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Should I Buy A House Vs Buying An Apartment Complex


If you’ve never owned any real estate and your in the market looking at homes and apartment buildings, you make want to consider who’s going to pay for that piece of real estate.  Let’s say you’ve found a house you like and an apartment building in the same area.  The mortgage on the new house is $1500.00 and the apartment building is $1500.00. 


One person decides to buy the new house for his family.  Now, he’s the only one responsible for that piece of real estate.  So, if he loses his income, he’s going to more likely lose the house and hurt his credit.  Now the other person decided to buy the 4 family complex.  His mortgage is also $1500.00, however he decides to rent out 3 of the units for $500.00 each, which covers his mortgage.  So whether he has a regular income or not his still keeps his piece of real estate. 


Also, the second person decided to add solar panels to the property and switch everything over to electric, and increase rents to $850.00 for each unit.  He decides to pay all utilities for those three tenants.  He gains an extra $1050.00 in rental income and he still does not have to pay any of his income into this piece of real estate.  He also gets to save up to buy the house the first person lost and the tenants from the apartment complex are paying for that house to. 

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When trying to decide whether to use a credit union or a bank when applying for a credit card. There are a few factors to consider.


1.) With a credit union you are a member, or a stakeholder. With a bank you are simply a customer. Banks are for-profit institutions and their goal is to make money for the stockholders of the company. A credit union is not-for-profit entity and their goal is pass through the profits to the members. This comes in the form of added member benefits such as low fees and low rates.


2.) Its a misconstrued opinion that credit unions have limited branch and ATM locations. However, many credit unions belong to larger networks, such as the Credit Union Service Centers.


3.) Most credit unions offer credit cards just like a typical bank. What isn’t so typical are the exceptionally low APR rates they offer.


4.) Credit unions have many available ATMs, but they are also fee free! The average fee for an ATM is $2.33 and is on the rise. Now if you use your bank issued ATM card at a third party ATM, then you just doubled your fees. With a credit union ATM card, you can withdraw your own money fee free as long as it’s at a participating ATM. Even if you withdraw money from a third party, you may have to pay their fee, but most credit unions don’t charge for the transactions themselves. I’m too busy to walk into a branch office every time I want to withdraw some money, and I feel that I shouldn’t have to pay hefty fees when I do.


5.) At a credit union, credit cards, home equity loans, mortgages, auto loans, and personal loans all enjoy lower rates than you will find at a bank. At the same time, savings, checking, money market, and CD’s have higher rates. I don’t typically endorse putting any significant amount of your money into savings and CD’s as inflation tends to outpace them, however, most people feel more comfortable doing so and they might as well earn a higher rate!

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As business owners, we sacrifice a lot to keep our businesses alive and growing.  For many of us this is our only means of supporting our families. 
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How do I get business credit cards and business loans with a 80 Paydex score?

Many people have come across misleading information of getting business credit cards with a 80 Paydex score.  First, you must understand a paydex score is a three digit number that given to a business from Dun and Bradstreet.  This number is generated once a business has four or more business tradelines or vendors reporting to them. 

Once you’ve generate this number trade vendors use this number to make a decision on whether they are willing to offer your business credit.  The higher the paydex score the better your chances are to being approved for credit.  If you have a paydex score below 80 points this lets the creditor know you are not paying your other vendors on time.

Now, if you’re trying to build your paydex score to get business credit cards or business lines of credit, there are other factors that are used to determine,if you’re going to get approved for business credit.  When you apply for business credit cards or business lines of credit, most lenders will want to look at your personal credit, your business bank statements, or your business financials.

The paydex score is irrelevant at this point when trying to get cash and credit for your business.  This is the reason we suggest people to stop wasting money on Net30 accounts and just fixed their personal credit and put the money into a business bank account.

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I have been blessed to live outside of the United States in my active duty time in the Navy: 3 years inJapan and 1 year in Africa. But my time in Africa was life-changing and eye-opening. I'd love to share what that time taught me about life and business: ;


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Business and Government Registration-


In order to be considered creditworthy by banks and investors your business has to have a strong presence, both online and offline.  Business credit America will get your business into the world’s top search engines plus other numerous online and offline databases. 



This process will help solidify your business as being legitimate and creditable to lenders. It’s a fact that creditors will use multiple databases to search out a business to determine if that business is credit worthy. The more exposure your business has online and the more present your business has in these databases the higher probability your business has to get credit approvals.



Business credit America also helps you get the highest third party business registration exposure through government registration. This process also helps qualify your business to be eligible to bid on small government contracts as well as meet part of the qualification for government loans.


