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What I learned from the movies - 'Date Night'

First and foremost, I am a HUGE Steve Carell. He is a comic genius. Second, this is my first blog post on this subject title. So, the format will most likely change over the next couple of months. Lastly, I strongly believe a film has done its job if it can entertain and enlighten at the same time. Now, on to the commentary.

My husband and I saw the film Date Night this weekend. If I didn't say it before, let me now, I AM A HUGE STEVE CARELL FAN!. COMIC GENUIS!

Date Night is about a married couple trying to relight the flame of passion and intimacy in their ritualistic daily lives. Their normal weekly date night is just as boring as the other parts of their lives. They decide to try something different. Everything goes wrong for them and this is were the lessons are learned.

Ten Things I Learned From The Movie DATE NIGHT

  1. Your husband can come up with a good plan every now and then
  2. Just becuase your girlfriend is unhappy, don't bring her drama into your marriage
  3. Steve Carell is a comic genius
  4. Your never too old to share a plate of food(with one spoon or fork) with your spouse
  5. Always know someone like Marky Mark (Sorry, Mark Wahlberg) to help you get out of bad situations
  6. Steve Carell is a comic genius
  7. You can't just make a marriage work. You have to work at the marriage.
  8. Counting to 3 or 5 or 10 work for adults as well as kids
  9. Steve Carell is a comic genius
  10. You know your spouse is a keeper when they go to things they HATE becuase they want to shoe there support for you.

Okay, I owe you three more:

  1. Just becuase marriage is a compromise, don't compromise on who you are
  2. Men love it when you dress up for them
  3. Never take someone reservation. That's just wrong. Nothing but bad karma will come from that

And that is what I learned from the movies.

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