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My name is Deborah L Ryles and I am a Avon representive in Jacksonville, Florida. I would like to invite you to my websites to take advantage of all the Great items Avon has available.

My website is

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My website was updated!!!!

Unique Jewelry Designz
Unique Jewelry Designz had been remodeled again. All items are available for view on the site.
There is now a new items page and the clearance page has returned with over 40 items on sale! This is an on going clearance page!
7 New Items!!!
Black stone set, Seashell Set & Baby Blue bootie and blanket set!
You can see a few of them below. To see more check out the link
And Personalized items is BACK!
You can have girls jewelry made and baby items made.
There's so much new stuff at unique Jewelry Designz.
Check us out!!!
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Carnival has extended the first payment date to January 10, 2008. Come enjoy this cruise. Staterooms limited but still available. Visit:

Please visit this website if you are interested in taking a cruise with survivors and supporters of breast cancer. You can also visit to see pictures of the last Virtuous Women Getaway Cruise on November 1, 2007 attended by 29 ladies. Information on Breast Cancer - visit - see the cruise information under calendar events for September 2008. Payment dates can be worked out.

Val McKoy

(301) 613-2283

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BIG Jewelry SALE!!!!

Unique Jewelry Designz
After the Holidays sale & Sale continued!!

We offer great prices and GREAT quality jewelry and accessories
Everything is $5

Unique Jewelry Designz is getting rid of old jewelry & accessories to bring in new items for the New Year.
All items are set at $5.
Any purchase over $50 receives 20% off their total.
With an additional 10% off for all first time customers

Shipping & handling is $3.50 in U.S


After the holidays Buy 1 get 1 free on all Earrings, Bracelets and Scarves. Purchase a Scarf, Earrings or bracelet and receive a pair of Earrings, Bracelet or Scarf FREE!!

Both Sales end on December 31st , 2007
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New Year!

The New Year is upon us and resolutions are being made. I have made many resolutions in the past and none were ever really kept. This year is going to be the year that I make a resolution that I am going to keep.

This resolution is going to help me build my business to something greater than it is. There are so many things that I have wanted to do in life, and all of those have fallen to the wayside in my growth. One thing hasn't, and that's my love for sewing and creating things with my hands. I've always wanted to work at home, but I have never been given the opportunity to.

I want start really building my business this year. I want to create a new website for my items, start marketing and really getting my name out there. I have to start concentrating on creating more items each week. I want to keep customers coming back for more. I want them to be excited over the new designs and fabrics as I am when I create something new.

I know it's going to be hard to do this year, with planning a wedding for September. But I know that I can do it.

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Greetings Friends:

I feel very fortunate to have stumbled upon the Sisterpreneurs Network and to have come in contact with each of you. I am looking to expand my national network and to connect with like-minded women who are passionately pursuing their life's purpose while building up and supporting one another in the process.

It has been nearly two years since I took the leap into entreprenuership after leaving a comfy yet demanding position in school leadership. Though it has been a challenging walk to date and the paychecks don't come quite as timely as they did when I was on someone else's payroll, the move to self-ownership has been deeply satisfying in so many ways. As a mother of 5, a wife, and a member of a close-knit extended family, my time is very precious to me. Leaving my 9 to 5 was for me a step toward freedom; freedom to control my time, to spend my days in a way that better supported the health and well-being of my family; to control my decisions, and to ultimately steer my own destiny.

It also meant having time to dedicate my energies to launching SisterSpeak Online Magazine which will celebrate its 1st Anniversary on January 26th, 2008! Though there is much to do to grow and develop the site, I'm extremely proud of what we've accomplished in just 12 short months including being voted the Best E-Zine in the 2008 Black Web Awards Competition!

As we forge ahead in 2008 we hope to increase our coverage of issues of vital importance and interest to Black women, to attract a few investors and major advertisers, and to kick-off a series of networking, health & wellness, and business development events in the DC-MD-VA metro area. If you are in the area or visit the area frequently, be sure to stay in touch and to sign up for our free email newsletter. Join today by visiting our homepage at and entering your email address in the newsletter subscribe box at the top of the page. Click here to get there now!

Contributing Writers & Women-in-Business Features

SisterSpeak is also always on the hunt for contributing writers and women-in-business to feature on our site. If you are interested in submitting an article for publication consideration, please see our guidelines at: Submit your work along with a jpeg or gif photo to .

If you would like to have your business considered for a feature, please complete the attached Sisters in Business Profile Sheet and return to


Advertising Opportunities

We will also introduce several affordable advertising options in early 2008 to small and indie business owners like you to help increase exposure of your products and services. If you are interested in affordable advertising oppotunities, please contact us today at .

There's much more to share and I look forward to talking with each of you throughout the year and learning more about your enterprises.

Be blessed!

Lisa Peyton-Caire

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2008 - The Year of the Church


At this time of the year Christians should pause and be reflecting in the blessings the Lord had given us during 2007 and also startlooking forward to His blessings for 2008… Here is a very thoughtful devotionalfrom Dr. Larry Ollison that all should read and prayerfully consider:

2008 "The Year of the Church" by Dr. Larry Ollison

A few weeks ago while spending time with the Lord, I had this question on myheart. "What are Your plans for me and for my ministry?" From deepwithin my spirit I heard these words. "This coming year will be the yearof the church."