You will also receive these bonuses.


You’ll receive a video that shows you the fastest and easiest way to get your Dun and Bradstreet Number in twenty four to forty eight hours instead of thirty days and without having to pay for it. 


We give a FREE Corporate Evaluation of your business.   This evaluation gives you an overview of what you need to do to help loan officer and investors take a serious look at your business model. This will help you get qualified for unsecured loans and investments.

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I had been being becoming annoyed with a lot of my female clients lately and I didn't know why. Checking out this Forbes post made it clear to me why I was feeling the way I was feeling. It was because to me they were seeming to constantly be apologizing. 

Yes the "I'm Sorry" syndrome. I would imagine it comes from our cultures emphasis on being polite. "You don't want to be rude"; "You don't want to be an inconvience"; "Don't be a burden"; "Speak Only When Spoken To." All of these concepts would lead women to be more apologetic then men. 

In her article:

Why Are Women Always Apologizing

 Ruchika Tulshyan mentions the Confidence Gap. It seems that :"The commercial also comes at a time when there’s much talk about a confidence gap that holds women back from succeeding at work. Indeed, over-apologizing could be feeding into this. In an Atlantic article “The Confidence Gap,” the authors state: “A lack of confidence informs a number of familiar female habits. Take the penchant many women have for assuming the blame when things go wrong, while crediting circumstance—or other people—for their successes. (Men seem to do the opposite.)” One way women tend to assume blame? By over-apologizing." 

Hence the source of my annoyance. It's a knee jerk reaction to when you are blaming someone for something. Let me put it this way, when some does something to cause you to blaming them did they do something that pleases you or annoys you?

This is an AH HA moment for me. I've been running around all this time feeling annoyed and didn't see what was really triggering it.  I like the commercial. The only thing is don't go overboard in the opposite direction and I think that's what the last woman did when she snatches the blanket.

The objective is not to apologize for things you have no overtly apparent reason to be sorry for. You're new to marketing your going to make mistakes. You don't have to apologize for making a boo boo. Just correct it if you can or not repeat it in the future.

I know one thing, I will not say I'm sorry for Apologizing being short of patience at time. Forgive me. Let me know what your thoughts are.
Reach a Highly Targeted Audience with Google Sniper
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Hello community, Make sure you add to your must read our monthly newsletter Happy New Month,

There is a lot of online business development for some companies that are determined to be "game changers"  in their industries.

Mobile Messaging and Blogging  is here to stay and Empower Network plans to play a major role in being a service provider.


You Get Paid Fast, a one time only payment company, offering software, and lead development system is changing how payment to members are being done. It infinity line , 4 level, payment system has hundreds joining daily.


Juniques Multi Cultural Connections introduces new silver coin rebate program. Paid Membership can receive 4 silver coins per year. Having Silver Coins in your asset portfolio is a smart financial move


Offering 800# quote service ( USA and Canada) is proving to be very helpful for work at home individuals who really like to just provide a service and get paid.  Now for no fees, a person can offer 800# quote for companies that pay them to promote.


Art and Sports Fundraiser. ( USA and England ) Donald Brown, renown sculptor, has put together a great fundraiser for any organization.  By providing his award winning sculptors and prints in a no fee affiliate program has open the door for many cash strapped organization to generate money for their organization.



Juniques Marketing, recognizes and accept, people do not like to sell. Advocate of No Rejection Marketing and providing the communication tools to only speak with those who want to speak with you. Many services are free. info


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What every busy entrepreneur needs to know about building a highly profitable list

Is Your List Making You Money?

It seems like a funny thing to ask, I know. But, the mantra "the money is in the list" has us slapping opt-in boxes on our web pages and waiting for the money to roll in.

How's that working for you? I know it did not work well for me until I had this epiphany.

The money is not in just having a list; it's in the relationship you build with them.

A list is just that, a list of people who have given you permission to market to them. So, the key to unlocking the money making potential you hear so much about requires you to market.

And for most entrepreneurs, that's easier said than done.

Why does it seem so easy for our marketing heroes and professional crushes to make money their lists while you struggle to build yours?

The truth is it isn't a matter of hard or easy, It comes down to strategic and consistent execution until you find what works for you and your subscribers.

So, how can you build a list that is a win - win for you and your subscribers?

Here are a few tips to help ensure you build a list of responsive subscribers, ready to take action on what you have to say & sell:

#1. Get In Tune with Your Ideal Customer's Deepest Challenges and Desires

If you don't get this right, fuuuget about it! And it's not enough to know this intuitively, especially if you're just starting out. You need to deliberately research this information and keep a running list you can reference on an ongoing basis. This will not only help you hit the bull’s-eye with the next tip, but also when it comes to your follow-up campaign.

