Customers (14) 5 Reasons Internet Marketers Fail in Business.

In this video I discuss why Internet Marketers fail in business and how to avoid these failures.
1. Internet Marketers or online marketers don't know how to properly structure their business.  They seek out help from companies like Legal Zoom to help them structure the business.  However, companies customer support  does not understand that their is more things that go along with structuring the business then just filing some secretary of state paperwork.  The clients business must be properly registered online in multiple data bases, so the company can get the exposure it needs from 3rd party companies.

2.  Many internet marketers don't use their own products.  This is a problem because if you don't know your product then it becomes challenging then to get someone else to purchase and use your product.  The force their products on potential customers not knowing if that  product it right for that customers.

3.  Internet Marketers need to build relationships with their customers.  Building a good relationship before and after they purchase from you.  This help builds the customer confidense that they made the right choice in purchasing from you. You never want a customer to have buyers remorse, because you never communicated with them after they purchased from you. 

Although, many of them may not use the products giving them a follow up call or sending them an email shows that you were interested in their purchase, and you want to see if they make have an issue with the product.

4. Learning how to manage the business.  A lot of internet marketer don't treat this as their business. They look at it as away to earn some extra cash with out the responsibility. Understanding they may be using it as a career change, it still is a business.

You still need to invest in the business, whether it may be education or software to help you run the business much soother.  Their accounting and taxes to be paid for what ever income that's generated from the business.

5. Many internet marketers want instant success.  They don't realize it takes time to grow the business in order for your to have success in it.  It's not easy, it's a growing and learning process.  We would all like to have short cuts in business, but it could lead us to a loss.

I encourage you to join the business credit forum to get access to more videos and other resources to help you grow your business.

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Looking for more customers?

Wellness Authority is a unique online community that connects   holistic and financial professionals with consumers

Do you need ?

  • User friendly system
  • Increase online presence
  • Cost effective ways to reach consumers
  • Ability to leverage your resources

Wellness Authority help you accomplish all four which  means more customers with  less work!

Who Can Join?

  •  Financial Planners
  • Nutritionist
  • Realtors
  • Insurance Agents
  • Health Coaches
  • Personal  Trainers
  • Personal chefs
  • Chiropractors
  • there is just too many to list… but you get the idea

Find out why partnership means a better way to grow your business . Visit for more details.

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Black Businesses: Our Economic Clout

If you listened to my show on Saturday, you know I spoke with Heather Shelton about how Black business owners can leverage our economic clout. 

If you didn't hear it, click here to hear it now

Wherever you are in the world, your customers are looking for you right now.  You need to be where they can find you. This has huge potential for us as Black business owners.  We can transform the entire situation. 

I will be publishing an international directory of Black-owned businesses.  This is for all Black business owners, men as well as women.  To find out more, send me a message or click here to contact me

Here's to your success! 

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Are you using Social Media like Twitter and Facebook to build your list? Are you building a list?

One thing you must be doing if you’re going to realize any level of business empowerment is list building.

One of the most important things in an Internet Marketing business is a list of contacts. It’s important for you to build relationshpswith your customers. Your contacts are called subscribers on your listsand they are the most important asset of your business. List buildingincorporates building relationships. Your prospects are encouraged tovisit your website through your marketing efforts. Hopefully they signup to receive your free offer which should be of value to them and youare given an opportunity to build rapport with them and share thesolutions you have with them.

You notice I said you have the opportunity to share your solutions with them. Unless you have the opportunity to build rapport andincrease the know, like and trust factor you will only share yoursolutions and never have the opportunity of actually add them to yourclient/customer community.

One way to build your list is to use Social Media.

Social media includes Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Myspace and it actually includes blogging. There are many other Social sites, however,my focus at this time is on Twitter and Facebook.

If you don’t have an account on Twitter you can go to and you’ll see a prompt to register and you’ll need tofollow each one. The one thing you need to keep in mind is that thefirst impression is important having said that you need to have aphoto. If you have a business you might opt for a business logo,however, I would suggest that you have at least one account with yourpersonal name and then add another one. The other important thing is tohave a link to your blog or website. I suggest your blog or if you havea free offer (recommended) have a link on your page to direct them toyour free offer. This will also enhance your list building endeavors.You can only use one email per account.

