Adjust Your Focus and Increase Your Profits!

One of the biggest mistakes of the new entrepreneur is focusing on the wrong people and on the wrong things. How do you determine if you are focusing on the right customers and/or potential customers? How do you determine if the people that you are focusing on are worthy of your time? Whether it be a prospect, a potential prospect, a new customer, or a potential customer, you should always ensure that your efforts and your time are well spent. Otherwise you are wasting time and to be frank – you are missing out!


Let’s take a realistic perspective. From day one you should realize that not everyone deserves your time and not everyone deserves your attention. In spite of what you have heard in the past, everyone is not your customer. You are in control and you need to maintain control at all times. Know who your target market is. Know who you should be targeting as customers and partners. You want quality. You want leaders. You want thinkers. You want producers. You want initiators. You want implementers and executors. You want results! You know what you need and therefore you should not settle. If you are settling you should come up with a plan to stop settling.


Focus your efforts. Focus your time. Focus your attention. Where there is focus there is growth. When you have growth you have profits. When you have continued focus and continued growth your profits continue to grow and you are able to reach more people!


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