#2. Create a Compelling Signature Lead Magnet or Opt-In Gift

Make the right first impression. Your lead magnet should be both relevant and helpful to your visitors and be a natural first step to doing business with you. Gone are the days people signed up for stuff just because it's FREE. These days people's email in-boxes overflow with hundreds of messages from people who want them to sell something, read something, and do something!

Use this criterion as a general guide:

  • Is this something I feel confident about referring my offline networking connections to?
  • Is this something that people would gladly pay money for if it were for sale?
  • Is it a natural first step to working with me?
  • Is it a good introduction to my core offerings?

If you are a little shaky on any of the above questions, look at ways to change or improve your offering so you feel confident about marketing it and driving traffic to it.

#3. Provide One-Time-Offers on Your Thank You/Download Page

The "Thank You" page is the least utilized web real estate. It offers a great opportunity for you to offer your new subscriber an opportunity to solve their problem at a higher level. And, it provides you an opportunity to make a sale. They are the most excited and engaged at this point so now's the time to give them a deal on a product or service they won't want to refuse.

#4. Identify & Tell Your Subscribers What to Do Next

Be sure to build into your opt-in process, instructions on what to do next. To make this the most effective, you'll want to build this call to action into your opt-in offer itself. If you are providing a report, insert your call to action in the beginning and at the end of your report. If you free offer is a video or audio series, be sure to end each session with your call to action.

Don't assume they will go back to your site to buy something or read something. Show them that you have taken the time to guide them towards getting the results they need.

#5. Create Effective Follow Up and Nurturing Email Campaigns

"What do I write about?" This is the reason most entrepreneurs aren't making money. You have to build the know, like and trust factor and train your subscribers to act on what you have to say and sell.

I recommend when you create your opt-in gift/lead magnet. Write you first 10 follow up messages at the same time. Otherwise, it may never get done.

Here's a sample sequence you can use to get started:

  • Email 1 - Welcome and set expectations
  • Email 2-9 - Give incredible value
  • Email 10 - Sell them something

Don't forget to work in a pitch every now and then. It's okay if you have been adding value, they will be hungry for it.

Examine your opt-in process and use the above tips to implement or improve your list building results. Understand that building a highly profitable list may take some testing and work. But, if you commit to the process, it will be well worth the reward in the end.

"Feedback is the breakfast of champions."
~ Ken Blanchard

And as a champion of your success, I'd be honored if you let me know what you thought about this article. Your tips, advice and comments are greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!

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Discovering your voice – part two/PQ


Have you been taking good care of your body, your mind, your heart, and your spirit lately? As promised, I would like to continue my study on The 8th Habit and the 4 Intelligences. Developing our Physical IntelligencePQ, Mental Intelligence – IQ, Emotional Intelligence – EQ, and Spiritual Intelligence – SQ will "instill in us a quiet confidence, internal strength and security, the ability to be simultaneously courageous and considerate and personal moral authority." (the principled use of our freedom and power to choose)


Although, developing and using our PQ seems pretty common, the CDC estimates that more than 1/3 of U.S. adults (35.7%) and approximately 17% (or 12.5 million) of children and adolescents aged 2-19 years are obese. These numbers are staggering! Perhaps it has to do with an undeveloped or unused PQ birth-gift. There are three essential ways to develop your PQ: wise nutrition, consistent balanced exercise, and proper rest, relaxation, stress management, and prevention thinking.


Wise nutrition 

Eating healthy starts when we create menus and choose foods that contain mostly whole grains, vegetables, fruits, beans, leaner meats and fish as part of our diet. Vegetarians and other non-meat eaters will disagree with eating any meat as part of wise nutrition, and some non-meat eaters believe that anything with eyes or a face should not to be consumed by the body. Our purpose here is not to debate what  people eat, but to recognize that eating for nutrition is important.  Although, the body uses fat to store and provide energy and to carry vitamins throughout the body, a regular intake of fast and processed foods, high in saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol, is asking for PQ trouble.  When we drink plenty of water and fast from time-to-time we give our digestive system a chance to recuperate from improper feeding. Mr. Covey believes “that when you properly control your appetites, your ability to control your passions and to purify your desires increases. It gives you a real feeling of humility and enables you to gain greater perspective about what is really important in life.”


