Have We all Gone Numb?

How many shootings, how many kidnappings, how many senseless deaths will it take for people to wake up? How many homeless people do we need to wake up and do something? Just how many dropouts, teen pregnancies, how much bullying, and suicides do we need to move into action? I know—there is a prediction that the planet will reverse its axis and we will all be toast—that’s a plan. Maybe it is a good idea to wait until the youth of today are grown before we concern ourselves with the damage that is being done to them by having metal detectors and policemen in their schools and living in fear—fear is a great molder of personalities. Maybe we should sit around and just wonder how our young people will make it in tomorrow’s world with an inferior education and let’s wait to find out the affects of teaching to the tests instead teaching them to think critically. We can wait—we’ll probably be dead anyway.The plates a shifting beneath our feet just like an earthquake it is almost imperceptible, but it is shifting nonetheless. Having been in an earthquake, I can tell you, once it starts there is nothing much that you can do about it accept ride it out and clean up the damage afterwards. There are lots of things that you can do before it happens to retrofit the areas that are likely to be affected. That is what I am asking you to do now. We need to retrofit our families, our communities, and our world to minimize the damage that will be done if we don’t make some changes right now.Here’s what I know and love about people—they will rise to the occasion when disaster strikes—be it earthquakes, a tsunami, tornados, hurricanes, or any dramatic emergency. We run to the scene, we raise money, we donate clothes and food—we unify for a common cause. Now I am asking us to EMERGE before the emergency hits. I am calling for you to wake-up. My call is to baby-boomers who have the wisdom and resources to lead and to younger people who have the stamina and energy to run this course. I am calling out “spiritual seekers” who have spent years focusing on self growth, to turn outward and to begin to serve from their enlightened insight. We need all hands on deck.I am not going to tell you what to do—let Spirit be your guide—but I am asking you to do something. Being a world changer is a daunting task if you are trying to do it by yourself or trying to figure it out for yourself. That’s what this call to unity is about. I think we collectively can agree on a few things and that is that we all want peace, love, joy, health, and prosperity. Anyone who doesn’t want these things please feel free to just go back to sleep, but I promise you, the wave of change will eventually sweep over you.This past weekend a 6 year old got a knife from his home and swung it at my grandsons, 2 people were shot and killed in a nightclub, and I read about 2 small children being found in a dumpster after being reported taken by their mother’s boyfriend. I am, quite frankly, pissed! I am well past waiting and hoping. Join our community www.7principles.ning.com, take the 7 Principles Pledge, and one of the other steps, and be about the business of change, healing, and purposeful living. We will create a future that is worth living. It is a matter of consciousness. Wake-up!
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