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FOLLOW UP AND FOLLOW THROUGH EQUALS MASSIVE SUCCESSHello Community,Great day to ya. I was listening to Lee Green, CEO, Black Business Builders Club, and he pointed out an obvious yet overlooked fact.A lot of people do not know!!!They do not know some of the basic business building fundamentals.We take it for granted that since something is available people will use it. The internet is a great tool. It offers access to a lot of other business building tools. What it does not do is verify that you know how to use these tools.That is right, the “food” is there and it is assumed you know how to “eat”. No one checks for indigestion. You may be trying to consume this “food” and even when successful, your system cannot process it, therefore, mental “indigestion” happen.So lesson learned.I want to ensure that all my readers understand and use some basic business building tools.First, I will discuss an extremely important business building (and relationship sustaining) fact.You must do, what you say, you will do. Read this line a several times.Integrity is built on this.To help you do,what you say you will do, you must employ these actions. Follow up on anything you say you will do and Follow through on what you say you will do.Most people start off great. High energy, Wonderful promises, Honest intentions.Yet, because they do not follow up nor follow through, their results are dismal.I will not explore the many disadvantages that are created by this lack to follow up and follow through, at least, at this time.However, I can must assuredly inform you, people who do not follow up and follow through, will not be around for long. Why?Because the people who do, what they say, they are going to do and employ the follow up and follow through principles, replace them.Replace them!!!! Read this line several times.Networkingly
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