Consistent balanced exercise

Our second way to develop PQ,  is physical activity. Finding the time to exercise can be a challenge for many.  I have found that setting S.M.A.R.T. exercise goals works wonders, especially, when it's an exercise of my choosing and on my own terms. My S.M.A.R.T goal for the coming month is to dance for 10-15 minutes every morning, take a 10-15 minute walk every afternoon (with ankle weights), and jump rope 5-10 minutes in the evening, 4 days a week. It’s specific, measurable, attainable/realistic and timely. What is your exercise routine? Regular exercise builds up your cardiovascular strength, flexibility and increases your quality of life and life expectancy. Being consistent and balancing exercise in strength training, cardio, and toning will impact your PQ significantly.


Proper rest, relaxation, stress management and prevention thinking

Maintaining the body for optimum performance is the third way to develop our PQ. As you know, when we do not get the proper amount of rest and relaxation, our bodies begin to take a toll. In order to relieve our body of this taxation, we must be aware of two types of stress: “distress that comes from hating your work, resenting the multiplied pressures of life, and feeling you are a victim, and eustress that comes from the positive tension between where we are now and where we want to go—some meaningful goal or project or cause that really turns us on and taps into our talents and passion; in short, our voice.” When we operate in a distressed state, we bring more suffering and/or anguish into our lives, however, when we operate from a “eustress management” state, our immune system, longevity and enjoyment increases, strengthens us and enlarges our capacity.


Many of the diseases that affect us today can be prevented by the choices we make. Remember, between stimulus and response there is a space, and in that space we make our choice. It is natural to get off track from time to time, however, as we listen to our body, it will guide and help us get back on track.


Stay tuned for part three - Developing your Mental Intelligence - IQ.


The recommended readings for this week are Old School New Body Click Here!  The Acid Alkaline Balanced Diet

Click Here! and Stress? Laugh At It! Click Here!


Until next time stay beamed up!


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Are you scratching your head wondering why people just aren't responding to your emails? I mean it's bad enough that they don't respond to your special sales promotions. But, they don't even respond when you give away free stuff.

What gives?

I believe there are three things that could be happening here:

1. You have spies on your list: You know, people who signed up just to see how you did your ebook or what kind of email campaigns you deliver. Oh, don't act like you've never done it :)

2. They're just not that into you: These people may have joined your list for something very specific that met their need at the time and now that they got it, well, they could care less what you send them. So, why have they not unsubscribed? They hang on waiting for something from you that wow's them to buy from you again.

3. You're not putting your back into it: I'm sorry, what I mean is, you aren't even trying. You are just throwing together emails, hoping that that best practice tip (you know the one where they said to email your list once per week?) will hypnotize your subscribers into obeying your every command.

If you want to get your marketing emails opened and your subscribers to take action you need to shift and shake things up a little.

Give value, value and more value and you'll be rewarded for it. Yep! Content Marketing applies to your email marketing efforts too!

So, how can you create a follow up campaign that keeps subscribers engaged, responsive and eager to buy from you?


Here are five quick tips:

1. Don't just send promos: Follow the 80/20 rule provide value eighty percent of the time and promote your offerings twenty percent. This will keep your subscriber's sales walls down and show them that they are worth more than a sales pitch.

2. Be intentional about providing value: Do you take time out each week and look for ways to make your subscriber's lives better?  I myself have been guilty of just throwing together a "fluff" email just to keep in touch. But, if you want to pass the "so what" test, you need to demonstrate that you really care about giving them valuable information they can use, whether they work with you or not.

3. Provide incentives: Sure coupons and discounts on your products and services are cool, but find ways to take it even further. What can you use as a carrot to get people to act? Can you offer tickets to an event, a gift card, a gift basket? Maybe you could partner with someone  and have them sponsor a gift to your list? The possibilities are endless, get creative.

4. Give your subscribers a piece of you: It's important to be you in style and tone when writing your list. It helps them to create a deeper connection and establishes the all important "know and like" factor of that famous marketing mantra.

5. Reward your most responsive subscribers:  If you want your subscribers to engage and pay attention to you, show them that you're paying attention too! Try rewarding them with exclusive discounts, a spotlight interview or a cool prize. I feel the best way to do this is unexpectedly. By the way, this could be a great incentive.

Employ these tips and your subscribers will go from "so what" and ignoring your emails to looking forward to communication from you.

I know there are a lot of email marketing blueprints and advice that give you the A to Z on how to build a responsive list. But, there is no magic bullet. You have to put what you know into action and see what works. Repeat what does and tweak what doesn't until it works too! Don't forget to have fun and be creative, your subscribers are people....not robots :)

 What are some techniques you use to keep your subscribers engaged and happy?

