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When Extreme Focus & Concentration matters, try  ADDTabz from Gentech!


ADDTabz™ has been referred to as the new “Smart Drug” or “Study Drug" even though it is available in non-prescription formulation.

This new category (Smart Drugs & Study Drugs) is any drug or supplement designed to improve cognitive abilities such as memory, concentration, problem solving and critical thinking.

They are sometimes called Nootropics which differ from other “productivity enhancers”, such as Adderall, in that they’re minimally taxing on the body and aid in the prevention of brain cell damage while providing analogous heightened cognitive function and mental clarity.

As students prepare to leave for college, many parents are online ordering sufficient supplies of ADDTabz for their children to take with them to college.

ADDTabz has become the Holy Grail for the students struggling to stay focused, and is helping so many people to stay on track with their studies.

This is an effective alternative to Adderal, without all the side effects, physician visits and expense.

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