My first question was this. "What does it mean that 2008 will be the yearof the church?" The church was here this year and last year. In fact, thechurch has been on the Earth every year since the time Jesus put His blood onthe Mercy Seat. When Jesus became the first fruits into the Kingdom and becamethe firstborn among many brethren, the church was established. Jesus then tookHis position as the head of the church and all who received Him became a partof His body. The church has existed for centuries, so what does it mean"2008 is the year of the church?"

Over the last few weeks I have meditated on this and God has spoken clearly tomy heart. As for me and those who attend my church and receive from thisministry, 2008 is the year for every member of the church to stand up and bethe church. The time that once was future is now here. We are truly living inthe last moments of the last days. We are the generation that will usher in thereturn of the Messiah. The waiting is over and the time is at hand for thechurch to stand up and operate in the power and authority that was prophesiedby Jesus.

* 2008 is the Year for the Church to Stand Up and Be the Church

It is time for the church to quit being "seeker friendly" and become"Holy Spirit friendly." When the world looks at Christians, theyshould see the light shining in such a way that they are drawn to a loving Godinstead of being drawn to God’s stuff. While it is true that God wants toprosper every believer physically and financially, the gift should not receivemore glory than the giver.

Jesus told us that Christians were to be fishers of men, but a BMW or aMercedes should not be the bait on the hook. Now don’t take me wrong. There isnothing wrong with owning a BMW or a Mercedes. Personally, a silver BMW Z-4 isa beautiful car and there is nothing wrong with having one. If you see one inthe Pastor’s parking spot at church, it’s okay. God doesn’t mind. However, themotivation of Jesus being pierced with nails and dying on the cross was not soyou could have a new BMW and it shouldn’t be your motivation for spreading thegospel either. We should attract people to a loving God in such a way that theywill love Him more than His stuff.

Many people in the church are hurting, offended, and bitter. I heard a man saylast week that life had been bad to him. While it may be true that the worldhas treated him poorly, God is a good God and His plan is full of goodness.

It’s time for the church to get over bitterness, discouragement, depression,and fear of people. This is the year the church must take a stand and proclaimthe Word to the world with strength and authority.

Psalm 119:165 says, "Great peace have they which love Thy law and nothingshall offend them." The church must quit talking about what the world hasdone to them and start talking about what God has done for them. This is thetime, this is the year for the church to stand up and be the church.

While in Old Jerusalem, a storekeeper told me that Christians often leavetracts in his store hoping that he will find them and receive Jesus. He made aninteresting statement to me. He said, "Instead of Christians leaving atract, they should become a living tract, and then being a Christian would beattract-ive."

It’s time for Christians to quit talking about what they are in the world andbe who they are to the world.

* 2008 is the Year the Church Walks in Correction

As a pastor, I have discovered that people enjoy coming to me for advice andthey accept it as long as the answer is what they want to hear. We must developthe ministry of receiving the word "no." To hear quickly, and to beobedient without question makes one usable to God.

Over the years I’ve had many approach me about their call into the ministry.There are those who truly will do whatever God calls them to do, but there arealso many who will only answer the call if it involves a platform, podium, microphone,and cameras. There is nothing wrong with being famous. The Bible says thatJesus’ fame spread throughout the country and multitudes came to hear him.Jesus didn’t seek fame, but used it as a tool. Likewise, fame should never be aministry goal.

In order for the church to be the church, Christians must be obedient to everyword and not just to the ones they want to receive. We must go where He tellsus to go, or stay where He tells us to stay without regard to fame or fortune.The Blessing will chase you down and catch you, but The Blessing only travelson the street named Obedience.

God’s Word may be served on a table, but it’s not a smorgasbord. There are desserts,but you must also eat the vegetables.

My wife, Loretta, is devoted to prayer. Privately she spends time in prayer,but also hosts several prayer sessions each week. I recently heard someone saythat they were not going to prayer because they didn’t get a lot out of prayermeetings. It reminded me of the time that a couple met me in my office toinform me that they were no longer going to work with children because no oneappreciated what they were doing.

When did appreciation become the motivation for ministry? When did we startjudging prayer by how much we got out of it? Much of the focus has been wrongand needs to be corrected.

We were created to worship Him. When we pray, we pray to the Father. If talkingto the Father does not bring satisfaction, then an adjustment needs to be madeand it’s not the Father that needs to be adjusted. 2008 is the year the churchwalks in correction.

2008 is the Year the Church Must Obey Without Hesitation

The church has been commanded to "go ye therefore and makedisciples." Whether or not you feel appreciated while doing it, isirrelevant. It’s a command. Imagine how an army would function during a time ofwar if each soldier decided himself whether or not he was going to obey thecommands of the General on the basis of how appreciated he felt. The war wouldbe lost. That is one of the basic problems that has developed in the church. Wemust obey our commands without hesitation.

