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Over the course of two years, my television habits have changed a lot. I found myself craving more and more scripted drama over Reality TV. It seems like it just one show with a ton of spin offs – the Kardashian Clan and their many shows, Housewives of X (pick a location/sport) and so on. Yes I am going to admit that I watch a few and was obsessed with them for a while but after figuring out their formula they got boring. For example I used to be a huge fan of MTV’s The Real World (the 1st reality show) but after a couple of seasons you figure that every cast is going to have at least one minority – whether its race, sexual orientation or religion. Just the right ingredients to stir up fights and lots of drama, then add alcohol to the mix and the main course is ready to serve.

There were a few shows that capture my attention and I am sad that most of them don’t last very long. This past weekend Centric (sister channel to BET) aired a marathon of Daddy Girl’s a spin off of Run’s House, which followed the lives of Vanessa and Angela Simmons (oldest daughters of Rev Run). I liked the show especially when we got to see how they grown their business Pastry from just a sneaker line but to include fashion as well. Why can’t see more reality shows that depict small business and entrepreneurship... [read entire post]

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According to, WordPress is a web software that you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. The keyword in that sentence is “software” and just like other software we used in lives on a daily basis, there comes a time when they must be updated.

Picture this, your WP powered site/blog is running perfectly. Then one day you login to see a notification at the top about the new WordPress version that just release but you ignore it. Another update comes out and you ignore that as well.

There are two possible outcomes and I see this happen too often:
(A) You see that a plug-in you use needs to be update and you figure do that update instead but it break your site. You get a white screen when you go to your page and can’t even get to the login page. Or (B) Hackers take down your site.

Now with either outcome, there’s a possibility you may loose everything because you fail to keep your WordPress software updated. I also seen where people do keep their WP up to date but fail to backup before doing a major upgrade and something goes wrong. [read entire post]

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In the spirit of giving, I decided to do a New Year’s Sale on custom blog headers. Don’t worry if your blog isn’t on WordPress. This offer is open to all bloggers on all platforms.



For a limited time only, I am offering custom blog headers for a discounted price of $15. You may be asking yourself, “Why would I need a custom header designed for my blog?” Let me ask you this – “Does your blog use one of the million free themes available to everyone?” How will you blog stand out above the crowd if you and a few dozen other people are using the same exact theme?


Having a custom header for your blog is a great way to set your blog part from others. This one change can give your blog a simple and quick customized look that no one else will have.

Here are some sample of headers from blogs I have designed:




Don’t miss out on this sale! Ends. Jan. 14th | Discount Code: NYSBHD11

Please make sure you hit “update cart” after entering the discount code to get the reduced price.

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Some may say that the greatest perk to being a freelancer is the freedom from the typical 9-5 hours. You get to wake up at anytime you want. If you want to start doing work at midnight you can because there is no one else to tell you otherwise. My question is how do you deal with talking time off without feeling guilty?

I recently went out of town for the weekend and contemplated on taking my work with me. I knew that my travel time would be long and maybe I could get some work done. At the last minute, I decided to leave my work at home and took two books, sudoku puzzles, and my blogging journal (just in case and idea pop into my head) to keep me busy. I refrained from checking in on my social networking profiles except for a few tweets. I didn’t even check my email from blackberry. I was on a mini vacation and wanted to enjoy my time away. [Continue reading...]

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