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Time to Forgive #16

 It’s time to Let Go
From our thoughts and our heart
It’s time to Let Go
 So we can move forward
To forgive someone is sometimes easier said than done. 
What is it to forgive someone?  I have been hurt physically & emotionally.  It will take a lot for me to get over all the hurt that I had to endure and yet I must find a way to forgive.  It is very easy to see or feel how much someone hurts us, however we may not always see or feel how much we also have hurt others.  Maybe if we could understand where our hurt comes from, it would be easier to forgive.  If we could find a way to let go completely we would be able to move forward. 
My husband and I didn’t communicate to each other and that caused us both to jump to conclusions based on our past.  We didn’t love ourselves enough to be honest about our own hearts and feelings.  We didn’t allow ourselves to become one because we both held on to our past hurt so much.  By holding onto those past hurts we let ourselves experience the hurt over and over again instead of allowing us to heal together.  We were our own worst enemies.  We knew we had something special because God brought us together to help each other.  We knew that we had gone through the same things and therefore should be able to understand each other.  We should have been able to help each other and yet we let our own feelings cause us the pain we tried so hard to avoid.    My husband and I experienced a selfish -kind of hurt.  I say that because we were too concerned about ourselves rather than being concerned about each other.  This selfish hurt caused us to not let go and therefore, we could not move forward.  The sad thing about it is that we caused our own problems by being selfish.  He did not cause my hurt and I did not cause his hurt, we were both responsible for our own hurt. 
How could we ever forgive each other if we were not willing to let go of the hurt we had built up inside ourselves?  In order to forgive others we must first look in the mirror and see who we are.  Are we holding onto hurt feelings and holding someone else responsible for our feelings?    Everyone has a past and our past makes us who we are, however our past is just that…”our past”…it is not our future.  I had to look inside myself to find what drives the force of forgiveness for me personally. I had to look within myself to find the peace in my heart that allowed me to forgive.  My life consisted of many experiences which I held on to.  Some of those experiences were good and some were bad.  I realized that by holding on to those experiences, they had a part in developing me as a person.  I choose how to categorize each experience and how to let each experience shape my life.  Because, we as humans, tend to dwell on the bad or negative, I allowed those bad and negative experiences to control my inner self.  I don't think we realize when we do this.  I don't think we even realize that it is our choice how we live. We are in control of our self no one else can control what is in us...only we have that control.  I had to realize this to understand how to forgive.  My husband was not responsible for the feelings I had.  Those feelings were in me long before I even met him.  My feelings of insecurity, my feelings of being unloved, my feelings of having no self esteem were my choices.  It was my choice to allow my feelings to be confirmed by his words or actions.  It was my choice to allow him to affect my life in a negative way.  What happened to me...was not me.  I had always tried to live my life in a positive way.  One of the main beliefs I lived by was that everything in life is a gift from God.  Everything is an experience that God has allowed us to have.  You do not know the reason, however at the very base we were given each experience to learn from and possibly to use to help someone else in the future who may also go through the same experience.  I lost this belief, because I choose to.  I was not strong enough within myself to realize what I was allowing to happen.  I had to look within myself to be able to forgive myself enough to let go of the choices I kept buried in my heart.  I had to let go of the bad choices I was allowing to control my life and my feelings.  I had to accept that my choices are mine...no one else's.  To understand the unique person that God made me to be, allowed me to not only accept myself as a beautiful creation of God, I was also able to forgive myself and accept my own choices.  By accepting my self, I can accept that my husband is his own person also....an equally beautiful creation of God who was allowed his own unique choices (good or bad).  In realizing this, I realized that my husband is responsible for his own choices and I don't have to allow his choice to affect me in a negative way.  The story I have expressed was from my heart, however it is not a true story in that it was not only my heart that was involved.  My husband went through his own types of pains and hurts.  My husband was also a victim of my choices.  My husband deserves the right to be who God created him to be without judgment or blame from me or anyone else.  Just as I became the person I became, he also became the person he became due to his past and the very hard and unique challenges he had to experience.  No one can say that either he; nor I was more or less to blame... we are who we are because God made us this way.  God has a reason for each of us, that is why he created us each as a unique individual.  I am blessed and able to accept and love myself and my husband as the unique and blessed people that God has created us to be.  I am a perfect creation of God and so is my husband; that is the reason God brought us together… for each other.  For me to forgive was to find peace within myself through Christ.  To forgive I had to replace the hurt in my heart with Love.
I forgive because I accept the blessings God has given us as individuals.
Maybe to forgive others
to be able to forgive ourselves;
and now in front of the world...
I proclaim
To my Husband.....
I forgive you!
Can you forgive me?