If you don’t have an account on Facebook go to you’ll see a link to register. Follow theprompts. Same thing with regard to your photo. Don’t post every linkunder the sun on your profile. Be intentional and don’t confuse yourfriends.

You need to know the proper etiquette for each site. Twitter is a fast mover. You can actually tweet all day, however, there is a rulewith regard to the ratio. You want to do more original tweets, followedby retweets and then maybe 20% tweets to your own offers, links etc.

Facebook is a little slower. You don’t want to post updates all day and resist posting links to your business for the majority of yourupdates on your profile wall. Your profile is for personal and there isa facebook fanpage that can be used for business.

Now back to the idea of list building. You need to know what your target market is and your goals for Facebook and/or Twitter. Withoutthis you won’t have any real results.

You’ll want to know your Twitter and Facebook strategy.

Then there are followers and friends. How do you add targeted followers on Facebook/ How do you add targeted friends on facebook?

These are all great questions. I can’t answer everything in this post however, I do want to invite you to request free access to myTele-training “I Rock on Twitter and Facebook and you can too!” Go to and you’ll receive immediate access.

If you want advanced support I invite you to learn more about my “I Rock on Twitter and Facebook Social Media Empowerment Coaching club.”You can go here there are limited spaces for the Early Bird level so I suggest you enroll now!

Let’s Rock!!

Robin aka The Empowerment Diva
The Authentic Life and Biz Empowerment
Mentor,Coach and Trainer to women across the world

Why should you listen to Robin?
Robin has a combined total of over 10,000 followers on Twitter which she accomplished au naturale’ (no gimmicks)
She was named 1 of 25 urban woman entrepreneurs to follower on Twitter

She has a nice following on Facebook and her Facebook Fanpage fans grow by the week without intentional effort, however, she plans tointensify her efforts.

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all of the talk about Social Media? Are you spending more than 30 minutes max per day on Twitter? Facebook?You don’t have to spend most of your day on these sites. I’ll sharewith you a couple of resources that can assist you in leveraging yourtime.

Some of what I’m going to share can also be applied to other Social Media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, however, in this post I willfocus on Twitter.

What is Twitter? Well, where have you been? LOL

Twitter is a great resource to enhance your marketing efforts and will definitely offer
Business Empowerment when you know what you’re doing.

Twitter would have to be one of the fastest growing sites on the web today. It is taking the internet by storm and there are around 10,000new users per day signing up to participate in this internet revolution.

Twitter is best described as a micro blogging platform. You are limited to 140 characters each time you do an update, which initially,may seem a small amount. However, as you become more experienced, it’sjust amazing what you can fit into 140 characters.

That said, Twitter is much, much more than that. It is like one huge global chat room, but then again, it doesn’t have to be. It all dependson how many people you follow on Twitter. If it’s in the thousands,then your “Tweetstream” will be running fast and furious witheverything that’s coming in. If you are only following a few hundred,or even less, then things are much easier to keep up with.

Twitter is also a great way to meet new people online, particularly those with similar interests to you. It’s a great way to be visible andposition yourself as an expert in your field to your target audience orniche.

You can set up an account by going to you’ll see prompts to guide you through the process. If you need support I dooffer mini coaching packages to help you develop a strategy,get set up,and get targeted followers.

Now here are a couple of resources to help you leverage your time on Twitter.

Continue reading here

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We all would like continued customer loyalty in our business, as well as repeat business.Here are a few ways to gain repeat business and continued customer loyalty:1. Send Birthday Cards – Do you like to be remembered on your birthday? How about doing something really easy and sending birthday cards to your customers, from the comfort of your own home. That dont have to waste gas, try to find a greeting card store, stand there reading every card until you find one that conveys your message, then find time to go to the post office to send it out. You can even send a gift w/your card!2. Take time out once ever other week to email customers, saying "Hello, how are things going?". If you want to have more business, do this regularly. They will appreciate the gesture.3. Once a month email customers about your new products and services, as it may pertain to them. Also, if you educate your customers they will feel important, and continue to do business with you.4. Send Holiday Cards – What about sending a Holiday Card that is different then all the “others” your customers are getting? Make it UNIQUE and PERSONAL and DO NOT promote or ask for business when sending holiday or birthday cards. These should remain sincere and be all about the person you are sending it to, not about you or your business!5. Send Thank You notes – Send Thank you notes every time they order from you and for any referral business they have sent your way.Do not under-estimate the power of showing gratitude and appreciation towards your customers. Treat them like GOLD and it will result in more GREEN for your business!For a convenient and affordable way to send out cards/postcards & gifts to your clients and customers, Send Out Cards is a cost effective way to do this. Contact me for more info on this awesome customer-appreciation system! Visit my website: or email me and I will be more than happy to send you more information. You can even send a FREE card yourself, just to see how this fantastic business works.
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We all know the saying, "It's who you know!" when it comes to finding most jobs. The same principle applies to finding new customers for your business. Current customers and employees are terrific resources for cultivating potential new customers.

