch a fish, but it hard to keep it from slipping out of your hand. This is the man that is out of your league.  He has himself together and searching for someone to compliment him.  How can you keep this winner if you have nothing to offer?  Looks get old, but substance is priceless.

The pretender

The pretender is the guy who pretends to be whatever you want him to be: the church boy who can’t quote a scripture, the entrepreneur whose credit score is 300, and the man who claims to love his momma but refers to every woman that has pissed him off as the b word.  This is the type of man that completely loses himself when he dates.  Who wants a man that has no self-identity?

Mr. Married to my job.

A man can’t give you his all until he is satisfied with himself.  He has to feel like he can love, honor, cherish and take care of you.  Don’t date someone who does not have time for you.  Ladies, you can’t change him. Keep it moving.

I’m single but married.

Ladies, just because a man says he is single doesn’t mean he is divorced.  Don’t play yourself.  Dating a married man is like working a dead end job with no opportunity for advancement.  Nobody wants to work a dead end job! Everyone deserves to move up the ladder.

Mr. Illusionist.

This is the man that gives you the illusion that he is perfect.  When you first meet him, it is love at first sight. He has great looks, dressed to the nines, expensive car, good job and the gift of gab meaning he can talk any woman out of her panties.  If something looks too good to be true, it probably is.  Therefore, it is important to take time to get to know a person before you fall victim to the illusion.  If you give up your goods to early, you miss a lot of red flags.  Take your time. It can save a lot of heartache.

Now, I know you are asking what can I do to put an end to this dating curse.  The answer is to get yourself together and do a little soul searching.  Instead of evaluating ourselves, we point the finger at everyone else.  One of my teachers used to say if you point one finger, you have four pointing back at you.  As women, we often settle for the sake of not being alone.  This usually leads to trouble. Remember, the first step to self- improvement is to love yourself flaws and all.

Take a moment and look in mirror.  What do you see?  Why are you scared of being alone?  Are you where you want to be in life?  Can you stand on your own two feet?  Are you comfortable in your own skin?  Do you have your finances in order?  Are you open to try new things?  Are you ready to be in a relationship?  Do you have time to give someone your all?  Are your standards set to high? Are you really five karat worthy?  Are you wife material?  After you answer these questions, create a game plan on how to be the best you.  Determine the areas that need work and make improvements.  No one is perfect.  It’s time for you to become Mrs. Right so you can stop attracting Mr. Wrong.

Shaneisha Dodson

follow me on twitter @ blkgirlz & sdodson08
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As posted on Denene Millner's "My Brown Baby" on November 5, 2012. See full post here.

Author: Akilah S. Richards

How is it that, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, our percentage of business ownership as black women in the U.S. is up 59 percent since 2002, yet we make up a mere 3 percent  of the $1.2 billion dollars in sales from women-owned businesses?

Unjust systems and long-standing, deliberately placed hurdles aside, many of us are learning to maneuver this new era of social impact through technology, and leveraging our skills with our passions to the tune of thriving businesses and comfortable lifestyles.

But on the real, the numbers of us who hoist sails on sinking ships with unstable businesses far surpass the number of financially and emotionally stable black women business owners.

Certainly, we do not lack access to the resources or the brainpower it takes to excel in business—so what’s the deal?

Business and Life Strategist Katrina M. Harrell and I have got a theory about these troubling truths.  It might ruffle your feathers a bit, but perhaps that’s a necessary part of your growth and ours.

The theory: Black women in business have been up, big time!

Yes, we BITCH up!  We get scared.  We stop trusting ourselves.  We take the shortcuts and we prioritize popularity over business ownership.  Many of us, myself included, spent years building a “popular brand”, without focusing on operating a business.

The results: High visibility, but low income.  Some success, but no real fulfillment.

I was a slave to the very thing I had built.  But thankfully, I got free.


