Suitable Cure

What will you do when the high no longer numbs you and it’s just you and your thoughts?You say that you are strong and full of might but without that artificial fix, your mind just doesn’t feel right.Your psyche tells you to do things that make you seem insane.There are voices lingering in your head calling you by name.What will you do when the substance doesn’t elevate you like it used to?What will take place when that closet weakness that rules you is no longer subdued?Will you give up living and permit the evils to reign?What will you turn to when you can not withstand the hidden anguish and pain?Have you ever considered going within to find a suitable cure?Or is seeking inside of yourself too much for your soul to endure?There is a Sourceful Bliss that might actually do you some good.You look as if you need the help. I would assist you but only if I could.For you must see that all that you seek is within you.Once you surpass this illusion you shall be closer to finding You.But it’s your life and your experience; don’t go by what I say is true.I have found peace with me and it is reality that I will continue to pursue.Basking in the Light is where I am.But you seem to enjoy darkness and that is your choice so I understand.You have been ok for this long so I will leave you be…I’ll go on my way and continue to do me.Literary ThoughtCopyright 2008
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