Referrals are the backbone for many salespeople and can boost the clientele of any small business. Whether you're a one-person operation or a business with many employees, encouraging your current clients and employees for referrals (and possibly providing incentives for them) is a smart marketing move.

Food for Thought: When asked for a favor, many of us enjoy and appreciate a pat on the back, so consider offering a dessert for any successful referral a customer or employee provides. Desserts could include delicious discounts on products or services, a bonus in the paycheck, or the office favorite -- a dozen chocolate donuts!

Donuts or no donuts -- getting new customers thru referrals only sweetens your biz dealings.

If you are interested in receiving a Sample Customer Referral Letter, please email me at with the following information:

Your Name:

Business Name:

Type of Business:

Years in Business

Email and/or website.


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Your First 90 days in Business

.The process of starting a business involves key steps from choosing a business name to selecting a business structure. Once your doors are open, the first 90 days of being in business sets the foundation for successful survival. Learn what you need to know during the first 90 days of starting a business.Get the First Customer: You aren't in business until you have a customer. If you didn't have a customer at the beginning of startup, make this priority one. Reach out to your warm contacts. People who know you will want to see you succeed and will give you the necessary business or referrals.Master Selling: Selling is essential to business success. It's a business function often downplayed by new startups lacking sales experience. Set a regular time weekly to learn and apply new selling skills in your business. Forget the hype that marketing will do the selling. Marketing is a separate function from sales. Marketing will create the interest to contact your company. Once you have contact, use your selling skills to close the deal.Make a Profit: Sales revenue shows on the top line of financials. The profit is the bottom line. Without profits your business will fail. Understand the costs of your business and ensure you focus on making money. For certain businesses, profits will follow an investment in inventory or other start up costs. Run financials to determine when your company will be profitable.Evaluate Pricing: When starting a business it's common to make assumptions about what prices to charge customers and the profits made. During the first 90 days your assumptions will be challenged with the realities of the market place. Take a close look at your price strategy. Don't make the common error of trying to be the lowest price provider. Your competitors have established their businesses and can often undercut prices longer than you.Set Quarterly Goals: Running a new startup is time consuming and stressful. You have to learn multiple skills and have numerous systems to setup. It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day. Successful entrepreneurs know seeing the horizon and having a 90 day plan with objectives and milestones can mean the difference between failure and survival.Find Your Entrepreneurial Type: Your business personality type is the traits and characteristics of your personality that blend with the needs of the business. If you better understand your business personality, then you can give your company the best part of you.Reward Yourself: Starting a business is like launching a rocket into space. The amount of energy to leave the earth's gravity force is tremendous but once beyond the pull of the earth the energy needed is reduced. Recognize the energy you have expended to start your business and take the time out to reward yourself. The time off will recharge your motivation and ensure success for the next 90 days.
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Individuals have varying requirements a company must meet before they decide to become a customer. In order for companies to be successful, they must be able to identify these requirements (conducting market research enables companies to get these answers). Businesses are often chided for not listening to their customers. Of course it is the organization’s responsibility to start a dialogue with their target market, but as a consumer are you doing your part to keep the conversation alive?More than ever companies are trying their best to connect with consumers and are sometimes greeted with deafening silence. For example, have you ever been asked to complete a customer satisfaction survey? I am sure the answer to this question is a resounding, “Yes!” Now how many times have you answered a survey? Despite the number of pleas, I am sure many people have not taken the time to answer these surveys (yes, as much as I hate to admit it I am guilty of this too). One of the most quoted reasons for not answering these surveys is, “Sorry, I don’t have time.”Sure we all have time constraints, but the only way companies can improve their services or fulfill needs that are not currently being met within the industry is if you share your thoughts with them. It is not fair for consumers to complain about receiving bad service or inferior products and then neglect to fill out a survey or turn down the