Do you know the purpose of your life?

Hello Ladies,

About a month ago I found myself unhappy and unstable with my job and I spoke to a church friend that was going through a similar situation. She told me about GWN (Girls Who Network). It is a networking group for women that allow you to find your dreams by starting a business in a field your passionate about. It also allow you to develop successful business skills, build inner confidence to create the life you desire, and assist you with building your wealth by learning specific skills that will help you achieve a six figure income. The founder of GWN believes that all women should make at least 100k b/c that’s the median income level for people in the U.S. Yes, earning $100,000 is very good but finding your passion and living a blissful life is key.

I started to do research on myself….to find my purpose and what God’s intent is for me. I’m embarrassed to say that I had no idea of knowing what I loved doing until I took the time out to do sole searching. Now I know what I want. I know why I’m here and knowing that brings so much peace to me. I wake up happy because I know that where I am now (in my current position) does not determine my future. I’m currently a proud member of GWN; I’m a seminar leader for Delaware. My goal is to make sure that all eager women have the opportunity to get the tools they need to live out their dreams and start a business on something their passionate about.

As you can see, I’m just getting started but I’m determined. I will be happy to share my progress as I go along with you if you’re interested. Please visit Girls Who Network at We have such a powerful group of women that will support you with starting your business. We will give you ideas and make sure that it is what you dreamed it to be. Please visit our online magazine And contact me if you want detail information on GWN. I feel that everyone woman looking to start a business should be a part of this. The founder started with a small group of people in California in December 2007 and now we have about 11 states involved. That is truly an amazing movement. Please e-mail me at if you want more information. Living out your dreams is truly up to you but please know that someone is here to help you.

God is Love


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