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10 Keys to Uncommon Living

We all want to live the uncommon life. I know I do. As a coach, I value change and reinvention. I believe change is necessary for energizing your soul. The one thing I know is that changing your perspective is key to an uncommon life. In order to see the fluidity of life, you must see it through a new eye. This may require daily refocusing. It's like refreshing your eye "browser." We need to refresh every now and then with a new direction, new relationships, new knowledge, new assignments and whatever else that will jumpstart us out of the common to the uncommon. If you are responding to life out of the old eye, allow me to share some concepts on how to live the uncommon life.

  • It's important to see yourself as a brand. You are your own message. Ask yourself, "what am I saying to people when they encounter me? Who and what do you represent? Make the appropriate adjustments to deliver the right message.
  • It's important to reinvent yourself 2-3 times in your life because there is so much more untapped potential on the inside of you that it will take your whole lifespan to bring it out.
  • You must be active in the game of life - you must keep going because success comes through working it out. Giving up is not an option unless you know that you are absolutely in the wrong place. And even then, take what you've learned in that place and keep moving forward.
  • Stop looking at the mountain top and purpose in your heart to start at the level you know you fit. Then, advance up the mountain one step at a time. Cover all of your bases.
  • Figure out what your goals are because doing nothing will cost you. Create weekly, monthly, yearly goals.
  • You can get what you want as a long as you can help other people to get what they want. In other words, don't live a selfish life. What you do for others, God will make happen for you.
  • Listen to your dissatisfaction. Sometimes when you are unsatisfied, your heart may be trying to tell you something. Don't override your internal alarm system.
  • You must see things that normal people don't see. Train your eye to see beyond what is there. Examine the different territories that you find yourself in and create from what you see.
  • Learn to give more than you have. God's economy is vastly different than the world's economy. It doesn't make sense to give when you don't have anything, but when you sow into people's lives, you shall reap. It's the law of nature.
  • Move away from people who don't believe in you and who don't agree with the plan for your life. Otherwise they will pull on your motivation and enthusiasm. Stay connected to people who bring light into your life.

Want to know more about how to live an uncommon life using what's already on the inside of you, visit www.unlimitedcoaching4you.com for more information. Do you want to become a coach, a new Become a Certified Coach program in life coaching and health and wellness is about to start in September. Contact me for more information.


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Helping Youth at Risk and the Young at heart

I have been gone for awhile as I was concentrating on a new challenge.  We started with DJs Unique Sound & Entertainment which was established to help local artist brand themselves and gain exposure through social media.  We have expanded and are extremely excited to announce....DJs Unique Sound Charities.  DJs Unique Charities is a non profit in Phoenix, Arizona.  Our ultimate goal is to obtain a motor home and to convert it into a mobile recording studio. Our mission is to help youth by giving them a way to express themselves in a positive way through music and photography instead of negatively in the streets.  It has been a slow start, however, believe in what we are doing and we know our work will help build up self esteem and self worth.  If we can make a difference in one person's life, all the work is worth what we put into it.  We are always looking for suggestions/help.

Diana Jones

DJs Unique Sound Charities


DJs Unique Sound Charities

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Are you a desk potato?





Working from home is great!

 I do not miss the hours spending in traffic but I notice I spend a lot of hours sitting in from of my computer. I have even gained a few pounds which surprised me because I was not snacking or eating more than usual. But I figured out I was a desk potato!




Sometimes I was in front of the computer from the time my husband left early in the morning until he showed back up in the evening only taking quick bathroom breaks or a short lunch.



So I took a few steps to make a change:

  1. I started a 30 minute exercise routine in the morning
  2.  I make sure that I get up a stretch  every 2 hours for about 10 minutes
  3. When on a call I walk around if I do not need the computer.


