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“She’s Cute for a Dark Skinned Girl”


Ever since I was in middle school [and I say middle school because in elementary you don’t see color] people have been making statements to or around me, on the lines of “light skin is in” and “I don’t date anyone darker than my skin tone” “all dark skinned girls are ghetto” and the one that I finally experience and still has me upset about to this day [it happened like last week maybe] “your hella cute for a dark skinned girl”. Now personally I don’t know how everyone else would feel or has felt right after a male [or female] tells you that your “cute for a dark skinned girl” but personally I didn’t think anything of it at the moment, however, about five minutes later it hit me and I was highly upset. The thought of someone pretty much saying that I’m cute BUT in reality I would look better if I was light skinned, is not the business. I mean what is it in a skin tone that makes people think that you’re going to act or think a certain way, or that light skinned and pretty hair means that your a beauty queen, or top of the line model, and dark skinned with normal African American hair means that you are ugly, and will never get a man [well a good looking one anyways].

I feel that it’s a shame that African Americans can have arguments with people of different races about racism but is forever skipping over the racism within our own people. Why we have a light skinned VS dark skinned war going on I will never know. Why is it that we can ban together as a people when it comes to racism as a group but we can’t get ourselves together as a people and get the racism that we have within our self’s together. I don’t understand how we can work on racism in the world but not have our own racism under control.

People always wana say that they are not racist but, if you’re making judgments about a culture or even a skin tone that means that you’re racist against that cutler or skin tone. And to be racist against a skin tone is just plain sad because that means for the most part you are having racism on your own people, your own cutler, and your own kind that has had the same struggles that your ancestors have had, so what’s the point in having judgments’ about a certain skin tone

Now I don’t want for people to get me wrong, because there is nothing wrong with having a certain attraction that mainly lies on one skin tone or another; there’s nothing wrong with that at all, its just like how some males like “thick girls” and others like “skinny girls”. HOWEVER when you get to a point when you start automatically believing that one is better than the other, and thinking that one has more class then the other, YA that’s a problem, and it needs to get checked ASAP like a judge that lets a serial killer out on early bail.

Coming from a brown sugar complexion point of view, I feel that my skin is beautiful, and the fact that “dark” skinned girls come in so many colors is a beautiful thing. We are all wonderful as woman and as a people; our strength is amazingly passionate and will never fade away. If we could just come together and see that skin tone does not make you who you are and that being true to yourself is what makes you who you are, maybe just maybe the ignorant comments of “your hella cute for a dark skinned girl” will begin to dwindle away slowly like the idea of us never having a African American president. Its going to take some work, sometime, and some patience, but guess what we do it.

“Brown skin, you know I love your brown skinI cant tell where yours begins, I cant tell where mine ends Brown skin, up against my brown skin Need some every now and thenoh hey Skin so brown, lips so round Baby how can I be down? Beautiful mahogany, you make me feel like a queen Tell me whats that thing you do that makes me wanna get next to you, yeah” India Arie “Brown Skin”

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10744081286?profile=originalThey are HERE!

To celebrate BBWO being 5 years old this July I've been adding wonderful new areas to our network. This weekend you get a first look at the Shops, Books, and Services areas where you can now post your items. I am adding / approving new additions as we speak!

Now is really the best time to post (plus its quick and easy). For a limited time (this weekend only) submissions are $10. Soon it will be $45 to add your shop, book, or service. This is best time to get listed.

Submitting is really easy. Just click the orange post buttons, add your links, photos, text and video! Hit submit and I will approve your post!

All entries will be featured on BBWO. You can see the first ones are already highlighted on our Facebook page, which is now close to 36,000 fans!

Business Profiles:

Let's continue to build BBWO together creating a solid web where everyone online can find quality black businesses. Any questions be sure to use the contact forms listed and let me know.

BBWO Founder, LaShanda Henry

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Are you on Facebook? Share Your Page

10744086652?profile=originalHello BBWO!

Today I got a wonderful invite from one of our BBWO members who asked me to like her page: Apron Appetites Sewingsistastudio. As a long time net-friend I gladly liked the page and then thought about you.

Do you have a Facebook Fan page that would be of interest to other women on this network? If so, take a second and share your link along with details below or (via this link).

And remember to not just post a link and go (smile), but also browse other pages shared here and support those you truly like.

You can find us on Facebook at

On the topic of sharing your business and networking with others, have you registered for our January Power Circle Conference yet? I recently added additional information on the new affiliate program, small business sponsorship and also vendor inclusion in our goodie bags.


