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The Key To Networking

I’ll admit it, I’m kind of immune to sales pitches. I’ve heard so many of them throughout my time in business that I immediately clam up as soon as I hear one coming.

Thanks but no thanks.

Networking on the other hand is something completely different.

I think a lot of people fail to realize that the key to successful networking is building relationships. No- wam, bam, lets do business, thank you ma’am. Instead you have to take time to build mutually beneficialrelationships.

It always makes me sad when I encounter entrepreneurs who immediately focus in on the me, me, me instead of taking time to get to know the person they are talking to.

Most of the time, the wise thing to do is to think about the bigger picture. Instead of thinking “how can I get a quick sale from this stranger”, entrepreneurs should be thinking “how can I build a relationship so that thisperson will become a great referral partner for my business.”

Referrals come from building loyalty and trust. It’s not easy, it takes time, but in the end it’s worth it.

But that’s just how I do business.

Proceed as you see fit, but always keep the bigger picture in mind.

God bless.

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  • Thanks for sharing the key to networking. Sometimes we can lose focus on what networking is all about. I truly believe the main key to networking is building mutually beneficial relationships. Again, thanks for sharing.
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