So if you think that you are becoming a spud just try these simple steps and get moving.

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Hello everyone,

This Mother’s Day I am helping my mom raise money for the WALK OF LIFE. This cause is close to us as my mom was born with a hole in her heart and after fighting breast cancer years ago the treatment has left her well but still less then perfect.

I'd like to invite you to join me in raising funds for the Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada's - GTA WALK OF LIFE for "prevention, education & cardiac rehabilitation". Click the link below to view my fundraising page and sponsor my efforts OR COME & JOIN IN!!!


AND to ALL Participants who raise minimum $100 in donations - A FREE POLAR HEART SPORTS BRA and the registration FEE is waived!! Plus, if you register before April 27th and you raise $100 or more, you will be eligible to win a fabulous Early Bird Prize - a Vermont Castings BBQ valued at over $1,200!!!

P.S. Remember the WALK OF LIFE is on Saturday May 15, 2010.at the OSC. Registration at 8:00am (www.walkoflife.ca).

Thank you,


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Good health, substantial wealth, and every harmonious personal or business relationship, deals with the aspect of integrative thinking.

What does that mean? Let's take a closer look.

For an example, at one time or another, we all have felt one thing but acted in another way which was inconsistent with how we felt. For example, you may have thoughts about what you need to do, and all you experience are just the thoughts without any connection of those thoughts to the feelings you are experiencing while entertaining those thoughts. We tend to miss all the valuable information being conveyed to us by what the feeling is telling us. Without "integrating" the thoughts and the feelings, usually, perhaps as much as 95% of the time, we are susceptible to taking an action that ends up being a mistake.

The power of Integrative Thinking says this:

Go into that place and you integrate the aspects of your thoughts, what you are feeling – in some circles we call that "heart-mind." This is the domain where you connect the heart with the mind. It is so valuable to integrate the heart and the mind so that they work as a team and are not separate from and unknown to each other.

How can you incorporate this method of Integrative Thinking in your life?

For example, take a look at a project are you working on, or a relationship you are engaged in, and evaluate the effectiveness of the project or relationship.

Suppose you are responsible for getting out a mailing at work. You typically begin with what we call the "nitty-gritty" of what is necessary to accomplish the task. You might define the task by writing it down, researching it, and making a task list, step by step. Then you can create a plan for getting it done. For example, with the mailing project, this might include things like contacting companies that sell mailing lists or companies that mail your information out for you. The goal is to create a plan that integrates every aspect of the project, taking into consideration that you may not be the best person to carry out every aspect of the project, but you will plan it, oversee it and make sure it gets done.

As another example, if you want to create a harmonious business organization, or if you want to develop a harmonious relationship with a person, either in a work context or in a personal relationship, it is important to look at the qualities of each person integrating all aspects of the person. There are four basic qualities, patterns or elements that we ought to consider:

1. Emotional Balance. Here we observe and assess the emotional aspect of where that person is really at. We ask ourselves, "Does this person tend to be emotionally stable or do they have a tendency to be emotionally unstable?"

2. Mental Balance. We observe and assess the person to be mentally stable or unstable.

3. Physical Balance. Is the person physically stable or physically unstable?

4. Spiritual Balance. Is the person spiritually stable or spiritually unstable?

Now when we come to spirituality, most people get confused and they say, "Well, doesn't that have to do with religion?" Well, not necessarily so. The term "spirituality" has to do with the inner-workings of things, the "behind the scenes" energy and activity within a person If we're talking about the term "religion", we're talking about methods set up, perhaps eons ago, in an effort to help a person to create a closer to relationship between themselves and what we call God.

It is key to look at the soul aspect of how we create things in our lives, and this involves a "Focus Point". What does it mean to have a "Focus Point"? What is the nature of a "Focus Point"?

As you start practicing the Power of Integrative Thinking, eventually you will be led to taking some sort of a physical action. Most people have a tendency to wait on things to happen or to wait for some kind of sign before taking a physical action. In truth, the action is already happening – you are physically "thinking" about it, aren't you? You have to be with the evolution of the though in partnership with your feelings and emotions as the physical action unfolds and identifies itself to you.