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Myths About Travel Agents

With the proliferation of online access to a variety of travel deals, there's a few myths floating around as to why you - the consumer - don't need the services of a Travel Agent.

Here are some common misconceptions/myths and the reasons they're just not true!


MYTH 1: All Travel Agents and Agencies are the Same
FACT: Every travel agent is different and has a different area that they specialize in. So, depending on what type of trip you are looking to take one travel agent will suit you better than another. That’s why it is important when planning a trip to find a travel agent that specializes in where you want to go.


MYTH 2: No One Uses Travel Agents Anymore
FACT: Travel agents still sell 51% of all airline tickets, 87% of all cruises, 81% of all tours and packages, 45% of all car rentals and about 47% of all hotels.*


MYTH 3: Travel Agents are Trying to Cheat Me if They Don’t Quote Me the Cheapest Price
FACT: Travel agents know the ins and outs of different itineraries. While you might find one that is a little bit cheaper, that cheaper itinerary might involve a whole slew of headaches. For example, longer waits at the airport and odd travel times. A travel agent will be looking to get you the best value for your money spent which should include the most direct and time friendly itinerary they can find. Unless you have told them you would prefer to have the cheaper options presented as well expect value to be a factor included in the trip they plan.
Want the rest of the details?  Visit our blog for the remaining Seven Myths About Travel Agents!
*Source: American Society of Travel Agents
Article was provided by:
Read more… 1-800-652-7157 In this video, I show a new CPN file. This client has a 2 Au's and 1 Primary which had give him high 700's across the board.  Once he had access to his file he went and opened up a checking accont with WellsFargo and Navy Federal. He had success in that, however he applied for a loan and was turned down.  The reason he was turned down is because he did not hhave enough primaries on the credit file,

We instruct all clients not to apply for any loans especially government loans because the file is not strong enough.   We you jump the gun like this guy you could cause problems for yourself.





You can have a lot of success with a cpn if you have the right people around you.  We encourages you to clean up your personal credit first before you get a CPN.

2013 and Past Due Tax Preparation for Personal and Small Business Taxes
Business Credit Building with No Upfront Fee
Personal Credit Sweep
Personal Credit Repair
Bankruptcy Removal
Private Student Loan Removal
Guarantee Funding
Foreclosure Removal
Chex System Removal
Seasoned Trade Lines
Retirement Plan Transfer to your Corporation
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Credit Card Charge off Removal
Free Net30 Account Reporting
Dun and Bradstreet File Review 1-800-652-7157

Read more… 1-800-652-7157 Win a round trip to Las Vegas and $1000.00 to Hangout with the GCU GROUP. We running a contest to see how many people we can help and we want to reward you with the opportunity to come have fun with us.  

Here's are the rules.
1. You must purchase the services your self. The reason is, how can you tell someone about a product if you never tried it.
2. You need to market the product.  That means you make video, Tweet about it Facebook it. What ever it take to let people know about Good Credit Union.  

Remember even if you don't be the Top Affiliate thru out the year.  You still make a lot of money with us and you still can come hang out with us, at your own expense of course.


Check out our other Great Services.
2013 and Past Due Tax Preparation for Personal and Small Business Taxes
Business Credit Building with No Upfront Fee
Personal Credit Sweep
Personal Credit Repair
Bankruptcy Removal
Private Student Loan Removal
Guarantee Funding
Foreclosure Removal
Chex System Removal
Seasoned Trade Lines
Retirement Plan Transfer to your Corporation
Car Repossession Removal
Credit Card Charge off Removal
Free Net30 Account Reporting
Dun and Bradstreet File Review 1-800-652-7157

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Beautiful Blingy Sandals

Fibi and Clo is the only legit direct sales company that sells shoes (beautiful, blingy sandals to be exact). Started only in 2009 there is room for growth in this company. Competitive compensation plan. Email me at more information.
Will send you a short questionnaire and can get your questionnaire put in front of the owners ASAP!! Again this is a ground level opportunity. Check out the shoes at
Read more… 1-800-652-7157 Authorize Users(AU) used for credit score booster still works.  Piggy backing someones whole credit file is what's challenging these days.  
Most of us don't realize how hard the financial industry was hit with all these regulations.  Because of that credit bureaus have made it challenging for people to repair their credit.  Yes, you still can use AU's to boost the credit score.  The piggy backing a whole credit file is the challenging part.

Let's talk about credit profile numbers(cpn) and secondary credit numbers(scn), as I stated in another video these 2 numbers are legal numbers.  However, you must make sure whom ever you retrieve these numbers from that they are not giving you an already existing number. such as a baby's ssn, an inmate or an deceased person 1-800-652-7157

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