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Some elevators are equipped with a porter that asks you upon entering, on the ground floor, what floor? And you tell him/her what floor you need to go to, and they press the button and the elevator lifts you upward to that floor. Other times we may enter an empty elevator, and have to press the button ourselves to take us to the floor we want to go. And then there are those times, when you enter the elevator and someone just happens to be standing the closest to the buttons, and is polite enough to ask what floor you want, and press the button for you.Life is sometimes like an elevator. When you start on the ground floor, there are those whose job it is to elevate you. Then there are times that, by your own doing, you elevate yourself. And, if fortune has it, there are those remaining times, when you run into a certain kind of person, who offers to freely, assist in elevating you. These of course are the, internally pleasant times, when things are going as expected, or according to process. And you feel positive, and assured of your destination.But what about those times when nothing seems to be going as expected, or according to process? Have you ever gotten on an elevator when it has gotten stuck, or ended up on a floor you weren't suppose to be on and have felt confused, flustered, or frustrated, or worse, have you ever ended up in the creepy basement, or subbasement, where you get that eerie feeling, of alone 'ness'?When things in life don't go as planned, the internal elevator can also feel as though it has gotten stuck, or has stopped on the wrong floor. And feeling flustered, frustrated, and confused, can soon come into play. And if things really go south, you can feel as though you've landed in the creepy basement, or subbasement, where doom and gloom can manifest, and the woe is me, can set in.The good thing about being on a real elevator ride, is that when you get stuck, someone eventually comes to your rescue, or if you land on the wrong floor, you know you can just step back on the elevator, and press the right button, and get yourself to the floor you intended to go to in the first place. And once you've happily arrive, you continue on to your destination, and soon, vaguely remember, the incident.In life, when you get stuck or find yourself in the wrong place, not where you planned to be, and at a lost for resolution that would put you happily back in route to your destination, you can become overwhelmed. The difference between our internal elevator, and the external elevator is, when the external elevator ride that goes awry, the fight or flight choice kicks in, and almost instinctively, you choose to fight. When you get stuck, you call for help, by pressing the alarm, that's fighting. When you get back on the elevator after getting off on the wrong floor, and press the right button to get to the right floor, that's fighting. Finding yourself in the basement, when the elevator door opens, curiosity, may set in for a moment, and you'll peak out to see whats out there, but immediately after, you press the button for the doors to close and take you where you meant to go, this is also fighting. And when this sort of fighting is done, the problem get's resolved.When faced with a challenge in life that makes you feel stuck, or sends your internal elevator down into the basement of your emotions, where you feel that alone 'ness', or doom and gloom, woe is me, you have to fight, as well. The same goes for when you find yourself on the wrong floor of your intentions, and you become confused, flustered or frustrated, you must fight. Allowing these unexpected or unwanted events to get the better of you, so that your confusion, frustration, disappointment, alone 'ness', doom and gloom, and woe is me, take hold and cause you lose yourself, and your sense of destiny, is giving in to them.Wallace D. Wattles, wrote in his book, "The Science of Getting Rich" That the hardest activity for a human being is to think the Truth regardless of appearances. In Succeed Magazine, the author of How To Deal With The Down Times, wrote that each one of us has unlimited boundless potential, money is unlimited, health is unlimited, happiness, is unlimited, love is unlimited, The universe is unlimited, God is unlimited. What we do is create the limitation by looking at our past or present conditions and circumstances. To move out of any sort of a slump we 'must' look to the future and we 'must' look at what 'must' go right instead of what may go wrong." And I would add is going wrong."(Think of the poem Don't Quit.)When on a real elevator ride to a destination, whether its leaving a building or going somewhere in the building, we wouldn't dream of quitting, or losing our sense of destiny. You look to the future of that elevator ride, whether its arriving at a meeting, or out into the world to get home.And of course what must go right, and what is your thinking, is your making it to those destinations.Most things that happen, on the road to getting where we want to go are par for the course, which is why Whattles says, you have to look beyond, these things, These things that happen on the way to getting what you want, uncomfortable as they may be, are oopses, and bloopers, the truth (your success) is still there waiting for your arrival. Your destination is still your destination. And it is definite, it is truth.So how do you push the button, on your internal elevator, when you have unexpectedly, or unwisely, gotten stuck or landed on the wrong floor, and need to get back to your destination? Succeed Magazine, gives a few suggestions.1. Go for a 15 minute brisk walk and overload your mind with positive affirmations about yourself. Say: "I will win. Why? Because I have Faith, Courage and Enthusiasm." or "I was created after the image and likeness of God, therefore all the power that created the universe is also within me, to co-create my world exactly how I want it to be. I feel total abundance flowing to me now!" Talk these aloud ... even shout them out!2. Get VERY clear and specific about how you want your life to look. "Without hope people perish." Whenever we are down it is because we are not clear about what we want in our lives or we are not focused on it. You MUST take time EVERY SINGLE DAY to write out your new life and meditate on it. The more emotion and energy you dedicate to it the more rapidly your life will change.3. Put on some lively music.4. Call a friend who looks at what can go right. We get so buried in our own emotional stuff that we cannot see outside. A person who is not emotionally involved in the situation and supports you and your dreams can be the biggest asset you have.5. Get to work! Just start working on a project or something to take your mind off what could go wrong.6. Take time every day to write out 20 solutions. Do this for 7 days and do not stop each day until you have 20 solutions.7. Listen to a personal development CD every day.Here are a few more, I've added.1. (If you follow the Laws Of Attraction teachings, Personal Development teachings.) Take out your dream board. And become a kid again, step inside your dream board and spend some time there. Enjoying the amenities, and relationships, adventures, goals you have put on it. Whatever you have on your dream board, is meant to be experienced. (If you haven't made yours, make it.2. Laugh. Always have a good joke book, or your favorite comedy movie near you, or some means, or method to obtain laughter.3. Dance, or sing happy carefree songs about how great you are, and your life is. (Simple, and effective. It gets the adrenaline going.)4. This may seem far fetched, but suck on a lemon, or eat a hot pepper. They stimulated the reactions.5. Have a hobby. Hobbies are things you like to do that unconditionally love you. They're your like pets. It doesn't matter if you are good, or suck at your hobbies, you just enjoy them, and they let you.6. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)7. Eat healthy.Don't push the negative emotions back, or cover them up, for appearances purposes. TKO, the negative emotion. Practice E+R=O. Event+Response = Outcome. Push your internal elevator button, so you can get back up to your right level of feeling positive, and back to continuing toward your destination.
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