The best way to learning is from others who have already been where you are. The knowledge that they share won't necessary make your road easy, just less rocky. So you best bet is to take the little nuggets of each story and figure out how it can applied to you and your situation. BBWO Members Mathis, Katrina and Tanya has recently shared some very important tips for your business.


Pricing may be one of the hardest thing to figure out

Eventually in your business you’ve probably considered or are forced to increasing your fees or prices. And for many doing so without losing your most valuable clients/customers comes with a level of anxiety and perhaps fear. Will they go to another competitor? Will they begin to bad mouth me and tarnish my reputation? Will they simply laugh at me and threaten to leave if I raise my prices another penny (Continue reading)


Is your website bring your clients/customers?

How do I get more people to visit my website?  That is the number one question I get from my clients. So, I decided to put together a top 10 list that will work for both businesses and non-profit organizations. Number 1: Make sure your website has your keywords in the META TAGS. (Continue Reading)


Is your business in trouble even before you start?

Picture yourself sitting in a fully furnished office, employees ready, systems in place, all the right connections, solid and highly profitable business model that is ready to throw money at you, solid marketing strategy and hundreds of customers ready to use your service over and over again, a target market that has so limited offerings that you come at the right time....The only issue is that you can't take their money. (Continue Reading)


How can you leverage the fact that most people has smartphone?

How are you marketing your business? Is mobile marketing includes in your mix? Here's a video on why mobile marketing is essential for your business. (Watch Video Here)


More to come!


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