“She’s Cute for a Dark Skinned Girl”


Ever since I was in middle school [and I say middle school because in elementary you don’t see color] people have been making statements to or around me, on the lines of “light skin is in” and “I don’t date anyone darker than my skin tone” “all dark skinned girls are ghetto” and the one that I finally experience and still has me upset about to this day [it happened like last week maybe] “your hella cute for a dark skinned girl”. Now personally I don’t know how everyone else would feel or has felt right after a male [or female] tells you that your “cute for a dark skinned girl” but personally I didn’t think anything of it at the moment, however, about five minutes later it hit me and I was highly upset. The thought of someone pretty much saying that I’m cute BUT in reality I would look better if I was light skinned, is not the business. I mean what is it in a skin tone that makes people think that you’re going to act or think a certain way, or that light skinned and pretty hair means that your a beauty queen, or top of the line model, and dark skinned with normal African American hair means that you are ugly, and will never get a man [well a good looking one anyways].

I feel that it’s a shame that African Americans can have arguments with people of different races about racism but is forever skipping over the racism within our own people. Why we have a light skinned VS dark skinned war going on I will never know. Why is it that we can ban together as a people when it comes to racism as a group but we can’t get ourselves together as a people and get the racism that we have within our self’s together. I don’t understand how we can work on racism in the world but not have our own racism under control.

People always wana say that they are not racist but, if you’re making judgments about a culture or even a skin tone that means that you’re racist against that cutler or skin tone. And to be racist against a skin tone is just plain sad because that means for the most part you are having racism on your own people, your own cutler, and your own kind that has had the same struggles that your ancestors have had, so what’s the point in having judgments’ about a certain skin tone

Now I don’t want for people to get me wrong, because there is nothing wrong with having a certain attraction that mainly lies on one skin tone or another; there’s nothing wrong with that at all, its just like how some males like “thick girls” and others like “skinny girls”. HOWEVER when you get to a point when you start automatically believing that one is better than the other, and thinking that one has more class then the other, YA that’s a problem, and it needs to get checked ASAP like a judge that lets a serial killer out on early bail.

Coming from a brown sugar complexion point of view, I feel that my skin is beautiful, and the fact that “dark” skinned girls come in so many colors is a beautiful thing. We are all wonderful as woman and as a people; our strength is amazingly passionate and will never fade away. If we could just come together and see that skin tone does not make you who you are and that being true to yourself is what makes you who you are, maybe just maybe the ignorant comments of “your hella cute for a dark skinned girl” will begin to dwindle away slowly like the idea of us never having a African American president. Its going to take some work, sometime, and some patience, but guess what we do it.

“Brown skin, you know I love your brown skinI cant tell where yours begins, I cant tell where mine ends Brown skin, up against my brown skin Need some every now and thenoh hey Skin so brown, lips so round Baby how can I be down? Beautiful mahogany, you make me feel like a queen Tell me whats that thing you do that makes me wanna get next to you, yeah” India Arie “Brown Skin”

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  • I've been researching the impact of media on Black adolescents for the last 4 years, busy pushing out publications this past year. Check out my latest two articles-there is more work to be done, but evidence to back up the experiential is key in Academia.

    That’s Not Me I See on TV . . . : African American Youth Interpret ...

    From: Women, Gender, and Families of Color 
    Volume 2, Number 1, Spring 2014 
    pp. 79-100 | 10.1353/wgf.2014.0000

    Adams-Bass, V.N., Stevenson H., Slaughter-Kotzin, D. [2014]. Measuring the Meaning of Black Media Stereotypes and Their Relation.... Journal of Black Studies (45) 3, 1-29. 
  • It's ignorance and a result of being indoctrinated by a racist culture and media. A media and racist culture which continues to perpetrate its own mythology of superiority. Don't believe the hype!!

    Millions of dollars are spent yearly by the dominant culture on tanning lotions and salons. Persons risking cancer sun bathing to obtain the beautiful dark complexions they curse. Persons who curse us yet embrace everything that we are ( music, clothing, dance, history, literature etc.)

    You have a choice to ignore or address and educate the ignorant.

    I have always embraced my beautiful dark skin. It's who I am. I know the wonderful culture and history of my people. I've never found any culture on the planet more beautiful than my own! Africa is the mother of civilization and archeaologists have discovered that the Garden of Eden was in Africa. Stand strong and proud! You're absolutely so beautiful, it makes the entire world blush.  

  • The media is the issue. Whites own and control all of the radio and television programs. Its not that there isn't gorgeous dark women but black women are beautiful period and we come in all shades. People look to the media to help them determine what's hot, what's the latest trend,who's the hottest artist and what not. White people I feel are comfortable with showing lighter color skin on television because they know the darker your skin the deeper your African roots are and the whole goal for a long time has been to get blacks in America to forget the orgin of our roots. Light skinned women are portrayed more beautiful only because the skin color is closest to white. Not because they are more beautiful. Peoples ignorance is so bliss. The Media is the problem if they don't or won't show dark skinned women how can people relate with Dark beauty?
  • I've also heard this too many times before and asked the same question once on my facebook status. Needless to say i received tons of comments that were in agreement that a statement like that is pure ignorant. Very sad and misguided individuals in my opinion.
  • its a insult lol its like saying "your cute for a big girl" aka your cute but you would look better if you was smaller
  • I've heard that before. I always wondered if I should take it as a compliment or insult.
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