Everyone want to start a business. However we may forget that it's not all fun and games. To be successful you need some sort of system, like a checks and balance. Who going to keep you in check and on the path to your goals? And one thing you may forget to do, is ask or reach out for help. BBWO Members Cheryl, Akilah, and Tanya shares a few business tips below.


Is Your Ego Writing Checks You Can't Cash?

While watching the television show, Unsung, a music biography series which sheds much-do light on some of the most influential, talented and yet, somehow forgotten R&B, Soul and Gospel artists of our time. On this particular show they featured rap icon, Kool Moe Dee. He made a statement which reminded me of part of my own journey. He said “my ego does drive the car sometimes.” The statement caught my attention and immediately reminded me of what it takes to get to the place in your life where you recognize and openly admitted that your ego can be in the driver seat of the car of your life and it has a big mouth. (Continue Reading)


Payroll Experts: A Small Business Owner's Best Friend

Opening and running a business is a challenging endeavor, and this is especially true for the businesswomen of the world. In America, women only own 30 percent of all businesses, and sadly, first year capital funding for women running companies is 80 percent lower than our male counterparts. These overwhelming disparities make it imperative for female business owners to get ahead in as many ways as possible, but there are still many positive things going on for women in business, and smart business decision-making will continue to increase those positives. (Continue Reading)


Alternative to PowerPoint Presentations

Did you know that there are other tools out there you can use to create presentations?. Yes, there is more then just Microsoft PowerPoint. (Watch Video Here)


More to come!


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