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Felons Vote!

“Felons can vote this year.” I heard that statement on this Saturday. My questionable reaction was ‘What?!” and my feeling was dumbfounded. I speculated why I hadn’t heard of this and also I wondered what was so different this year than any other. My first planned course of action was to send out a world wide shout out to let everyone know of this; after some research of course.Monday morning on my way to the j-o-b, I phoned a family member who lives in CA and has been convicted of a felony in his past. Fortunately, he has not allowed that label hinder him. He is a profound business man and it making good for himself and his family. I asked, “Have you heard that felons could vote?” He chuckled and stated, “I have been voting all of my adult life.” I was so surprised. He stated that there was no question on the voter registration card that asked if you have even been convicted of a felony. Immediately, I began to wonder why everyone thought and believed this horrendous myth. I wonder why we just “went along with the flow” and didn’t research or ask questions.Now as I sit here informing everyone who was guided to this writing somehow, the statement, “Ignorance is bliss comes.” I say that because us not knowing this has hurt us so badly but it has blessed others, if you catch my drift. We have been walking around ignorant to the fact that as a people we have much more power than we allow ourselves to have. We have been the source of demise, just by carrying out the lie. I stand accused in this continued unawareness. As I speak I am internally forgiving myself for not knowing. I am forgiving myself for wondering why but not digging for the answers to my questions.I am now wiping my slate clean by informing the masses of people who are like me in this moment. I command you to do this research for yourself and alert everyone that you know to do the same. If you just do not have the tenacity to do so, at least spread the word that in some states, FELONS CAN VOTE, this year and every year after that! Let us not wonder why this genocidal fairy tale was carried out, we should all know the why. Let us work on the how. Let us focus on the what. Let us be the who. Together we can take a stand with the newfound knowledge that we have and we can make a difference. One person cannot change the world but together we can mold this puppy into what we want it to be. Let’s do this man!Depending on the state you live in, if you have had your voter right taken away due to a felony conviction or for any other reason, you can request to have your voter right restored. Certain states like Nevada have already restored felon’s right to vote. Go to your states government page and search for the election page or even more specific: voter right restoration. Don’t give up, look until you find the information you need and then pass the knowledge!Copy and paste the link below to register, if you have not done so already! & Light, Literary Thought 2008
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