Most of us have had the feeling of being overwhelmed, especially if we are running or operating any kind of business. We feel we are doing too much, working too many hours, spending too much time on work-related activities. Based on what some psychologist have said, the truth of the matter is that feeling overwhelmed is really not about "overwhelm", but rather being caught up in the "anxiety of failure." It's the anxiety of failing that is really the key, not the notion of overwhelm. Consequently, we spend a great deal of time trying to "keep it together" because we fear failing or have a fear of loss.

I suggest that we can change our perspective when dealing with Overwhelm. We do this by formulating a pattern for our actions. For example, formulate a "mini-day" for a 3-day time period. Choose a day of the week and designate how your time will be spent throughout the day. You could design a "mini-day" as follows: I'll spend making calls for 2 hours, I'll work on work search for 1 hour, and the next hour I'll devote to study time. In other words, you put those things that need to be done within a designated time frame.

What we are saying here is you need to integrate aspects of the nitty gritty day to day with what it takes to accomplish the overall operation you are engaged in, whether it's dealing with an entrepreneurship, a business, an internet business, or dealing with a relationship. Look at and identify the Key Aspects of what is involved. Then from there formulate the system by which you will achieve your objectives.

There's another practice that will give you tremendous insight in helping with what we call the power of integrative thinking. It's what I call the Mood Graph. The Mood Graph really addresses how you experience the day-to-day things in your life, throughout the day. The Mood Graph is set up on a 30 or 31-day basis where you check mark the things about what's happening with you, in the morning time, in the noon time, and in the evening time. Throughout the day, our emotions, our mental perspective, our physical selves, and everything else changes throughout the day. The Mood Graph will help you to pinpoint or zero-in on exactly what's happening with you by check marking those things that happen throughout with day. Within three to four weeks the check marks on your graph will reveal to you your strengths and weaknesses with great specificity. You will then have the ability to apply your strengths or attend to your weaknesses appropriately. I believe you will find that the Mood Graph is a powerful technique. http://www.pathfinderinstitute.com/

So as you start to look at these things, and as you go further into the process, you will begin to identify, experience, and appreciate other ways that the Power of Integrative Thinking can be useful in your life.

And as always, in all things that you do, that you say, that you dream, You Gotta Have Heart.

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I was working today at my friend's Oriental Medicine wellness center and had an interesting conversation with one of his clients.

She is a very accomplished attorney in her mid 30's. She is a beautiful woman with a full life and a modern woman's ambition. The typical "All work and minimal play" syndrome that is destroying the health of this country, especially woman. There is a reason that heart disease not cancer is the #1 killer of woman in this country.

She is coming to the wellness center to receive treatment for fibroid tumors. An unhappy condition which affects 4 out 5 African American, but that is a topic for a different blog.

She is worried because, she has come to a crossroad in her life and is struggling with the realization that she cannot be superwoman and live a truly healthy and fulfilling life. She wants to have a baby and is worried that her time may have passed to enjoy the miracle of motherhood. She feels like her body has begun to betray her and the fibroids may destroy her chances of becoming a mother.

I reassured her that the fibroids can and will be a thing of the past if she continues to follow her treatment plan. A plan that thankfully is all natural and surgery free. I told her that the fibroids are her body's way of saying "slow down" and pay attention to me. And her chances of becoming a mom are not an impossibility. She felt better knowing that she was on the right path.

I started thinking, as women, we can get so caught up in life... i.e. work deadlines, family responsibilities, etc. That we forget to pay attention to our needs. I told her. Woman are trained almost from birth to give... then give some more... and then once you think you have nothing left. We are expected to dig even deeper. The phrase "Give Til It Hurts", is a phrase that describes most women's lives.

We keep overextending ourselves until our poor bodies just give out. Then, instead of slowing down to recharge or deal with the situation. We ignore what is going on until we wind up visiting a health care professional trying to figure out what is wrong. The problem is the traditional doctors and medication can only deal with the symptoms. They cannot treat the cause.

I shared with her a simple truth... It all starts with learning how to appreciate and love yourself. Our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health are our responsibility. People and situations may frustrate us, but it is how we choose to handle life that determines the outcome.