For more details on the SistaSense Power Circle 2013 Conference go to:

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I am so disgusted at what I am seeing and I want you to chime in. I want as many of you to chime in as you can, because I for one am tired of seeing my President, our President Barack Obama be blatantly disrespected in a way that no other President has been before. And in spite of all that, he still rises to each occasion with the grace, dignity, and professionalism that we should all mirror in all facets of our life. [video at bottom of this post]

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It's no secret that Fox News dislikes President Obama. In a somewhat contentious interview, President Obama sat down with Fox News to talk health care reform but spent much of the time being interrupted. Obama couldn't get a word in edgewise with Bret Baier's mouth going. Total disrespect and an embarassment.

"I'm trying to answer your questions and you keep on interrupting," Obama told Bret Baier.

Fox News' Bret Baier interrupted President Obama so many times during Wednesday's interview that Newsweek described the enounter as a "interrupt-a-thon."

Baier acknowledged his repeated interjections at the end of the interview, by interrupting the president once more to apologize. Baier told Obama "I apologize for interrupting you, sir. I tried to get the most for our buck here."

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell said that he could not recall a reporter ever questioning or interrupting an American president in such an aggressive way. Certainly, O'Donnell argued, Fox News never took that approach with former President George W. Bush.

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Feel like a stranger

I just wanted to say I think this is a fantatic communtiy, but i feel like a stranger here. Seems like no one hardly replies to my post. I put a blog out and no answers. I was just wondering do I really belong here? I feel like only maybe two people have replied and showed intrest toward me. I want to be active here, because i'm active in another communtiy. I don't feel active here, because i feel I'm just invisible here. I had decided to delete my profile here, but found out i had a friend request. So i'm here today giving it another try. Well i don't know if this post will be seen, but giving it a try.:)
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It has been a beautiful 3 years of sharing the trendy Cookie Lee Jewelry with all of you. Unfortunately, February 18, 2013, will be my last day as an independent jewelry consultant.
If you would like to take advantage of purchasing some items please do so until the 17th afterwards I can refer you to another independent jewelry consultant.


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At age 50, I am part of a fast growing movement in America - black women who are launching their own businesses.Between 2002 and 2008, the number of firms owned by African American women increased by 19 percent - twice as fast as all other firms, according to the Center for Women's Business Research. And they generated $29 billion in sales nationwide.What's driving us into entrepreneurship?I know for me I was personally tired of being stuck. Stuck in a job where other people were being celebrated and promoted for the same talents I had. They just happened to be white. I also wanted to at age 42 when I started my company leave a dream for my children. Now both have been bitten by the entreprenuer bug and though they have full-time jobs are trying their hands at owning something of their own.But its not easy. Black women look supisciously at other black women who don't want to follow the norm and work in areas everybody else is working in.This is not just about 'buying black' although that's nice. Its about teaching our children and grandchildren lessons for the future. Look around the WHOLE World is changing and if we don't have our own and own our own we will become a distant third or fourth in terms of ecomomic power in this country.We came from civilizations where we were the builder, the baker and the candlestick maker. Why have we gotten so comfortable bringing home a paycheck that has somebody elses name on it - and come to think of it a paycheck that they can take away from you on any given Friday afternoon when they hand you your downsized pink slip.No, its not easy to do what we do as Black Women Business Owners - The average annual revenue for black women business-owners is $37,787, far behind their male counterparts, who earn $107,720 a year - and white women, at $155,000.But we do it because it has even greater rewards for us. Black women in business have a dual bottom line: gaining market share - and giving back. E'LON Couture for example has the E'LON Center where we are focused on helping improve the lives of women of color all over the world.E'LON is new and growing in different directions. But Yolanda says she wouldn't trade it and go back to that six figure income she was making ever.Why you might ask? Simple, I can look in the mirror every morning and smile and know when I say I'm going to do my absolute best today - I'm thinking generations ahead to my granddaughters daughter who may someday look in a mirror and say - look at what WE did.We were more than enough!
Watch CBS Videos Online
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Hey Sistas:I had been dreaming of this day my whole life. I knew I wanted to own a business and I lusted after this magazine all the time. OK so I was told I would get the cover....but they decided to put an unknown on the cover (smile)Tuesday, is the new Tele-Seminar only on BBWO where I detail what you can do right now in this economy to make money!Oh yeah, and it is not just have the right mindset... I get the laws of attraction and think to grow rich however, we need more than positive thoughts. You are entrepreneurs - you already have a great mindset.Click the banner above to register PLUS, LaShanda and I will be in the FORUM soon to answer your questions - but only for those that register.Or click here to go directly to the page :
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Top 4 Businesses to Start in 2013

