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BEEE’S the Beginning

Top of the day my sisters from all over the world. Though our struggle’s and triumph’s may be different we are united as women. May your journey be filled with love, joy, peace, money lol we got to shop, and laughter. Beautiful=having qualities of beauty; exciting aesthetic pleasure, generally pleasing, and excellent. Encouraged= to inspire with courage, spirit, or hope, to attempt to persuade, to spur on, and to give help or patronage Elevated= being morally or intellectually on a high plane, exilarated in mood or feeling Empowered= to promote the self-actualization or influence Sister=one that is closely similar to or associated with another.It’s my pleasure to persuade my sisters into the higher planes of life while promoting one another because of our similarity’s.Much LoveBeverly CampbellA.K.A. EmpressEbonyOctober 5, 2010
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