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Women Entrepreneurs, they wanna get into real estate investing, however they see it as a challenge.

I'm not excluding you gentlemen, but this here is mainly gonna be directed towards an overall, but mainly towards the women entrepreneurs to help them, just as well as the gentlemen, how to get into real estate investment, okay? And the first thing you have to do understanding that even though [01:32] ____... Number one, you have to have... You have to clean your credit, okay? And the reason that I say clean your credit, it's because even with hard money lenders, they're not trusting. Some of them, if you've been out there long enough, they'll deal with you. But if you're a newbie coming into the game, hard money lenders, they're gonna see what's on your credit. They're gonna look and see if you ever owned any type of real estate before. Because again, as I told you all before, your credit is your personality. Your credit tells a lot about you, whether it may be true or not, it does say a lot about you.

That's the reason that I try to encourage you all. First, fix your credit. And it doesn't take a long time to fix your credit. I know there's a lot of credit repair companies out here that have disappointed many of you with the credit process. That's the reason that, with our program, I implemented the escrow accounts. So, that way, it protects you as the consumer, as well as making sure that the job gets done. That means that you put that money in escrow, and the repair company cannot access that funding until they are able to show that they have cleaned the credit, at least between 75% to 80% of that credit. So, there's no way that you're gonna be taken advantage of, not if you're coming through my company, okay? And we have four different divisions that deal with credit, plus an in-house attorney, which is very good. 1-888-883-3013

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Juniques shares Why The WriteUp serving AZ and NV can improve your

profits.  623-455-6364  start from $20

Juniques Marketing knows value, especially promotion value. The Write Up, the urban news source, serving arizona and neveda, is reaching a growing market, the urban market! In AZ 1.5 million and growing  NV is also now being served. Yes Las Vegas Neveda reads The Write Up!!! We can get any person started for as little as $20. We can help many small businesses improve their profit, with our cost saving advertising programs. We can show how to get the most from your advertisement. contact Rickey at  623-455-6364 and learn more. Get signed up on our contact list so you can stay updated to the happenings at The Write Up, Urban News source, Newspaper


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 I am so priviledged to be connected with some great people.

Juniques MultiCultural Connections (

I am glad to share this insightful and helpful information from a dynamic leader in the Arizona!!

"The moment you think that you know it all and can do it all on your own, is the moment you give up your opportunity to change lives. But worry not, what you refuse to do, others will gladly take your spot!" -- Felicia Davis





Hi rickey johnson!


Wouldn't it be nice to have someone in your life that you trust completely enough to let your guard down and tell them what's really going on -- especially during the times when you're struggling or feeling anxiety about something that you need to get done?  Or even better yet -- what if you had someone who is so jazzed up about what you're doing and where you're going that they're introducing you to others -- even when you're not around. Wouldn't that be oh so grand....

I attended a meeting this morning hosted by my friend and colleague Dr. Joel Martin. She hosts a monthly forum called Conversation on Leadership (COL) which is an intimate gathering of community leaders making their mark in their own way. I am very selective on the networking meetings that I attend because I place a premium on my time and I can only afford to spend time where I can add value and/or receive value - this is true for me both personally and professionally. Personally, if I'm not having fun or feeling a true connection, I try to add more of what I want but if the connection still isn't there, I move on. Life is too short to operate any other way.


What I really love about COL is that it's different. It's designed to be our time to focus on us and what we can do to take our work to the next level. There is absolutely no room for ego or titles to get in the way of us disarming, learning and getting the support we need from our learning partners. Today's session was facilitated by Dr. Robin Postel and she did an awesome job leading us through a change process that allowed us to get unhooked from a challenge in order to move forward powerfully with our work. I learned a lot and as usual, left our meeting feeling whole, complete and fully embraced by a group of like-minded leaders who place a premium on sowing seeds into their own development knowing that it is the ONLY way that we can do this work and have it be life-shifting. I'm also excited that Dr. Joel is one of many thought-leaders who will be leading an upcoming discussion with the members of The Emerge Leaders' Circle.



jpegAfter leaving our meeting, I immediately thought about a book that I read a few years ago by Keith Ferrazzi called Who's Got Your BackIt's a fabulous book that teaches the concept of building lifeline relationships. These are the people with whom you can really count on, open up to and share your fears and your failures while asking for help without worrying about being judged. These are also the very same people with whom you can share your goals and dreams with and they will be your guideposts, helping to lift you up and watch your back as you make your way over the top. 

