Do you find yourself frustrated that you’re not communicating with your audience consistently or effectively enough to get their attention or business?  Do you feel like your are missing something, like there's some magic trick to success no one is telling you?

For years, I struggled with this same problem. And regardless of what some of these tools and products hype you up to believe, there's no "abracadabra" to marketing with success online.

How do you serve clients and still have time to market your business? Most entrepreneurs wrestle with this same dilemma. But, in this article I’m going to share with you the key that unlocked this mystery for me and how you too can use it to make your business grow. The key is called Content Marketing Strategy.

What is a Content Marketing Strategy?

“Content strategy is the “planning for the creation, delivery, and governance of useful, usable content.” ~ Kristina Halvorson, author of Content Strategy for the Web and founder of Brain Traffic.

It’s the process of identifying both your business needs and your customer’s so you can create content that delivers on both. I know it doesn’t sound all that sexy. But, developing a content marketing strategy is the best thing that will happen for your business. A solid content marketing strategy will drive sales and amplify your brand’s web and social media presence. So, before you create any content you need to first develop a content marketing strategy.

What does Content Marketing Strategy Look Like?

Here’s an example of Content Marketing Strategy gone wrong. “Everybody is talking about Content Marketing is hot right now. Let me start blogging every day, posting stuff on social media and emailing my list to let them know about my products. One of these efforts will generate some business.”

Here’s an example of Content Marketing Strategy Done right. “I’d like to be seen as the “go-to-expert” in my niche. Let’s figure out what business goals I need to set and what kind of information my audience wants and needs to make that happen.

Content Marketing Strategy is not about creating content for content’s sake. There is no shortage of content available to your audience and, if I may be so frank to say, most of it is crappy. You want your audience to feel and be smarter than they were when they found your information.

How Do I Start Creating My Content Marketing Strategy?

It’s important to understand that Content Marketing is a process. And, in order to be successful you need to commit to the mindset. Here are three steps to get you started building your content marketing strategy.

Step #1 - Create Your Brand Story.

Many so called “experts” are advising people NOT to tell their story. But, your story is important. It’s not all about you. But, your story is what helps people remember and connect with your brand.  What does your brand stand for? Why do you/ your product or service exist?

Step #2 – KNOW Your Audience.

Create a buyer persona or narrative about your ideal customer. What are their day to day challenges? What’s important to them? What type of lifestyle do they live?  Paint the picture and speak to them when you create your content.

Step #3 – Create an Editorial Calendar.  

And editorial calendar is simply a calendar that identifies what topics you want to create content around and when. I advise clients to identify what products or promotions they plan to roll out each month, and then identify content topics that educate their audience around each product. This helps you to hit both the money and meaning goals of creating content that matters to your audience and your bottom line.

Whether you’re a busy entrepreneur who hates to write or doesn’t mind it that much, having a content marketing strategy will help you to stop spinning your wheels online. Don’t waste time and money creating content you hope will bring you clients and cash…take time to create the right content and get it to the right people at the right time. You’ll be glad you did, I know I was. :)

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