TugofwarfinalThis book is inspired by "the black man's guide on how to cheat on your woman". We know that men cheat. What we need to know is why the mistress is willing to be second best. Men play the game well, but they've learned from the best; Women! Learn about the types of men and mistresses, all the way to how to repair your relationship. Reading this book will help those women know how to be a mistress and accept the life style and teach the men on how women can love them, guide them and dismiss them. Devaluing yourself comes with a lot of karma and consequence. Being the mistress represents everything that women should be against. However if you are going to be the other woman you need to know the rules and regulations that go along with it. Mistress' are forgetting that they are only for a man's temporary use. A man will hustle you and take your choice away, adding you to his payroll on his wife's tears. The monkey bar effect of a mistress holds no real value. The mistress's job is to stroke a man's ego and then to send him home. The mistress should never feel that she has a chance to take the lead position. If you are a mistress, this book will show you your place and teach you how to stay in it. If you are a man, this book will show you how to be So Above Mistress.Order now for $15.00, plus shipping and tax. Hurry while prices last!!Go to www.myspace.com/princezz025
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