People will treat you the way you treat yourself. If you neglect your needs they will too. If you treat yourself with self-respect. Others will treat you with respect as well. I could go on forever with examples, but the point I am trying to make is. We have choices about how we live our life. We cannot be everything to everyone.

Plus, think about this... Before you can fill someone else's proverbial cup. You must be sure your "pitcher" is full. So, ask yourself... Is your "pitcher" empty or full? If you are sitting there empty. Take a moment to think about something special you can do just for you. Something that will cheer you up, make you feel special, and put a smile back on your face.

Be a little selfish every now and then. You deserve it. Plus, your peace of mind and health depend on it.
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Passion Between the Sheets of Life, Book One: “An Open Heart”

Book One: ”An Open Heart” of my trilogy, Passion Between the Sheets of Life, is now available as an eBook for purchase on my website: www.passionbetweenthesheetsoflife.com, the book is now also available in hardcover!
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Let Him Heal Your Heart

We’re daughters of the Most High God! That is wonderful! We have a Daddy above all Daddies, no one can take care of us like Him. Because He’s our Daddy, He wants us to be real with Him. Come to Him without an agenda, in humility, barefaced…not trying to perpetrate like everything is all right when you know it’s not. I know that He is all-knowing, but He still wants you to tell him those things you don’t want to tell anyone else. Will you trust him with your heart? Will you confess to Him those deep dark secrets that you don’t want anybody else to know? I’m telling you if you do, He’ll deliver you from that hidden hurt you’ve been walking around trying to mask with overachievement, overeating, overspending…rudeness, anger, bitterness…whatever the name of your mask is. Let it all out to Him and let Him take it from you and heal your heart.
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Marriage - The First Ministry

Marriage – The First MinistryStatistics reveal that about 45 – 50 percent of all marriages will eventually end in divorce. These numbers are staggering to say the least. These numbers include Christian marriages as well.Why are these numbers so high? The answer: marriages have stopped being a priority in the lives of many busy couples.Work, children, and social activities have been substituted for the number one ministry between a man and a woman - that is the ministry of marriage.What is ministry? Ministry is from the Greek word "diakoneo", meaning "to serve" or "douleuo", meaning "to serve as a slave". In the New Testament, ministry is seen as a service to God and to other people in His name. Jesus provided the blueprint for the pattern of Christian ministry – He came, not to receive service, but to give service (Matthew 20:28; Mark 10:45; John 13:1-17)In marriage, couples are to minister by meeting the other's needs with love and humility on Christ's behalf (Matthew 20:26; Mark 10:43; John 2:5,9; Acts 6:3; Romans 1:1; Galatians 1:10; Colossians 4:12).When we think of ministry, we think of the minister or the pastor of a church or the different functioning organizations within the church. As married couples, it is our obligation to be the minister in our spouse's life.Counseling and Life Coaching are wonderful tools to assist couples and individuals who are in desperate need of these services and are very much necessary for the help they provide. If couples would not only think of themselves as just husbands and wives but think of themselves as ministers to their spouses, the counseling load would not be as great. Ministering to your spouse can and should include ministering to the physical, emotional, mental, vocational, and financial needs of the other.Marriages today have become self-centered when the marriage is no longer two people being one, but two people remaining as two. My money, your money, my car, your car – couples are living more separate and divided lives within the same home. Today solid and happy homes are becoming a thing of the past. There are no more Ozzie and Harriet's, Leave It to Beaver's or Father Knows Best households. In these homes husbands and wives were both in the home, fathers took the roles of headship, provider, mentor and the disciplinarian in the home, and fathers were looked up to as the children's hero, not an action figure on television. Wives could be at home to raise the children and not rely on daycare to nurture and care for the family. In these homes, husbands and wives were the staple of the family and took active roles in the lives of their children and their communities. Times have changed so drastically. Today there are one parent households, children being raised by television, the drop out rate for high school students is at an all time high, and a major part of the criminal activities in our society are committed by our youth.The Cosby Show tried to depict a solid family image to American families and some did not buy this as reality, especially for the African American community.I can think of couples who were happily married five years ago, who today are no longer married or are now living emotionally divorced and living separated lives within the home. Marriage is the foundation to a great family life and God's greatest tool for ministry.Great marriages with their priorities in order depend on these elements to remain fortified: honesty, communication, commitment, and sacrifice. Placing our spouse as our first priority will produce true prosperity in our homes. There will be nothing missing, nothing lacking and nothing broken.The Bible speaks of several action verbs in Genesis 2:24 which models some priorities in marriage. The first verb is to "leave". Man is to leave his mother and father and to establish a new beginning with his wife. The second verb is to "cleave". Man is to leave his mother and father and to cleave to his wife. Cleave means to weld together or stick to like glue.Marriage is not only a priority- it is preeminent. It is superior to, and surpassing above all other human relationships. Husband and wife are to be bound together and should not be cut apart. The third verb in this passage of scripture is the verb "be". First, man is to leave then to cleave and to be one flesh. Becoming one is more than being physically one, but also psychologically one which is communication.Most marriages break down for a lack of communication with their spouse. The lack of attention and communication will eventually result in both parties involved to struggle, which will finally cause a break down in the home. Couples must stay committed to the vows they took on their wedding day before the Lord, to be committed "for better or for worse". There will be difficult times in the marriage and that is not the opportunity for the husband or the wife to bail out of the marriage. We are to stick it out and give that situation over to God. Be committed in "for richer or poorer". In these tough economic times that we are facing, when some are just getting by, when the prices are high and the paychecks are low, commitment is essential. Lastly, be committed in "sickness and in health". We do not know what challenges or sickness either spouse may face in the life of the marriage. We are to continue to love and to cherish our mate til death does part us.Ministry can and should be carried out daily in our lives with our spouses. God set the example of how much He loved us that He gave His only begotten Son to come to earth and die on a cross for us. It was God's priority to send us a Savior. We in turn, are to love and meet the needs of our spouse as a priority, setting the example in our marriages and sharing our love just as God has done for us.by Glyniel GarnerGlyniel Garner is a Professional Certified Life Coach, Board Certified Biblical Counselor and Certified Marriage Mentor. She is the founder of New Horizon Coaching Associates in Ocala, Florida. Glyniel can be reached at www.ourchurch.com/member/n/nhca www.myspace.com/newhorizoncoaching
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What Fragrance Do You Possess?