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The Legacy of the Black Woman

Matriarch: King (sole ruler), Queen, Preistess, Nurturer, Warrior/ Amazon, Nurturer, Mother, & More


The Untold Story of Africa at My Amazin Roots

Fine Art, Posters & Tees. Preserve Your Heritage Today!!/MyAmazinRoots

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This week's feature entrepreneur is Shaneisha Dodson. She is the founder of Mahogney Ink Publications L.L.C. and Black Girlz Productions L.L.C. Currently residing in Virginia, Shaneisha holds a bachelor's degree in psychology from Grambling State University, a master's degree in counseling from Dallas Baptist University, and is currently pursuing a doctorate in education. Shaneisha was the first person in her family to graduate from college. In showing  how important education is to her, every year she gives a $500 scholarship to a deserving student. After college, Shaneisha wrote her first novel. It was like so much by friends and family she was encouraged to continue writing. That eventually led to the start of her publishing and production company. Being an accomplished author herself, today Shaneisha publishes 4 authors,  2 poets and has produced one stage play.  Her story is truly one of accomplishment. Find out how Shaneisha started her companies and where her inspiration came from. Enjoy!

1. Tell me your story. What were you doing before you started your own business?

I am a country girl born and raised in Arkansas.  I was raised in a matriarchal household.  I developed a passion for writing at a young age.  I started writing my first book after I graduated from college. Prior to starting my business, my life consisted of school, school, and school. I have been a student my whole life.  I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Grambling State University and a master’s degree in counseling from Dallas Baptist University. Currently, I am pursuing a doctorate degree in education.

2. What made you want to start a business and what is your mission?

I have always had a passion for writing.  After graduating from college, I penned my first novel.  My family and friends loved it so much they encouraged me to continue writing.  Therefore, I decided to take it a step further and started my own publishing company in 2009, Mahogney Ink Publications, LLC. My works have been featured in online magazines, selected as book of the month by numerous organizations, selected as top 25 fiction books of 2009 by Conversations, and earned a spot on an African-American bookstore best sellers list. My first teen book was selected as best book 2011 in literary excellence in the teen self-help category.  In addition, I was nominated for a 2011 African-American literary award.  My publishing company is home to four authors and two poets.  In 2012, I took my love of the writing to the next level and started Black Girlz Productions, LLC.   My company’s motto is “Dream BIG or go Home!”  My first play recently debuted: Cheating on my Mistress “When One Woman is not Enough”.  My mission is to entertain by any means necessary.

3. What inspires you? What keeps you motivated daily to keep growing your business?

Life inspires me. I am passionate about my work. Each day I strive to do better. I believe in taking my time to make sure everything is as close to perfect as possible.  Each year, I can clearly see my companies’ growth. We are moving at a steady pace. I am very satisfied because I believe in quality not quantity.

4. Do you have a mentor? Who is it and why? Do you believe it's important to have one?

I used to have a mentor, but we went our separate ways.  However, I believe it is important to have a mentor because no one has gotten where they are without the help of someone else.  When you choose a mentor, make sure you choose wisely.  Mentors are people who are doing what you want to do in life. They should be full of wisdom and knowledge.

5. What would you tell someone who wants to get involved in your line of business but doesn't know how to get started?

Research. Research. Research. If you want to start a business, learn as much as possible about the business. Don’t depend on other people to give you all the answers.  The biggest issue I have with the publishing company is finding a good editor. You will come across a lot of people who will make numerous false promises in this type of business. They will offer you an opportunity to be a part of a national tour, claim to be the best editor in the business, and will guarantee that their marketing campaigns will take you to the number one spot on the best sellers list. Be leery. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is…

6. What advice would you give to someone with an entrepreneurial spirit?

My advice is to follow your dreams. Don’t be scared to succeed. When you hit a hard spot in the road, keep pushing. Believe in yourself and believe in your abilities.

If you are an up-and-coming author looking to be published, visit Shaniesha's website at Mahogney Ink Publications. For information on her stage play show times and Black Girlz Talk visit Black Girlz Productions. Also follow her on twitter at @blkgirlz I want to thank Shaneisha for sharing her story with us. I hope you have been inspired by her accomplishments.


Be someone’s motivation and tell us your story! To be featured on email Put PEOPLEWHOPROSPER in the subject line and share a little about yourself.

