The mind of the entrepreneur

Rome wasn't built in a day... but it was built; this means that someone at some point had to stop dreaming and start doing! There's a wonderful word in the bible which captures my point... "faith without works is dead"The entrepreneur understands that a dream without effort or indeed a plan of how to achieve it, is like sun without the shine... rain without drops or snow without the flakes; in other words it lacks substance. The reason many refuse to move from dream to reality is a fear of failure, yet all dreams flounder and fail before they fly. The entrepreneur understands this and embraces rather than shuns or runs away from failure, knowing that each fail attempt bring them closer to their dream. They understand that set backs, or lack of progress are all a part of the process of success.The entrepreneur is a tryer, a doer, a believer, and a forward thinker. They believe wholly in the phrase “if at first you don’t succeed, try and try and try again.” They understand that lasting success happens not overnight; but rather in the quiet of long nights and arduous days. Failures, set backs and rejection are all a part of their journey; but so also is belief, faith, confidence in one self, unique achievement and success.Don't get me wrong, no entrepreneur enjoys loosing money, but because they work for money, but allow money to work for them, they know that what leaves one way comes back a hundred different ways! They have come to realise that money is fluid if it goes around... it will come around!The ability to make your dream a reality really rest with you. There’s an old proverb which says “when the student is ready the master will come” are you ready?It is said that the the Chinese bamboo tree takes 5 years to show any sign of growth. When the seed is planted, for years the farmer see’s no sign of his labour... nothing! Not even a sprout, the ground remains as it was when he first planted the seed. But then... one morning... after 5 years of checking, when he least expected it, A BAMBOO SHOOT! There after the Chinese bamboo tree goes on to grow up to 80 feet tall.It took a lot of effort, patience and determination for the farmer to believe that all his watering, fertilising, watching and hoping would amount to something. But the farmer; like the entrepreneur doesn't have to see to believe, he believes to see!
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