2013 is just around the corner. And as we approach this time to declare a “New Year, New You”, this is a great time to do something new, do something different, and actually take the steps to start a business. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to have specific education or thousands of dollars to invest in a business that will thrive and last beyond the dreaded 3 year failure mark. The following 4 business types are all businesses that have been deemed the “top” businesses to start in 2013 as their industries are growing.

1. Organic Food- Perhaps with help from the FLOTUS Michelle Obama with her “Let’s Move” Campaign, organic food sales are rising. People are starting to care more about the quality of food they consume and prepare for their family. The organic food industry is a growing industry that will continue growing into 2013. If you are someone who loves organic food, good with creating recipes or interested in growing it, this would be a great industry in which to start a business. Get more information here about the certifications and accreditations needed to get started. ORGANIC FOOD CERTIFICATION

Average Start-Up Costs: $500-$1000

2. Cosmetics- Always a popular product, natural cosmetics are going to be big in 2013. Women... well, people are going away with Botox and chemical peels, etc. They are looking for more natural ways to maintain a youthful appearance. There are several ways you can start a cosmetics company:

A.You can join a company already established and be their walking advertisement by wearing and sharing their products. Companies like Mary Kay, Seacret, Xango and Rodan+Fields are reputable companies with proven natural products.

Average Start-Up Costs: $100 - $1000

B. You can create your own cosmetic products. Of course your investment will be much more, but at the end, the product will be your own brand. To start a cosmetic line of quality may average you $40,000 and more. Don’t get me wrong, there are places where you can start your own for much less but if you want to stay in business, the money is worth it or go with option number A. Start Your Own Cosmetic Line Option

Average Start-Up Costs: $40,000+

3. Ecommerce –,,, and are just a few great resources for selling products like clothing, jewelry, electronics, books, music, vintage stuff, etc. People sell all kinds of things through these resources. All you need is a camera, even cell phone, to take pictures of stuff you are selling and set it up.

Average Start-Up Costs: $0 - $100

4. Affiliate Marketing- According to CNBC is the “best online small business idea of 2013”. The affiliate, internet, network marketing business model will see an increase of business owners. Several reasons for this is because training is free and unlimited and there is a great potential to generate a substantial income with residual options (money that continues to generate even if you do not work that month). Best companies to start are companies just starting, that do not have a saturated field of marketers. You just need a computer and an out of the box product. New Millenium Business

Average Start-Up Costs: $25 - $200

Of course these are only a few options for businesses to start. There are plenty other and if you put forth hard work in anything it is bound to succeed. For help on deciding what type of business to start, more specific information about the industries above, or how to expand your current business, Sign Here to receive a free consultation. Trying something new can be scary but when you have a Success Teacher by your side, that makes it so much easier. Happy New Year and make 2013 a "Go Get It" year!

Tamara Garrison-Thomas

Garrison Prosperity Solutions

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I’ve created a list of social networking tips you can use to promote yourself and your business on BBWO. The key to this list and any strategies is not doing one thing once and then giving up if you see minimal results. You have to create a game plan. You have to carve out time either daily or weekly that you commit to networking online and/or promoting your business on social networks. And the BIG thing is you have to always work on getting people back to your space by  making recommendations on a product or service that would be helpful to them; essentially sharing something on your site that you would like them to try/ sign up to.


  • Browse the member directory – find people who are local to you or share your interests. For as long as BBWO has been online we’ve had hundreds of members forge new partnerships, find new clients and make strong connections by simply finding like minded individuals and taking the time to have genuine conversations with them.

  • People can find your profile via our member directory and even through direct searches on Google. Make sure to complete your profile page with information about you and your business. You can add links to your site, your RSS Blog Feed and product photos.

  • Use the main site search box or browse the forum and/or groups to look for people asking questions about your area of business and answer them. Let people know you are available to help.

  • Post informational articles via your BBWO Blog and/or in the forum.

  • Start a group around your business – this is a great way to build a listing of people you can communicate with, help and sell your offerings to.

  • Browse the Advertising options on BBWO to see how you can get your banner ads featured or send out an email eBlast to our Community.