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There has been a incredible shift in the world around us.  From the Northeast hurricane, to many people stepping out on pure faith and starting new businesses, ending unhealthy relationships to even finally taking health seriously. We’re all being charged with “purging” something. In the midst of this though…doesn’t mean there are challenges or days when you simply want to “quit”.

::The client money isn’t coming in on time

::The husband just “ain’t acting right”

::The kids are a mess at school

::Your stress level is out of wack

::Your business is good…but it’s not “great”

::You seem to be working harder for the same result.

::You feel enslaved to your purpose.

As women we come as a package deal and with that means that often overwhelming feeling of wishing and wanting to just “quit” – to let it all go. To throw in the towel and just let the sh!% it the fan!

I know that feeling and I have to have a “come to Jesus”  meeting with myself. And get real.

It’s time someone offered you a dose of truth…and that is


Truth be told, women of color tiptoe around our issues in our lives and ultimately our businesses. We don’t invest in ourselves however we expect others to invest in us.

Do you? Do  you invest in yourself or do you quit at the thought of doing the work

QUIT at the thought of truly asking for assistance and support in growing your business or how women like Cameka Smith (founder of listed BOSS Network) has done by fostering a community of women entrepreneurs who network for good?

QUIT feeling like you can’t really work with other women because “they always want to take what’s mines”. And the hard work of learning to trust your own “GET IT GIRL!” so you can work with other women without the “crabs-in-the-barrel mentality” like LaShanda Henry (founder of Black Business Women Online) did with her girlfriends

QUIT at the thought of truly (and I mean truly) investing in quality mentorship and guidance and humbling yourself to end the thinking that you must do everything on your own or that perhaps Women of Color can’t produce high quality events and workshops that are impactful and profitable like thePOWER CIRCLE Conference & Expo happening Jan 2013.

What’s my point? I’ve been in a “Inner BITCH” release pilgrimage for some time involving releasing all the GUNK that was stuck in my belief system for too long.  My sister on this journey of complete liberation and I have been charged with not only calling ourselves out…but other women. Particularly women of color and Black women more specifically on how our emotional wellness is the TRUE source of abundance.

If you’re still reading I offer that I realize this post is making tons of assumptions about you – the reader – but perhaps it’s not. Perhaps somewhere inside of you, a-lot of this rings true. If not to this extreme, perhaps in your own self-sabotaging efforts to define “success” merely as the sum of your bank account or based on the number of episodes of  Donald Trump’s
The Apprentice” you’ve been able to copy-cat in your own business journey.

Whatever it is…there is a time to call it quits, but not on yourself…but on the nonsense that is causing many of us to live beneath the truth of our possibilities. The truth is that there is another more authentic way of living and creating and this video offers a bit of that truth.

Join me Friday November 9, 2012 here.

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ATLANTA, GA — Katrina M. Harrell and Akilah S. Richards have a collective abundance of life and business anecdotes from their personal and professional experiences.  One common thread among their stories is the lack of harmony between sound business strategies and real emotional wellness.  

Frustrated with the trial-and-error approach to success among their own, Harrell and Richards now lead the movement that challenges black women business owners to face the harsh truths about promoting their brands versus building their businesses.  Their solution is 5-step “escape plan” from what they've dubbed "The inner B.I.T.C.H.".

On Thursday, November 9 at 9PM (EST) the two will host a free, live dialogue on Google+ Hangouts based around the focal points of their debut joint venture, How She Got Free: A Spiritual Business Manual for Women Who Lead Through Entrepreneurship.

The dialogue, which will also be live-streamed on YouTube, offers women a platform to discuss their biggest hurdles in business and life planning and income generating models.  Using the 5-Step Escape Plan, black women entrepreneurs can recognize their ineffective patterns, and align themselves with higher standards, sound structures, and effective systems in their professional and personal lives.

During the November 9th dialogue, the duo will tackle frequently dodged topics such as:

  • Offering “bargain bin” pricing instead of charging what we’re worth

  • How black women look to their white counterparts for marketing models that do not work with own potential markets

  • The lack of application of basic business principles and the consequences therein

About the authors

Harrell and Richards are uniquely qualified Business and Life Strategies whose unique approaches to business building and lifestyle design have garnered them the unique approach to lifestyle management has garnered the attention of Black Enterprise Magazine, Essence Magazine, Real Simple Magazine, MSNBC’s Today Moms blog,  and various local and web-based publications.

