New Year, New Internet Marketing Diva Goals

Okay, I am recommitting myself to doing SEO,Internet Marketing and Monetization of mysites. I will have my biggest profit from my web-sites this year.Here are my IMDiva goals for 2009:Create sons Rrriver Nyile and Sirius Seven.Complete site is for speaking engagements,media and events.Complete site will represent my New HolisticHealth Book.Develop,an/International Black InternetEncyclopedia site.A Membership sites to compliment need to improve and revamp myexisting sites: am going to change the name of improve on education and inform-ation for you and me.Create a Social Network site, too. Name tobe determined in the future.To accomplish some of these objectives, I willhire a VA, a web genius and mentor with someof the greats in the buisness like, John Kremer,Stephen Pierce and Dante Lee...All of these gentlemen have been doing this businessfor many years and are profiting big time! I alwaysbelieve that if you want to become great at somethingyou have to learn from people who are doing betterthan you.Now, I will do all of this on a shoe-string budget. Staytuned for the details.My goal is to make: $100,000 this year from myinternet business, services and products.....What's your New Year's Internet Marketing Goals?Your IM Friend,Elon
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