Many times I think... How is it that God allowed ME, US to be born in the land of plenty... the Untied States of America.  A nation where there is an abundance of food, water, and shelter.  Yet there are nations suffering because of the lack of food, water, and shelter.  My brothers and sisters in Christ, please count yourselves blessed, blessed, and beyond blessed.  For God placed us here in America to love and to give back.  GIVE to the poor, the sick, the isolated, the diseased, the hurting.  Please don't insult OUR God by saying you have nothing to give.  If you have lunch money this week, you can give.  Take a sandwich from home for lunch today and donate to one of the organizations below to help with the famine in Africa.  PLEASE.

The list below was provided by ABCNEWS of the organizations working right now, on the ground, to save lives. Each of these has low administrative costs meaning that most of your money will reach people in need.

Thank you to ABCNEWS for continuing to cover Somalia Famine. For more information visit

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