Register for the live dialogue at

For more information about How She Got Free, visit



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Help Me Win A Trip


I would like to solicit your comments on my recent interview with Alfred Edmond, Jr. , SVP/Editor-at-large of Black Enterprise Magazine.  I was given 10 minutes to interview Mr. Edmond about the challenges facing minority/women entrepreneurs.  Please review the video link below and add your comments to the website.  In the next few days, your comments will be tallied and the blogger with the most comments will be given a pass to the Black Enterprise Conference.  It is conferences like this that have allowed me to grow my own business as well as introduce new trends to clients.  I would be greatly appreciate it if you would share with friends and encourage them to comment as well.


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Obama Four Years Later: Are You In?

10744076490?profile=originalAre you in? It’s the current battle cry of the 2012 version of the Obama Campaign, and though on its surface, it almost feels like a casual question, it’s rife with much deeper meaning almost three-and-a-half years after the historic election of President Barack Obama.

On its face, and in basic terms, the question says will you volunteer for me again? Will you donate regularly and at the historic levels you did in 2008? But deep down, it forces those of us who worked so hard to support then Senator Obama to ask ourselves, do we still believe in the vision and the man? Can we see Barack Obama’s presidency in its totality and conclude that it has overall been a success, and that his policies and leadership have been better for the country? Despite the historic nature of the election, and the joy we felt as African Americans – has he delivered on the vision of America that he convinced so many of us was possible?

But mostly, the question is an acknowledgement that a lot has changed in four years. The average Obama supporter is no longer in wide-eyed wonderment over the prospects of electing our first black president – four years after history was made, many of us are still grappling with the socio-economic ravages of Bush Administration policies, and confounded over what seems to be President Obama’s commitment to adhering to some of the most unpopular of them – Guantanamo Bay is still open; we’ve expanded what has been a costly presence in Afghanistan under President Obama, and he’s failed up till now to end the Bush-era tax cuts given to the wealthiest Americans and corporations, despite the fact that the nation’s debt and budget deficit continue to skyrocket, and our social safety nets are on the verge of collapse. It’s just a fact – whatever their race, many of the President’s supporters find themselves disappointed in the wake of what have been characterized as broken promises made during the 2008 election, and there are those on the left that have been vocal about their belief that President Obama has given up too much in tough fights with Republicans these last few years.

Even a rabid Obama supporter like me can admit that there have been some disappointing moments in his presidency. I question the wisdom, for example of expending vast amounts of his political capital on waging a long and protracted healthcare reform fight, only to end up with legislation that as of this writing, is being challenged constitutionally before the Supreme Court, legislation that did not go nearly far enough to protect the nation’s citizens in a way that every other industrialized country in the world has been able to. I understood the rationale then, and I understand it now – tackle the sector of our economy that seems most intractable, and that is in the most danger of destroying our nation’s ability to sustain a healthy economy and more importantly, a healthy citizenry for the future – I get it.

The need for reform was even more important in light of the fact that Baby Boomers, who outnumber every other age group in the nation, are approaching retirement, and in danger of completely overwhelming the healthcare system as we know it now if we don’t get costs under control. Again, I get it, and you probably do to. But waging that fight at a time when the country was literally hemorrhaging jobs that have been too slow to come back, and the fact that it all may have been for naught if the Conservatives on the Supreme Court have their way, can’t help but make even the President’s biggest supporters wonder what he and his advisors were thinking.

So it’s 2012, and even I, the original Black Woman for Obama have to ask myself the question: are you in?

It’s not as easy a question for me to answer as it might seem. It’s not just about will I vote for President Obama – of course I will. The question for me and others like me is will I work myself into the ground again to ensure his re-election? As one of the pseudo leaders of the original volunteer corps, will I shut down a large part of my life once more to go out and make sure that as many people in the nation as possible work to get President Obama re-elected, give more blood, sweat, tears, time, and money? Has he earned it?

In my opinion? Yes. Actually, hell yes. And I’ll tell you why. Feel me on this one for a moment.

