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Simple Steps To Successful Email Open Rates

Some email campaigns can be a lot more successful than others. While this is typical, the more emails that are opened, the more qualified they are to becoming successful. This is because when readers are interested enough to actually read the email, the chances of taking action are much higher. It's not rocket science but the truth is, readers must be convinced if you want them to click on your link.

In a previous post, I discussed the importance of having a catchy subject line or headline. This is the first thing a reader notices. The bottom line is, it has to be right or it can be the cause of the downfall in your email campaign.

Writing compelling words will do wonders for your business. Now, let's factor in everything else.

1) Make sure your email is targeted. Personalize the subject line. Motivate your reader just enough so they will want to open your email right away. Be creative.

2) Some people think branding is stupid. Well, you have to make your mark in the industry somehow. Giving people what they are looking for and fulfilling a need will keep your recipients wanting more of your emails. Keeping them interested is what you always need to do. If they know your brand, they know what to expect.

3) Pay close attention to what you are putting in the content of the email or newsletter. Writing a compelling copy may take practice but originality is what counts. Make it valuable. If you have subscribed to blogs or websites and you receive emails, save the ones you found interesting enough to open and go over them to see why they were compelling.

4) Take advantage of holidays for sending out emails with discounts or free offers. People love opening these types of emails because they can save money on your products or services. Some people actually wait until the holidays to see what will be on sale.

Another factor which forces the reader to open the email is his relationship with the company. Email readers fall into different categories. They can be irregular purchasers, potential clients, information hungry subscribers or existing clients. The method by which they decided to subscribe and the reason also tells a lot about the customer’s interest.

Did they find the website through a search engine or did they sign up when buying products? The subscribers who have sought for information and then signed up for the emails are more likely to open the email, when compared to subscribers who signed up while buying a product because of a pre-checked box meant for signing up which they forget to uncheck.

The email list should be of high quality and should be well-maintained always. Also, efforts must be made in expanding the email list with targeted audiences which are more likely to open the email and take the desired action. Most of the times, long-time list members become inactive. So the list must be segmented based on list age and the inactive customers must be offered interesting incentive to bring them out of the hibernation.

The mailing frequency is also a very critical issue. Too frequently send mails will hamper the growth of email open rates as the recipients will get irritated, so does scarcely send mails as the recipients will not remember who you are.

The time of sending also is important. Test different time and days for finding out which time works best for every type of audience.

What Causes Spam?

Who likes SPAM? I know I don't. But that doesn't stop me from getting legitimate emails caught in the spam trap. If this happens to your emails, then your recipients may not even get a chance to see them. Spam filtration is caused by words known as spam triggers. Spam filters are used by most ISPs which analyze whether or not an email is considered spam. Using capital letters, quotation marks, or larger than normal fonts in your subject line, can trigger spam filters. Being cautious of the words you use could prevent this from happening. Do a test first to see if your email was actually delivered.

If you want your emails to have high open rates, make sure you are viewing the process of your email campaign from every angle. Take everything you've read here into consideration and you will be well on your way to email success rates!

Live for purpose, prosper, and have fun doing it!


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