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Peace Of Mind At The Workplace.

Peace Of Mind At The Workplace by Remez SassonWork brings together people of different characters and behavior, and this often causes friction, resentment and stress. Sometimes the boss is too demanding, colleagues may be unpleasant, there might be too much work or the working conditions may not be comfortable. The job may be boring, there might be competition or envy between the workers or the customers may be uncongenial or unfriendly. No wonder there is tension and stress.These are some of the reasons why most people eagerly wait for their vacation. Their vacation provides them a way to get out of their daily life and find some peace. The good news is that you do not have to wait for your vacation. You can learn to gain inner peace and enjoy every moment, right where you are. You can stop fretting and getting tense. You can experience peace of mind and happiness wherever you are. When your mind is peaceful, the whole environment become peaceful.Now you probably wonder what you can do to make this come true. I am not going to talk here about meditation, though this is one of the best peace of mind tools. Below you will find some simple and easy to perform tips and suggestions to experience inner peace at your workplace.You may not succeed at the first attempts, but if you keep on performing these suggestions earnestly, you will gradually begin to experience peace of mind. This peace will not only by inside you. It will spill over and influence your whole environment.1) If the people you meet talk in a loud voice, are impolite and tense, you will probably react and behave accordingly, hereby raising the level of tension. On the other hand, if you stay calm, talk, act and react peacefully, people unconsciously emulate your behavior. You become a leading power, no matter what is your position at work.2) Each day before you enter your workplace, repeat several times the following affirmation with feeling, faith and attention:"My mind is peaceful throughout the whole day. I radiate peace around me. I talk peacefully, politely and with a smile. I choose to act peacefully".3) Greet the people you meet at work.4) Whenever you feel tension or anger building in you, take three deep slow breathes before any talking or action.5) Pay attention to the words you think, say or write. Use only positive words.6) Be polite.7) Whenever you find yourself raising your voice, lower it immediately.8) Talk in a medium pitch voice, not too loud or too low, and don't let the loudness or pitch of other people's voices influence yours.9) Several times during your workday find a quiet place. It may be at your desk, or if it is not quiet enough there, it can be at the bathroom, an empty room or some other quiet spot. For several moments visualize a beautiful location that you love or some event that made you happy. Feel that you are there and enjoy the feelings that arise.10) While working, concentrate on what you are doing. Put there your full attention. This will keep your mind off disturbing thoughts.11) Don't waste your time and energy analyzing and thinking about people's motives and behavior, but rather try to improve your actions.12) Before speaking with someone whom you dislike or fear, or someone who makes you feel tense or angry, take a few deep breathes and visualize the two of you conversing peacefully and harmoniously.-----------------------------------------------------------
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Your Commandments to Success

By: TNGI. You never know who maybe able to help you get to the next level.II. You never burn bridges or severe relationships because that person could be vital to your success.III. You may still obtain success but not the amount of success that you could have because you lack patience.IV. Sometimes things aren't going to move as fast as you want them to move.V. But if you put in that "work", that "grind" and HUSTLE…you will get your just reward.VI. Be kind to EVERYONE. That person that you walk by and never speak to could be your answer.VII. Never kiss ass, but understand the business side of everything that you are pursuing. And FOLLOW-UP. Keep in Contact.VIII. Be loyal. Don't deal with people who are not loyal to you.IX. If your friends don't support you; it's all good, they will one day.X. If you know people that are in the same industry or work that you want to be a part of and they don't see your talent or refuse to help you, it's their loss. Don't worry about it they will fall in the same category of the unsupportive friends.XI. It's not about how fast you start running when starting a race, it's about who finishes first.XII. Remember that getting to the top requires a clear Vision with precise goals and objectives.
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