Several months ago, Melissa Harris-Perry, the brilliant college professor and MSNBC show host did a segment on the Rachel Maddow show called the Tale of Two Michelle’s, where she talked about the disparities inherent in the way the media (at the time) treated Michelle Obama versus how they treated Michelle Bachmann during her failed run for the Republican nomination. It so happens that I have my own two-tales story. I call it – “The Tale of Two Shovels”

The Tale of Two Shovels

So, imagine there’s a job – everyone wants it. And to do this job, you have to be good at doing two things – digging a hole, and filling it back up with dirt – that’s it. Dig the hole and then fill it back up with dirt. The thing is – you have to dig this hole in such a way that the one that comes after you, can always either a) start the digging where you left off or b) begin to fill the hole where you left off. Simple, right?

Now imagine that you get this job – from what you’ve heard, every one of your predecessors, from the beginning of time, has dug the hole, oh, maybe 5, six feet deep, and worked like crazy to fill it back in. You’re not nervous – you know you’re going to have to dig a little, or toss a little dirt in, and you’re up for the task. Well – imagine your surprise, when (upon reporting for duty your first day of work, shovel in hand), you find that the guy that had the job before you, has dug a hole 100 feet deep, and left it for you to fill. Oh – and you have no idea where the dirt is. You still only have 5 feet worth of dirt to fill the hole in with.

In essence – your predecessor has thrown his shovel down, flipped you the bird on the way out, and ran back to his ranch in Texas, I mean, back to wherever he came from, leaving you to deal with the bizarre results of his efforts. And now, not only are your co-workers pressuring you to fill in the hole, those folks who want the job after you are yelling for you to fill the hole. Everyone everywhere wants you to fill in the hole. Fill in the damned hole! Do it now! Yikes.

You try to reason with them – “my predecessor dug a MUCH bigger hole than he should have, a-and there’s no more dirt with which to fill it kind people!”, and they tell you to shut your trap – less yapping, more hole management! Enough about your predecessor, it’s YOUR hole now, and you have to find a way to fill it with dirt. And you better not complain.

Get the picture? President Obama took office at an historic time for America and the world; 700,000 plus jobs were exiting the economy each month; our auto industry was on the verge of collapse, and in danger of taking another one million jobs with it; the financial institutions in this country were disintegrating in the wake of too much greed and too little regulation and because of an expensive and unjust war in Iraq, our reputation around the world was in tatters – when President Obama took the oath of office, he had been left with a very deep hole to fill indeed.

And yet – here we are four years later, arguably through the worst of the last big recession, with an auto industry that’s back on top around the world, and with an economy that has added 200,000 new jobs each of the last three months. This is of course not to say that Americans are no longer feeling the pain of the recession, but it can definitely be argued that as a result of Obama’s leadership and his administration’s policies, a lot of the magical, disappearing dirt has made its way back into the hole. So yes – I’m in. And you should be too.

I believed back in 2008, and I believe now that President Obama is a leader for this time; even as we debate policies, and distill critical issues into 30-second sound bites, there are important realities that we face as a nation, realities that I believe have informed the President’s policies, and which are as important and impactful today as they were then. I call them “the three shuns”:

Globalization. The harsh truth that many don’t want to face is that our ability to conduct commerce across shores easily and seamlessly due to technology means that there are many, many jobs that have left this country that are never coming back. Period. Competing tax rates aside, there are just too many countries with cheap, plentiful labor who are willing and able to do the work Americans used to do, and who can now, thanks to the internet and other communications technologies that make doing business across thousands of miles feel like doing business across the hall.

Education. America is not educating its citizens adequately to compete in the recently mentioned Global Economy. According to a study done by the 2009 Programme for International Student Assessment released in 2010, 15-year-old students in the U.S. perform about average in reading and science, and below average in math. Out of 34 countries, the U.S. ranked 14th in reading, 17th in science and 25th in math. And even as unemployment continues to hover around 8.5 percent, many jobs that require high-tech skills are going unfilled and leaving companies no choice but to look outside our borders for workers they need.

