Hey there young girl

Hey there young girl…Let me holler at you for a secondI have noticed you walking down the block several times and the way you sway caused to me to think of these questions that I want to askIt will only take a minute because I can see that you are moving pretty fastIs your mother in your life?And if so, what is she like?Does she walk with her head up with her eyes on a particular sight?Does she swear and curse or does she use words of intellectual delight?Does she wear inappropriate clothing so everyone can see or does she carry herself as a material masterpiece?Is she often absent from your surroundings or does she stick by your side to show you what a woman should be?Has she told you about Sister Betty Shabazz, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Maya Angelou, Ida B. Wells and Queen Nefertiti?Has she yet to introduce you to the Queens before you?Does she teach you what is within you and who you can be or does she just leave it for your judgment to see?When she addresses you, is your name princess or a woman of royalty?Or does she call you names of all negative sorts and mold you with her words telling you who you will turn out to be?Hey there young girl…There is just one more thing I would like to know.Has she taught you who you really are or is all of this just for show?Copyright 2008Literarythought
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