Lessons- Dr. Maya Angelou

The passing of Dr. Maya Angelou has generated feelings of sadness for many.  The personal revelation that she is no longer physically among us will make some feel forlorn.  But, there also exists a joy, not in her death, but in her life.  There are those whose continued existence is bolstered by some inspiration she gave them.  When they were down and out, some word from Dr. Angelou lifted them; gave them strength; brought them joy.  So while sadness may be expected, the joy comes from knowing that we were allowed to be in the same space in time and learn from Dr. Angelou’s greatness.

As Dr. Angelou’s life is being recalled it is clear that hers was a life that mattered.  A multi-talented soul; she could dance, she could sing, she could act, but her gift from the Master was to give us words that would inspire.  Her writings spoke to many, giving them reason to keep moving forward.  That was Dr. Angelou’s purpose and she understood it well.


The tributes all recount the significance of Dr. Angelou’s life, but what is wonderful is that Dr. Angelou had the opportunity to hear all of these accolades while she lived.  From dignitaries to everyday people, Dr. Angelou was constantly told and shown that she made a difference.  That what she had given the world mattered.  And this is so wonderful because Dr. Angelou was given her flowers while she could still smell them.  The accolades did not suddenly come in death.  She heard it all before she shut her eyes.


And that may be the lesson here.  If someone matters in your life then it is best to let them know that while they live rather than express it in their eulogy.  Dr. Angelou passed away clearly aware that she mattered to many.  The eulogies will not offer any new insights as to why her life was significant.  That was all done were while she lived.  The good doctor Maya Angelou; leaving us with yet another lesson.


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