Innovation. In every major recession since recessions have been recorded, it’s taken some major innovation to spur the country back into economic health. The commercialization of the Internet helped fuel economic recovery after the recession of the early 90’s, for example – innovation has facilitated the kind of economic expansion that results in periods of growth that are typically longer than the recession itself. But innovation takes a level of commitment that the nation has lost, and as a result, countries are cleaning our clocks when it comes to keeping up with our infrastructure, and investing in alternate forms of energy.

And I’m convinced that President Obama understands all of this, and that he has tried over the last three-and-a-half years (with debatable success), to manage the country to those realities always, with shovel in hand, trying to restore order to the hole.

And so as I look back on what’s been since my time as an Obama volunteer, and think about what’s to come, I can honestly say that no – this time, there will likely not be the tingles that ran up and down my and Chris Matthews’ legs during the last election; there may not be the adoring, impassioned crowds, the t-shirts and theme songs, or the plentiful celebrity spokespeople. And worst of all, there may not be the fired up, engaged volunteer corps that helped propel the President into office. So that’s where I come in. That’s where Black Women for Obama comes in. It’s our job this time to cut through the rhetoric, and the bias, and to spread the message of his real record – the record that includes passing the Lily Ledbetter Act to give woman equal pay for an equal days work;         a record that includes more financial reforms meant to protect average Americans than anytime in history, and an expansion of environmental policies that rivals any recent President. And a record that shows an ability to go after and defeat our enemies, in ways that actually make us safer as a nation, without all the lip service.

I’m in – I’m still a Black Woman for Obama. I believe in what the next four years will bring, and I believe in the President’s ability to bring it. So I hope you’ll come on in too – the political waters are fine.

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Black women can’t get married, black women are getting fat, black women are ugly, black women are suffering mental health issues, black woman took a relentless bashing in 2011. I was appalled to she not only the discriminatory material published on black women but more so at the frequency. What is this obsessive interest in the failings of black women?


Two the most offensive pieces seen on black women in 2011 was the report published by Pyscology today, labelling on accounts of scientific research that black women are the ugliest women of all the races and then just recently the Dutch magazine that referred to the singer Rihanna in the title of the article as the "Ultimate Niggabitch". Unbelievable, unacceptable and just racist. Would such defamatory material be published on white, muslim, jewish, or women of other races? Black women are no lower or less deserving of respect than any other race.



The main areas of this anti-black woman media bashing.

Social research is often not a matter of finding truth or fact but instead finding evidence to support a pre-decided theory, where the truth is bent to fit the theory and not the theory to fit the truth. The point here is not that all these reports are lying and that there are not marital issues within the black community or an increase in obesity, however the facts are presented in a jaundiced manner. It’s easy to say that 42 percent of black women are not yet married, if in that 42 percent women under the age of sixteen are included or if the two to one ratio of men to women is not taken into account. Further, didn’t marriage rates decrease and divorce rates increase across the board in western society? This is not a problem unique to the black community and we do not have a monopoly on social vices.

There are so many reports that take social vices and concentrate on pointing out the black community as the black sheep, when many of such vices are shares across all races. However, the media presents its reports in a way that leaves the question in the readers mind of “what’s wrong with black women?”

"Propaganda is a form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position so as to benefit oneself or one's group." - Wiki

I’m concerned that a terrible impression of black women is being moulded. Common misconceptions of black women are being exaggerate and exploited by the media, putting the black women more than 50 years behind time. Black women must stand and step out of the shadow of prejudiced judgment.

In Love & Marriage: Happy Black Women Would be Bad for Media Business, writer Theresa Lasbrey argues that the media launched an “anti-black woman campaign” to counter the image of the Obamas. She writes that the media screams, “The Obamas are not the norm! Do not dream of this for yourself! It is just coincidence that in 2011 every month came with some form of anti black woman report or “study”?

Such media slurs promote self-hate and batters the esteem of black women. We are constantly being told that something is wrong with us, that black men don’t love us, that we are fat, ugly, stupid, loud, poor, difficult etc. Worse still this persistent negative bashing has both blacks and whites believing that there is something wrong with black women in particular.

In surveys of predominantly white participants, negative results are reported as an increase in "something" of women, not an increase of "something" in “white” women. Why so race specific when a particular social vice is high in the black community although it is present for all races such as decrease in marriage and increase obesity.

