The Search Was Worth It

Greetings All,I wanted to take the time and share something with you. On Tuesday July 29, 2008 after searching for almost a year, I had finally gotten the opportunity in speaking to Dr. Evelyn Bethune, Mary McLeod Bethune's Granddaughter, my cousin, on Wednesday evening July 30, 2008 and I must say what a great opportunity for me and my family to finally be able to make this connection and how important it is for our history and for where we will be lead towards in the now and the future.Our history does have a huge impact on which direction we must take in order to fully understand that the work we do must be of excellence in representing our community, our children, our families and how these corporations have to be apart of our everyday life including building networks.What Evelyn stressed to me was the fact that our work can't be something that is taken lightly whether we are given public honor or not, but knowing that we are doing all that we can in making a change within ourselves in order to move on into greater destines in building up a people like never before. The power is ours we just have to believe it.I understand that the lessons that I am learning and will learn will only help me to build on what I have begun, so that I can pass on to another without giving it a second thought. For me being able to speak to someone that close to Dr. Bethune was a result of me not giving up my search in finding her and the rest of the family. Now if I can do the same with all that I am trying to accomplish then the end results are surely going to be rewarding whether large or small.Dr. Bethune and many others are examples of what we still can accomplish whether it is embraced fully or not, whether it reaps all the rewards that we hope and desire or whether it takes longer than expected.I want to travel that road with you...will you..?Dr. Evelyn Bethune's website:
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