What is it that you want?

You approached me and you acted as if you knew who I wasSo that led me to assume that you must know who you areBut is it really safe for me to guess that?Should I trust your word when my soul tells me different?“Wow, now that’s a woman.” you said.You said that like you saw what was within me.You said that like you knew I was a QueenBut did you really look?And if you did, what did you see?Because if you actually saw what was inside of meI would think you would be bringing you’re “A” game right?You would be stepping like a true King right?I wouldn’t have to wonder right?But instead, I am wonderingI am wondering what’s within youI am wondering if you actually want to get to know MeI am wondering if you are the truthI am wondering if you really know who I amI am wondering if you are the man who can be with meI’m wondering…What is it that you want?Come on, come on, I don’t have much time to playIf you are not truth, go ahead and show yourselfI have other things to doI am a woman on the move and I do not have the energy to be trying to figure youI need to be creating and participatingI do not have the patience to be on the sideline waitingSo do me a favor…Man upSpeak upFess upAnd tell me…What is it that you want?!Copyright 2008Literary Thought
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