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That was my little rendition of N Sync's 'Dirty Pop', but for it? Please don't answer...LOL! :)
It seems as though bright eye liners and shadows were front and center at all the fashion shows this spring. It seems as though smoky went out the window and splashes of color took over the runways.
As a freelance make-up artist, I absolutely LOVE color and I am not afraid to put it on my eyes, lips or face. However, when it comes to hair; I'm TERRIFIED. I like to stick with black and that's it...I'm digressing...
Some of the HAUTE colors seen on the runway at this season's shows were sparkly green (Alberta Feretti), purple (Victoria Beckham), fuschia (Nina Ricci), turquoise (Oscar de la Renta), red (Carolina Herrera), orange liner (Derek Lam), sea foam green (Aquilana Rimondi), yellow liner (Peter Som) and tropical colors (Dior).
ALL of these colors look FAB on the runway and they can look FAB on the sidewalk too. Below are tricks to wearing some of the aforementioned shades.
If this look is done overboard, you run the risk of looking like Mimi from The Drew Carey Show. If this look is done properly you will look FIERCE, dahling! To get started on this look, take a colored liner and draw a thin line along the upper lashes. If you're not sure about using a liner, sweep powder eye shadow along the lash line. Using a powder eyeshadow gives a much softer look than a pencil, liquid or gel liner could offer. To complete your look, make sure your lip color is complimentary to your eye color. For example, if you choose to do a turquoise liner, finish your lips off with a fuschia.
It doesn't take much to make a BOLD statement with this look. If you're using a  yellow liner, all you need to do is highlight the outer and inner corners of the eye. To get started on this look, take the eye liner and trace the upper lashes starting at the inner eye and going all the way to the end of the lash line. Do the exact same thing for the lower lash area. Once you've completed the upper and lower lash area you are done with the eyes and it's time to move to the lips. Since the yellow is already bold, there is no need to have a bold lip. Instead of having a bold lip to match your bold eyes, you will want to play the lip area down by using neutral lip colors such as pinks, light reds, and maybe just a lip liner and clear gloss.
Sea Foam Green:
Pair a sea foam green shadow with bronzer and you have a winning look. When applying the sea foam green color to the eyes, try not to apply it too heavy. A light dust of the color over the lids and slightly into the temple area should do the trick. Finish the look with a touch of mascara, pale lips and you are ready to go.
The same approach that's used to apply yellow eye liner can also be used when applying orange liner. When applying the liner, just be careful to not over do it.
Using red around the eyes is a little risky, but if you do it right, then there should be no problems. When applying a red shadow to the eye area, it's probably best to use an opaque red vs. a sheer red. Using the sheer red can make the eyes appear to have pink eye or some sort of uncomfortable illness or eye ailment. When using the red shadow, you want to make sure you stay away from the inner corners of the eyes. Placing red shadow near the inner corners of your eyes can give the appearance of blood shot eyes, which is a definite 'NO and NO!' Dab the red shadow at the outer corners of the eyes to give a sultry effect. Be sure to blend the red color so it's no so harsh and make sure you add several coats of black mascara to finish the look.
Cover entire lid with a turquoise color of your choice and blend all the way out to the end of your eye line. If you're feeling daring, you can add the turquoise color to your lower lash line. To compliment the look, add a rosy colored blush and Voila! You're done.
I love, love, LOVE purple eye shadow, especially on brown eyes. To complete the purple eye shadow look, brush the whole eyelid with a deep purple or if you're not so daring  a more lilac color. Add some mascara, a little eye liner and call it good. Finish the look off with neutral colored blush and a neutral colored lip.
Hopefully, these tips have helped you out when it comes to trying fierce and bold runway make-up looks on the sidewalk. I plan on trying some of these looks out myself over the weekend, so I will post pictures in next week's blogs.
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