Last year, I had the pleasure of visiting several homes for the Annual Rose Tour in Whitewright. I was awestruck by the diversity of each garden as we went from house to house.I saw backyards filled with roses, irises, birdhouses, ponds, and many other gorgeous bouquets of plant life. The flowers generated an amazing ambiance that perfumed the air with pleasant aromas. I saw and smelled honey suckles for the first time and had the pleasure of tasting one too.What struck me the most was the diversity of fragrances the floras produced. In one garden, there was an assemblage of multicolored roses displayed in a row, so I decided to smell each group individually. Every colored rose possessed an enjoyable but distinct aroma. I couldn’t believe how they could all be so alike, yet so different, but each was lovely in its own right.Upon leaving, not far away, sat a cluster of red roses identical to the ones I had recently smelled. I couldn’t help myself, so I decided to take one last whiff. Ironically, they produced no scent. “But aren’t these roses the same as the others?” I thought to myself.You life is your garden and what you produce will be obvious to others. The Scripture says in I Peter 2:9 that we are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, and a peculiar people; that we should show forth the praises of him who has called us from outer darkness and into His marvelous light.It is not enough to sit with others we think are like us and expect that this method alone will change us. Going to church doesn’t save you and make you a Christian anymore than sitting among rose bushes will make you a rose. Christianity is not a religion but a lifestyle; it is a daily walk with the Savior, which requires every individual to take personal liability for their own life by picking up their cross to follow Jesus.We have been set apart for God, and in that separation, there is something we must do. We must continually fill our hearts with His Word so that we can produce good fruit. When we faithfully commit to abiding in the Vine, we become the branches that bring forth the fruit of God’s love through His Son, Jesus Christ (St. John 15:5).What fragrances do you possess and generate? Will you permit the power of God’s Word to cultivate in you the fruit of the Spirit or will you just sit among the roses?Tilt your heart towards the SON!Pastor Narda GoodsonFirst Lady of Whitewright, TexasOfficial Website: http://anointedarrowsproductions.org\Social Network: http://christianwomenpredestinedbygod.ning.com/Copyright 2008 Gospel "PiLLs". All Rights Reserved
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Tuesday, 10/14 Daily Devotional