  •  Become a BBWO Expert – share weekly advice and at the same time promote yourself as an expert with services our members and readers would be interested in.

  • Add your videos to our video page for additional views and exposure.

  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter – respond to tweets, join our twitter parties and comment back on the Facebook page to reach others and gain exposure.

How She Does IT?
Use the comment box below to expand on any of these recommendations or share one way you have been able to effectively promote your business on BBWO or other social networks.

More on Social Media Marketing
Download my 7-part audio series on how to generate social media money and/or how to build your social circle. Use code '4BBWO' to get $30 off download. (click here)

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The Bare Mineral

Many women with dark ethnic skin tones have been concerned about their skin turning ashy when they use mineral cosmetics. This has been expressed to me on more than one occasion so I decided it was probably time to explain exactly why this happens with some mineral makeup, but not with all minerals. Many also insist it is linked totally to the use of Titanium Dioxide in the products. This is only true to a degree.

Titanium Dioxide, when used in high concentrations, can cause an ashy appearance to dark skin since it is considered a pigment for lightening shades. It also has excellent light refracting properties only surpassed by diamonds, giving a brighter appearance to the face. However, not all minerals use this ingredient in high concentrations even if you see it as the first ingredient on the list. It may only be at a 5-25% concentration in the overall formula. If an ingredient list is primarily Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxides and Mica, odds are this would be a formula that can cause considerable problems for turning dark skin gray or ashy.

A high quality blend of minerals and / or botanicals should readily melt with any skin tone if the ratios are put into proper proportion and Titanium is utilized more as a sunscreen component rather than a pigment for changing depth of shades. Different mineral makeup blends can achieve the lightening effects on pigments without it causing a white-out effect. Our blends of dark mineral foundation shades melt with your skin tone and the effect is the same for Delicate Rose Petal™, Dewy Rose Petal™ and Velvet Rose Petal™.

Another reason you may also appear ashy or gray is you are choosing the incorrect shade for your skin tone. If you should have a lot of golden, yellow or red in your skin using a shade that is geared toward neutrals, dark olive or cool chocolate (blue/red skin tones) will definitely create an ashy / gray appearance to the skin. So what you may have once been blaming on Titanium Dioxide, may actually be caused by too cool of a shade for your color. Also some companies may use black oxide in excess to darken shades and this will actually gray the shade instead of darkening it.

One other likely reason, and one that many dark skinned women don’t wish to accept at times, is heredity can give you a greenish / yellow cast to your face. This is your natural skin tone and is usually indicative of Olive skin. If you stray too far from this natural skin tone by trying to infuse too much red to counteract the yellow / greenish cast, you will appear as though you are wearing the wrong shade and can look pasty and ashy. Try to enhance your natural skin tone since this will look best on you. Other shading options are available through blush and bronzer if you wish to perk up a certain skin tone. A mineral makeup foundation done properly that truly matches and mirrors your natural skin will enhance it and you will suddenly appreciate what you were blessed with since your face will glow with the correct shade using a premium mineral makeup.

Another variation; dark skinned women wanting to counteract the deep reds they have in their skin for more of a golden yellow. Yet again, covering the deep reds that you possess naturally due to the depth of color you have, this will make you look like you are wearing the wrong shade. Too much yellow on a deep reddish brown skin will give you an unnatural appearance.

The best way to avoid a problem is to always try samples and make sure you purchase those in the warm deep golden / red tones if you have a reddish brown to caramel skin, or maybe try a more neutral tone to mix to adjust shade color or to enhance a true Olive skin. Sometimes unless the blue / red skin tone is quite obvious such in very dark skin tones, you may just not realize what you are doing to your skin with the incorrect shading. Sending a photo of yourself in natural daylight which includes face, shoulder, and neck and chest area to Sterling Minerals™ is always helpful so that I or one of my staff may further assist you in getting you close to a skin tone match with minimal sampling. You can send your photo to us at

Follow these simple practices and you will learn to “Celebrate Your Natural Beauty™”.

