You keep hearing me say I am "The first step towards organizing your business and becoming stress free" that's my slogan, but after pondering it for some time I have decided that those words are a very vague description of what I do. So I decided to be more detailed, and have changed my slogan to "The Only Thing I Cannot Do For You Is Get Your Coffee." and here is why....I can assist any type of business owner. No kidding.AuthorsNot only can I create press kits, a synopsis, query letter or set up interviews, but my sister company Sean's Web World can create or update you Myspace, Ning network or professional website. Start spending more time writing your next masterpiece and less time directing buyers to your site. Our services are even better if you self publish or own your own publishing company. We can make sure all of your authors get the exposure they deserve.Entertainers or Entertainment CompaniesNeed additional operating funds? We can write the best business plan for you and submit it to lenders who can actually help you, even in this broken economy. We can also assist you with booking shows, arranging interviews, and general administrative tasks such as virtual reception services and personal assistance. Having an assistant makes you look much more professional and successful, making others eager to do business with you. The only difference is, you're not paying for a real live assistant. You have a virtual assistant that pays their own taxes, acquires their own health benefits and is available when you need them the most.Network MarketersDon't think you need a virtual assistant? Well think again. You spend hours online marketing your products or service, making connections, blogging, and creating profiles. Do you know how much a VA can get done is 10 hours a week? Probably a weeks worth of marketing that you do. Two heads are better than one and by having someone else assist you in your marketing efforts, you can increase your profits by at least 30%. Ask my one of my MLM clients...he'll tell you!Any other general business that I did not list, I will get to you in part 2. The bottom line is everyone can use a VA, so what are you waiting for? Too expensive? Not really. My services are only $15.00 an hour with a 10 hour minimum. You can spread those hours out over the entire month. So you see, for $150.00 a month a VA is an excellent investment!See you soon....virtually!Mittie Stephens-Lewis
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