A Deeper Commitment

Investing in the family requires unshakable commitment to the preservation of the family as the center of our existence no matter what challenges we face. Our family is always our refuge when life is difficult and filled with drama. We cannot help but to love each other unconditionally and demonstrate it by continuing to stay connected no matter what.

We can distance ourselves but will always be tied to our family because we cannot disassociate ourselves from them or stop being related to them. Families have issues and disagreements with each and write each other off. Being right and being correct in you conduct is not the goal of relationships. Every event that affects them affects us deep inside even when we go to war with one another. In every family, some form of dysfunction shows up as neglect, abandonment, jealousy, resentment, competition, control issues which can become a form of abuse. This toxic behavior expresses itself in ways that break down the foundation of family life.Read moreOmitunde, Publisher of African American Family ConnectionAn online magazine about African American Family values and community.Visit AAFC for the latest issue each month and a copy of "The Ripple Effect".
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