"Ye shall not need to fight in this battle: set yourselves, stand ye still … fear not, nor be dismayed … for the LORD will be with you" (2 Chronicles 20:17).In the midst of a battle, take heart! You’re a child of God, which means you don’t fight your own battles. The Lord fights for you.Have a bless day!Corinne MitchamCFW

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by Kimberly Dawn WellsMost people would agree that maintaining a healthy weight is beneficial to their health, but would you guess that just losing 5-10 pounds could cut your risk of many diseases by 25%, 35%, or even 50% or more? Extra body fat affects your body chemistry, posture, and even how other organs communicate with each other. The following conditions can be improved or even reversed through healthy weight loss.Heart diseaseA multitude of related illnesses are commonly seen in overweight individuals. Poor diet leads to high cholesterol levels, which leads to arteriosclerosis, which leads to high blood pressure and increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. All five diseases can be greatly improved with just a 10-15 percent weight loss.Sleep apneaA disturbance caused by an upper airway blockage, sleep apnea is common in overweight individuals due to enlarged airway anatomy that can become closed during sleep. Losing weight can result in more restful sleep and more stable oxygen levels.DiabetesOverweight individuals are twice as likely to develop type 1 or 2 diabetes than people who maintain a healthy weight. Diabetes itself, besides being a bother to your diet and lifestyle, comes with many of its own serious health consequences that at their worst include blindness and loss of extremities due to amputation.Arthritis and goutA heavier frame means more weight to carry around, which can be a strain for aging muscles and joints. Weight loss that allows you to be more mobile can result in better blood flow, better flexibility, and a higher level of physical independence as you age.CancersWhile many cancers are not directly linked to being overweight, the chances of being diagnosed with cancer are higher for overweight individuals. This is due to both the extra weight and the lack of nutrients that may accompany a poor diet.Emotional benefitsWhen you look good, you feel good. Losing weight can be a powerful tool in restoring the self esteem that many people lose when they begin to gain weight. Besides feeling better about how you look, losing weight through exercise releases feel-good hormones into your blood stream, which further boosts your mood and confidence.Increased energyThe less weight you have to drag around, the more energy you will have. Just getting started with an exercise routine is often enough to kick-start your energy into an upward spiral of exercise, more energy, more exercise, further weight loss, more energy, etc.Weight loss in overweight individuals translates to a lot more than just a decrease in high blood pressure and risk of disease. Losing just a few extra pounds can create total-body benefits that are seen both immediately and in the future. If you are overweight and considering your need to lose weight, this list of moderate to serious health problems gives you several good reasons to take action and start making changes today.If you are ready to start living a healthier lifestyle, visit my page and send me a message or comment.
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My reason for being single in the past: ive always seen the comfort of a man in my life as a pillar of strength, it completed me, a reason to look good every day, a reason to go out the list is endless. As you all know this is so not true these are all LIES LIES LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and if you are reading this and you can relate and you havent stop this thinking method please my dear STOPWe as single woman should use this time to get to know who we are, most importantly get closer to GOD because his the only one that can make you complete not YOU and certainly not a MAN. And another lie is men are only into pretty, sexy, slim, well groomed, well off woman the list here too is endless the person who you going to meet if he/she uses the above criteria he/she is a big NO! NO! NO! if you find that you are day after day living to please this person and you find you no longer the person you use to be YOU NEED TO GET YOUR LIFE BACK. Many married and then divorced woman will tell you that two incomplete souls equals a DISATROUS MARRIAGE hence the very high divorce rate in the world. How do we change this well, i want us to discuss this and also let this be a platform for all single non single, married woman/men to share thier stories and views on relationships in todays world. My prayer is that we will help, with the help of GOD mend those broken hearts and prevent any a broken hearts.GOD bless Colleen
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