opportunity to participate in a focus group. Now more than ever, due to the increase in competition, companies are trying to entice individuals into talking with them by compensating them with money, prizes, etc.The mere fact that companies are starting to “invade” social networking sites demonstrates that they are trying to talk to consumers on a platform that is convenient for them. I realize that there are some companies that still have a lot to learn when it comes to the social media arena, but I applaud them in their efforts to do so. They are finally acknowledging the fact that consumers are more apt to purchase products from those who they trust and making a concerted effort build a relationship. Companies are increasingly becoming more attentive and seeking ways to engage consumers into speaking with them–so what are you going to say?
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African Entrepreneurs Network understands that all businesses are not created equal. Therefore, we created a network designed to help all level of businesses. Small businesses in general do require exposure in order to be successful. Companies pay a lot of money to get in front of millions of consumers because they recognize that marketing is required in order to generate revenue. Television commercials account for most of the advertising of goods and services, and they have proven to be very successful. Magazines, likewise, are successful in their own rights; they also have a share in the market of advertising. The more popular the magazine, the more the likelihood for a certain ad to be properly circulated. Now there is the Internet, the information super highway, where traffic is mind boggling. What better medium for one to advertise and reach a very large percentage of the population.Then, there is also the cost of an ad. Advertising can be expensive if you advertise on television and the popular magazines. However, the Internet can also give you the same exposure if you advertise in the right forum. African Entrepreneurs Network encourages its members to advertise because it works. Anyone who wants to be successful in business is going to require some exposure. The network and its members also create a community of business owners who share ideas and also advertise their businesses at low cost. There is referral marketing within the community and the members support one another's business. African Entrepreneurs Network has created a "Shopping Mall" of businesses that is visited and supported by the members of the network.Congratulations to all who have taken the initial step of business ownership, and is presently sitting in the driver's seat. Now is the time to put on your navigation system to direct you to your destination. With that we welcome you to the African Entrepreneurs Network where your small business ownership dreams will be realized with the assistance of our advisors, counselors, and our network members.Ola AkinsanyaCEO and Founder of African Entrepreneurs Networkhttp://africanceos.ning.com
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“Why do bloggers put so much focus upon growing RSS subscriber numbers to their blog if most of them only ever read your content in Feed Readers and don’t visit your blog?”This question (or variations of it) hit my inbox 3 times in 24 hours from different people so I thought I’d tackle it as a post instead of individual replies.Let me start by saying that this problem can be frustrating. You see your RSS subscriber number growing by your actual visitor numbers remain steady - as do your comment numbers. It can actually feel like you’re wasting your time - I remember myself feeling kinda like this guy when I first noticed this happening to me: continued at the blogs listed below.
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Did you know?

It costs 5 to 10 times more to find a new customer than it costs to retain an existing customer. This is why customer retention is so important. Equally important, however, is the need to attract new customers. Follow these four steps:

1) Get their attention!

Dramatize the biggest impact your products and services will have on their lives or business.

2) Keep their interest!

Do not bore your readers with lengthy prose. Talk about your product in short simple sentences.

3) Create desire!

Focus on the benefits rather than features. Benefits sell, features tell.

Use pictures or interesting descriptions.

4) Provide a compelling reason for why they should buy from you!

Sell them before your competitor does.

Ask For The Order!

For practical promotional marketing advice, you can read our blog or watch our video postcard. Marketing Minute is a new show I've developed to help my colleagues grow their business.

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I'm so excited!!! I wanted to share...QIIQ Theatre Productions (Bklyn, NY) used the products in its benefit gift bags. It was a smashing success!!! All the patrons and attendees were most pleased with them. Everyone raved about the packaging and the scents. Thank you so much Majestique!!! I'll be using the spa products as favors for my wedding this fall!!!Catherine, NYAREA FOR IMPROVEMENT- I will be working a new formula to make the candle scents a wee bit stronger. Thank you I.M., NC
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