Juniques Multi Cultural Connections recognizes and accept Net Working Increases Net Worthwww.jusmcc.org It's Your Time... And 70 million+ baby boomers are changing the social climate of the 21st Century. These ageless "Mat-Gens" (mature generations) are the new 'hip' culture whose time has come. They are not just boomers' they are in bloom; rising like the sun over the highest mountain. Some are making indelible marks and innovative footprints in the pavements of their future. They are a revolution abounding!!A new life beyond retirement is in view for you, are you to start the next phase of mature living? Thanks to medical advances people can expect to live longer active lives.How will you find answers to make your bonus years more vibrant and meaningful?Are you ready to design a future more interesting than your past?How will you spend your bonus years?http://www.sunrisebeginnings.com
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