This article was taken from Sterling Minerals Skin Care Guide

Visit to read more about healthy skin and press the tab titled The 411...About Beauty to see natural and mineral makeup

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Call Today 877-426-4914 Ego Extensions Located at 15125 Ventura Blvd Sherman Oaks CA 91403
Visit us online:

Come and experience California's Hot Spot! Ego Extensions L.A. offers a Luxury Line of Remy Hair Extensions and Lace Wigs. Imagine beautiful, soft, luxurious hair that you can color, wash, straighten and style to your hearts desire. Our Lace Wigs and Extensions are made of 100% Premium Remy Hair. Ego Extensions L.A. caters to an elite group of clientele. Hollywood's A -Listing Actors, Singers, Dancers and Models. Our hair comes imported from India, Brazil and Russia with only the most beautiful strands being hand chosen. Take this opportunity to shop on-line for what people are calling the most "ELITE HAIR ON THE MARKET ". Have questions? Contact us at . We are always here to service our valued customers. We pride ourselves in selling high-end, premium hair that everyone can afford. So go ahead and indulge Ego Extensions.

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In celebration of the BBWO 5 year anniversary, I proudly present the 2012 “BBWO 50" Honorees; 50 Fabulous Women Entrepreneurs who also happen to be members of the Black Business Women Online Social Networking Community.


As always, my goal with BBWO is to inform, motivate, inspire and connect us. As women entrepreneurs of color our hard work too often goes unnoticed, so I want to personally applaud all of you for being the strong business women that you are! Keep going, keep moving, we are all watching.

You can now find the BBWO50 List featured in the SistaSense Magazine, special summer edition. Honorees will also be showcased on BBWO within the next few weeks.

Link to magazine issue:


Happy Birthday Black Business Women Online; 5 years young and aged to perfection! It has been both an honor and a privilege to be the founder of the best online networking community for women entrepreneurs of color.

If it's been a while since you have been on the BBWO, come back home! Take a minute to add your latest videos and update your blog with some of the wonderful things you have been doing this year.

More to come! -LaShanda Henry


p.s. If you are a proud BBWO and would like to show your support, please feel free to add one of the badges below to your website.




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BBWO 50 Fabulous Entrepreneurs 2014


Inside the latest issue of SistaSense In Print Magazine you will find the BBWO50 Fabulous Entrepreneurs 2014. For the 7th year anniversary of the BBWO Network we celebrate the accomplishments, innovative contributions, passion, hard work and dedication of 50 amazing women entrepreneurs who are members of the BBWO Network -

BBWO Motto: Motivate.Inform.Inspire.Connect.
I created the BBWO Network as a space for passionate, positive, like-minded women entrepreneurs of color to find resources, new business and support. Seven years strong our growing network continues to be a go to hub for thousands of business women online.

BBWO members interested in being spotlighted within the community are encouraged to actively engage with other members and share your smart business content. You can post in your blog, upload photos and videos, plus expand your brand by creating your own social group on BBWO. Active members are regularly featured and showcased across the site and our social media properties, which for many has resulted in business opportunities, speaking requests, partnerships and other forms of sought after exposure. We build better businesses together on BBWO!

Congratulations to all the women on this list. I encourage you to shout them out on your favorite social spaces. Click here to download the BBWO 50 Infographic, which you are welcome to blog about and share. Visit to get your digital or print copy of this issue.

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Black Women Can Grow Long Hair

The Long Hard Road

Do you agree with the statement that black women are obsessed with hair? Is this so-called obession the reason why the industry makes billions? If not then...what is it? I believe that black women instinctively know that our hair can grow, and it does not always have to be genetics. We don't know how to take care of our hair or know what to use on our hair to get it to grow. The practice that

2797-sedu%5B1%5D.jpg black people use to do especially women and little girls was wash our hair once a month. Because most of us, during those times were getting our hair pressed/hot combed, and that was once a month. We should paractice keeping our hair cleaner. Women with natural hair can wash twice a week. Women with relaxed should wash their hair once a week. After we would get our hair pressed/hotcombed then we would slather our hair with grease. Grease is a lubricant not a moisturizer it prevents moisture from entering into the hair shaft, thus making our hair dry even after using grease. We mis-take delicate hair for nappy or bad is neither one, it is just dry, and when we comb or brush it; it snaps and breaks (you can actually hear it). Black hair grows out in a coil, it has to go thru seven layers of scalp, because the scalp is so thick it causes it to coil. If you want your hair to grow with a more straighter texture you would have to shave your head and scrape your scalp. I have never known anyone personally that has done this procedure, but it is very true. Since most of us are not going to go thru the process of having our scalps scraped we have to learn how to take care of our hair to make it thrive and grow.