I especially love the book because it helps to disarm you just enough to realize that even as an expert in your domain of excellence, Superwoman is a myth and you do not or will not have all the answers. At some point, you'll have to realize that the best of you comes from a co-creation of the wisdom, guidance and tough love that your lifeline partners give you. The problem is that some people seldom get to a place where we ask for help - the support that we need to move forward. Why? Fear...fear of being seen as weak, incompetent, unable to play at the same level or simply not meeting the expectations of those who are expecting big things from you. This has such a crippling effect that we become immobilized, stuck and often paralyzed by our own actions or lack thereof. 

The book suggest four reasons why lifeline relationships are necessary:

1. To help us get in agreement with ourselves about how we define success on an 'individual' level.
2. To develop a plan to get us there with strategies that are inclusive of both lifeline and strategic partners. 
3. To identify and make a commitment on what we will stop doing and say no to in order to move forward. 
4. To surround ourselves with people who have our best interest at heart. These are the people who are going to give it to us real, raw and relevant so that we can transform our lives from great to remarkable! 

The first month of 2013 is behind us and now is the perfect time to start developing your own lifeline relationships. You need to know who's got your back and who's back you will have. If you haven't already, figure out who you want in this innermost circle of your life, have a direct conversation about your intention, develop some specific actions that will guide your newfound partnerships (this is also the what signals to you that it's working) and get busy creating the environment for the magic to unfold!   

Until next time...

Be remarkable!



P.S. I would love for you to join me in The Emerge Leaders' Circle. It's the perfect next step in my work where you sow a seed into your own development and it's guaranteed to reap an ROI well above your financial investment. Our first Masterclass is next Wednesday and the topic is Maximizing Your Leadership Style for Optimum Results. Go here for detailsand feel free to shoot me an email with questions.  



Felicia Davis International

Phoenix, AZ

Tel: (888) 369-3304



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Juniques Multi Cultural Connections recognizes and accept Net Working Increases Net It's Your Time... And 70 million+ baby boomers are changing the social climate of the 21st Century. These ageless "Mat-Gens" (mature generations) are the new 'hip' culture whose time has come. They are not just boomers' they are in bloom; rising like the sun over the highest mountain. Some are making indelible marks and innovative footprints in the pavements of their future. They are a revolution abounding!!A new life beyond retirement is in view for you, are you to start the next phase of mature living? Thanks to medical advances people can expect to live longer active lives.How will you find answers to make your bonus years more vibrant and meaningful?Are you ready to design a future more interesting than your past?How will you spend your bonus years?
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Juniques Marketing ( recieves an observation fromKatrina Gurl, author of The Balcony View( that will make 2010 a fantastic year of achievement for anyone who recognize and accept this observation.No limits. 2009 is the done with my doing year and now 2010 starts with NO Limits
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Where do Models Come From?!!

Where do Models Come From?!!Posted by Pamela Young on February 22, 2009 at 11:30pmToday, many of our models men, women, teens and children were in a Fashion Show Held in Paradise Valley, Arizona!Two fashion shows at 11 am and 2pm at the Phoenix Bridal Expo, sponsored by David's Bridal and Men’s Warehouse, were exciting and provided so much experience for each and every model. Our Agency provided flower girls, ring barrers, brides maids, Groomsmen, Mother or the bride and Father of the Bride.At local fashion shows such as this, Models Pus International and The Young Agency have a booth to show a little about who we are and what we do. Some questions I am constantly asked are, how do you find your models, or where do your models come from, do they come to you, or do you have to go out and find them.The very reason I outlined who modeled in todays shows, tells you the diversity we represent, that has made Models Plus International and The Young Agency such a success throughout the past decade. MPI and TYA are the largest Modeling Agencies in the southwestern United States of America representing models of all ages, sizes, and ethnicities, we provide every look for every project.So how do we find our models, we let people know, WE ARE HIRING! What that means is, you who are interested in having a career, or just having fun in the modeling business, now is a great time for you to inquire about how you can get involved, because all looks are in, just turn on your television and look!Where do our Models come from , all walks of life! We spend out time at trade shows and put up booths to share information about the modeling industry. The photos you see above were taken in 2007, at The Phoenix Bridal Expo in Glendale, AZ, where we provided all of the Male models for the fashion shows. The concept being the same, that is, we find models where we find people who are interested in seeing fashions.At Models Plus International, we provide FREE career counseling to help answer your questions about career opportunities and help you outline your goals in the modeling industry.We hold open call auditions every Tuesday evening, call us at 602-234-2628 to get started today!Best wishes,Pamela A. YoungVisit
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