The situation worsens when black people join the anti-black woman media campaign.The Denzel Principle: Why a Black Woman Can’t Find a Good Black Man, blames black women for setting their standards too high, being too picky, not just settling for any man that sets eyes on them.

Unfortunately, we tend to believe that publications in books or reputable newspaper means that the information must be a valid source of truth. Perhaps that was the case some years ago, but in our times, it’s more often a valid source of someones opinion, as seen by the following popular media outlets.

The Nightline multi-part special entitled “Why Can’t a Successful Black Woman Find a Man?” again blames the character and goals of black women as the hinderance to us finding a man.


The Economist article, Sex and the Single Black Woman: How The Mass Incarceration Of Black Men Hurts Black Women, contributes to the scare campaign.

The Media should to be held accountable for publishing content promoting racial discrimination and Black Media needs to stop assisting the character assassination of its own people and instead writing about solutions where problems exist.

Say “No More”, to anti-black woman media bashing by signing this petition created by All Black Woman. We have already addressed the petition to some of the most outrageous publications of 2011 and intend to name and shame those who would continue such discriminatory behaviour in 2012 by adding them to the petition list. Black Sista will be watching!





Original article at the following link:

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What Is Online Shopping?

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Happy Thanksgiving! As we embark on this holiday season, we are also embarking on one of the best times of the year for business. Why? Glad you asked! Well, this is the time that shoppers are looking for great deals and in a "buying" mood. This is also the time where you'll see friends, acquaintances, family, and neighbors in different settings. Thus having the opportunity to share what you do and your products.

So, don't close your doors this season and assume people are too busy to buy from you.  This is a great time to challenge yourself. Set and accomplish some goals. Take advantage of the holiday season and go out of 2011 with a bang!

One way to accomplish some goals is to participate in Small Business Saturday on November 26, 2011. We've all heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday and now you've got this! Small Business Saturday is dedicated to supporting small businesses. This year is the 2nd annual Small Business Saturday, sponsored by American Express. Take advantage of this day and offer some great sales. You should also support small business yourself that day. Or, "pledge to shop small".  Go to an independently owned restaurant or boutique. Shop online from some of the BBWO merchants. Support businesses like yours and encourage others to do so as well. Visit for more information on Small Business Saturday.

I plan on trying Matt's Big Breakfast, which is local restaurant and I'm going to check out Nache Snow's,  What small businesses are you going to support??


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While I sleep.......

While I sleep I cannot for the life of me keep a head scarf on. Also I don't like to sleep in a head scarf. I have found that sleeping on a satin pillow case just makes for a more pleasant night's sleep. Also my significant other does not like the head scarf either.

So. What do you do while you sleep? Head scarf or satin pillow case?

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Get Up!

I ran across this article this week and thought I'd share. It's called:

"Young Bosses: 6 Successful Brand Builders Who Got An Early Start Learn from these business leaders how to take charge at an early age and change the game."


This article was great motivation to read how these business owners (although young when they started) started and grew their businesses to successful multi-million dollar businesses because of an IDEA. I think we sometimes forget that that's all it takes. An IDEA. If you have an IDEA  that you think would make you successful, then run with it! See what happens with it. The worse thing that could happen is that you have to tweak it here and there so you can make your millions.


After reading the article, answer these questions...What ideas have you been thinking about for YEARS but just haven't put into fruition?

What's holding you back? What are your fears?

What would happen if you DON'T put this idea into action? How much would you beat yourself up if someone else did it, just like you wanted to?

How do you get started? Well, I have an answer for that! Sometimes we need an objective person to bounce ideas off of  and answer questions we don't know the answers to. I can help you. Contact me today!

GET UP and stop sitting on these great ideas and letting time pass you by. If you don't do it now, then WHEN? Take the first step today.




If you need help staying focused and motivated to be the best you and gain a profitable business to increase your finances let me help you. Subscribe to my blog today and receive a FREE 30 minute consultation and 1 follow up appointment. ONLY FOR A LIMITED TIME, SUBSCRIBE TODAY!
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