Chic style  ladies this items is a most have a Sarongs, also called pareos,kanga,sri,tong, What is a long piece of delicate and sexy fabric. It can be used as a sexy skirt, a beach blanket , scarve, shawl, USE it how you feel it gonna be a good asset to your on fashion statement. CHIC shorts colors light, colors to wear yes pock o dot is back, floral colors, frock dress in differnt styles like baby doll to off the shoulder wonders. Tubes dress, tight flow less dress. shirts puff sleeves, kimono sleeves,ruching all fabric shear, cool colors. Halter tops, tube tops,and tank tops .It is very tacky to wear a halter top our dress and your bra is showing. Ladies if you have big breast then you get your self a tube top bra. Ladies dont and I mean dont wear a tank top with no bra only if your going to the beach or swimming not walking around for your nibbles to be showin. If you do choose to do that there are things you can get to cover your nipples the oldest on taught to me is band aids.Yes that simple. Short's of all lengths denium of all colors, capri's that come above your knees. Ladies if you have a big ass's that is just sitting on your back .You might want to go with something thats toned it down a bit when it comes to wearing short shorts.. Im all for one on fashion but it can make you look real cheezy to be showing all that. You can still be sexy and classy if your ass is the only thing you got wear it well. Skirts that are short and shorter lol. Summer colors mean bright colors not dark. Ladies accessorize with shades that match your purses and belts and earrings. If you can match your colors heads on girl your doing it . You can wear beads , gems and stone jewerly.High heels or a most and pumps . Every stylish woman gonna wear her heels and know how to walk with them on!!! her on stride,open toes with flower or in right now the floral thing. There nothing more sexier than a woman in some heels. But there is caution get your feet done and if you dont have the money there products available for you to handle them corns and things yourself. Your nails have to match your feet ladies . Dont go and get a french tip and your toes or red. NO NO.NO!!! Im a woman and I can relate to being pregante having a baby and all but honey let me tell you , If your stomach is beyond the means of sucking in wear items thats not to tight around it and can slim it! WHO cares about a little roll are two thats seen, it's the hole loft is what the problem is ladies. Bikini tops are a great way to go if your real hot and have the body to do it. All items that you see someone wears dont fit everyone that's all im saying. So this summer show some fashion styles of being wild and crazy your on look and ever so more sexy ladies.

La La Summer wear tips of fashion
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