Let Him Heal Your Heart

We’re daughters of the Most High God! That is wonderful! We have a Daddy above all Daddies, no one can take care of us like Him. Because He’s our Daddy, He wants us to be real with Him. Come to Him without an agenda, in humility, barefaced…not trying to perpetrate like everything is all right when you know it’s not. I know that He is all-knowing, but He still wants you to tell him those things you don’t want to tell anyone else. Will you trust him with your heart? Will you confess to Him those deep dark secrets that you don’t want anybody else to know? I’m telling you if you do, He’ll deliver you from that hidden hurt you’ve been walking around trying to mask with overachievement, overeating, overspending…rudeness, anger, bitterness…whatever the name of your mask is. Let it all out to Him and let Him take it from you and heal your heart.
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