One of the first steps is using the right products. The prodcuts you use on your hair should be as natural as you can get them. I just read an article recently that most shampoos are nothing but detergent and chemicals that strips our hair of much needed moisture. The shampoo should have more plant based ingredients that helps the hair by relaxing it and making it soft.

149.JPGAnother step to getting your hair to grow is to use more protective hair styles...meaning more up hairdos (visit she has nice hair accessories for your hair for up-dos) if you have long hair or short hair cover your hair with a cute stylish hair coverings. You will be suprised at how well this protecitve process works for your hair. Before going to bed at night you should stroke your hair with a natural hair brush and tie it up with a silk cap. Do not retire to bed without tying your hair this is so damageing and drying to the hair. During the day for long or short hair you should wear a stylish covering on the hair or up-dos to protect it from being damaged by the element's of nature such as wind, cold weather, and the sun. Try not to wear your hair down because when you do this it causes you to comb your hair too often. This tugging and pulling on the hair is not good for try to wear the hair covered or more in up-dos. I am speaking to women who have natural or relaxed hair you both can use the same process to get your hair under control.

I know that I keep saying this over and over and over again...Moisture, Moisture, Moisture our hair need Moisture. Our hair has to be infused with Moisture. It also needs to be groomed and conditioned with natural grooming comb and brushed day and night. Plastic combs and bushes should not be the grooming tools of choice. We should spend time and money on ourselves,


because we deserve the best, to look and feel our best from head to toe. If you would like to purchase your natural comb and brush visit and order yours today. Please leave a comment.

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Well if so, I’m looking for you!!!, an online cosmetics, jewelry, and accessories boutique, is looking for talented women to showcase on our website.  I’m looking for ladies that make jewelry, cosmetics, bath and body products, or hair accessories and are looking for a new way to get the word out about their products. If this interests you please send me a message on MyBBWO or email glamifiedboutique [at] gmail [dot] com. 

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Today we support Small Business Saturday, but every day here on BBWO we support Women in Business by creating a space for us to motivate.inform.inspire.connect.


Take a moment to share your business (below) (on Facebook) (on Google+) and/or spot light a small business / woman entrepreneur you know and support.


Be sure to browse our photo gallery to see the latest featured businesses and/or add your brand photos for additional support and exposure.


For Black Friday Weekend + Cyber Monday
BBWO can use the code 'BF13' to get:

50% OFF Our Power Circle Conference Registration (live and virtual tickets)
50% OFF Ultra Web Business Bundle (28 Training Sessions)




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"Yes I Am My Sister's Keeper"

My name is Chloe Womack and I'm the the founder/C.E.O. of "Yes I Am My Sister's Keeper".. I am also an Author of one of the hottest books released this year "Yes I Am My Sisters Keeper and The Controller of My Destiny.. I am also a certified lifestyle coach with over 30 clients..

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Top Black Entrepreneurs of the 2012 Inc. 5000

Featured on Inc.
These 10 fast-growing, private companies are led by black entrepreneurs, most of whom are forging a decisive path working with the government. Many take lessons they learned in the military and apply them to running a successful business. --Abigail Tracy | Click here to review.

Related Videos and Articles:
7 Black Entrepreneurs Share Powerful Business Building Tips
BBWO 50 Fabulous Women Entrepreneurs (2012 Honorees)
Building Wealth, Blogging, and Media Attention

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We are invited! I just received an email that not only are BBWO members invited to Oprah's Next Big Event, we get a 50% off discount too!

O You! is a yearly event that will bring 5,500 loyal Oprah readers and guests to LA during the weekend of October 20th. Taking place at the Los Angeles Convention Center, guests will have the opportunity to join all of their O Magazine favorites including Gayle King, Suze Orman, Martha Beck, Peter Walsh and Oprah herself for a truly memorable day of learning, inspiration and fun! In addition to speaker sessions, all attendees will have the opportunity to participate in interactive sponsor areas offering free giveaways, book signings with their favorite speakers and all attendees will receive an exclusive O You! gift bag packed with fun goodies!

Each year the O You! team offers a special discount to select organizations, and this year the Black Business Women Online network was selected. For more information and to purchase tickets visit, and enter promo code OMAG50 to receive your 50% off discount!

Also note
that the BBWO Community is invited to the SistaSense 2013 Conference + Expo in North Carolina - January 18 - 20. Expect to see some of your favorite BBWO members speaking and also vending at this event. Early registration has started and there are a few more super saver passes left. For more details and current listing of speakers go to

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