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10744079684?profile=originalFor Staying Focus! May not be your thing….I know its now mine.

But there is Great News!

There is information on how to…READ On!

Okay so I love the idea that I can run my own home business, it is fantastic! I have the flexibility to set my own hours, freedom to make my own schedule and getting to be MY OWN BOSS. Unfortunately, sometimes staying focused isn’t my thing.

My mind wanders, tasks fall by the wayside, the kids are calling, procrastination sets in and suddenly, I’m “working” 12-hour days.

After reading around on the big ole internet I was able to find some tips for staying focused while running your own home business that I thought would be interesting to share.

1) Wake up earlier. Some of our best work is done in the morning, without the distractions of daily tasks. If you have children then getting up even just an hour before them can produce amazing results when you have a big task to tackle.

2) Turn off distractions, the radio, TV, including not checking your email. Set aside an hour of uninterrupted work time where you will only stay focused on the work at hand. Force yourself to not checking emails or social sites and concentrate on that one task even for just one hour. The results can be very rewarding.

3) Sometimes getting out of the house is good for focusing. Go for a walk or take your laptop down the street to a local coffee shop. Sometimes, getting out of your space is not only good for you mentally and physically, but it can also help re energize you and give you new ideas. Next time when you’re struggling over a problem or facing a creative block, try a change of scenery.

4) Plan your day. Get an agenda and set aside blocks of time for each task or project. Not only will this help you stay focused, it will also help you track exactly how much time you really are spending on each task.

5) Set boundaries. Let your family know that the office is out-of-bounds and let yourself know that the work day is done at 5pm. By setting rules and boundaries for yourself, you’re adding valuable structure into your business and preserving your separation of home and work.

For more tips on success in your business click here!

See you on the other side!

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