Many times a statement that sounds good, if carried to the extreme, can beharmful. A lady told me once that she couldn’t teach the children because sheneeded to be sitting in adult church where the pastor put the food on thetable. While this is a good concept, the reality is this. If everybody issitting at the table and nobody is in the kitchen, everyone starves. In orderto eat, we must all take our turn in the kitchen.

While in the heart of God, it is true that it’s all about us, in our hearts weshould have the attitude that it’s all about Him. The church must have theright perspective and have its priorities in order. Although we receive when wecome to God’s house, our hearts should be the heart of a servant and we shouldcome to give worship to God and minister to others.

Many churches are looking for revival within their own building. They havebecome frustrated over the years trying to obtain it because the real heart ofrevival is ministering to someone else. The church should overflow into theworld instead of attempting to overflow back onto itself over and over. Truesatisfaction and accomplishment in the heart of a believer is when they see theWord flowing out of themselves and into the lives of hurting people and seeingthose hurting lives becoming fruitful and abundant in all things.

* 2008 is the Year the Church Must Cleanse Itself of the World

2008 is the year for the church to stand in honesty, character, and integrity.In today’s society, I have seen a disturbing trend. People are accustomed tobeing tantalized, mesmerized, and sensationalized and this has been broughtinto the church. While I truly believe that worship services should promoteexcellence in music and teaching and that musicians should practice andrehearse in order to promote excellence in worship, I have noticed that somechurch services are such choreographed, theatrical, made-for-televisionperformances, that there is little difference between church and the half-timeshow at the Super Bowl (without the fireworks).

A minister recently indicated to me that he was unable to allow the gifts ofthe Holy Spirit to operate in his church service because there was no way thatit would fit into his television programming.

It’s sad when we allow directors to eliminate the move of the Spirit from ourworship services. It’s robbing God of His opportunity to speak intimately withHis children. This is the year the church must cleanse itself of the world andworship the Father in spirit and in truth.

When I told a minister at a ministers’ conference that I had sold my airplane,he said, "But what about your image? Don’t you know that not having anairplane will affect the image of your ministry?" We must get over thiscrazy thinking and realize that ministry is not about the building of ourimage.

* 2008 is the Year for the Sleeping Giant to Awake

Sometimes I feel like the church has been lulled into a deep sleep. Twentyyears ago there were things we would not allow in our homes that today we areusing to babysit our children. But this is the year for the sleeping giant toawake.

It has been estimated that there are over 75 million evangelical Christians in America alone.If we could unite as one body in agreement with the Word of God as our guide,nothing could stop us.

While the world may wax worse and become more deceived, the church shouldbecome brighter and brighter until we shine the Gospel into all the world.

* 2008 is the Time for the Church to Be All That Jesus Prophesied it Would Be

There is so much more that God is speaking in these last moments of the lastdays. When my grandmother was a teenager, she saw her first automobile. Duringall of her youth she traveled by way of horse and wagon. Before she passedaway, she saw astronauts go into outer space and men walk on the moon. From thecreation of man through six thousand years, man traveled with the assistance ofanimals. In one generation that changed. The scriptures tell us that in thelast days knowledge will increase. We are truly in the last days.

The prophetic times spoken by our Lord and Savior, Jesus, are upon us. The timeof waiting is behind and the time of action is at hand. It’s time for thechurch to stand up and be all that Jesus prophesied the church would be.


© 2007 Dr. Larry Ollison. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
This article may be reproduced for teaching purposes but not for commercialresale
The Cutting Edge Devotional by Dr. Ollison is a daily feature of
The Cutting Edge Devotional - PO Box 880, Osage Beach, MO 65065 USA
When writing about this devotional, refer to devotional #0476 -

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For more information, please contact

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God’s blessings!



"Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed"-Prov 16:3

"Now to Him Who, by (in consequence of) the [action of His] power that isat work within us, is able to [carry out His purpose and] do superabundantly,far over and above all that we [dare] ask or think [infinitely beyond ourhighest prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes, or dreams]" -Eph. 3:20

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosperyou & not to harm you, plans to give you hope & a future." Jer.29:11

"In this new life one's nationality, race, education, social position isunimportant; such things mean nothing. Whether a person has Christ is whatmatters, & He is equally available to all" Col.3:11

"The key to godliness is not more knowledge of God but more obedience toHim" Rom.6:16

Everyone invited to prayerfully visit these Christian websites *prayerfullyreaching souls in the internet one ‘CLICK’ at a time [TM] at:

And these sites are 4 Online Business Opportunity:

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Kwanzaa For Christ!


Kwanzaa Begins Today!

Many African Americans begin their cultural celebration of Kwanzaa today! Kwanzaa is not a religious, spiritual or biblical celebration...but celebrates the rich experience of the African American Community CULTURALLY!...Kwanzaa allows African Americans to reflect upon their rich heritage. Beginning December 26th for seven days...each day focuses one of seven principles. It is IMPOSSIBLE to imagine the richness of the African American Community without CHRIST!...So let's begin Kwanzaa For Christ!
The Word of God which celebrates the
Celebrate Kwanzaa For Christ!
The Seven Principles of "The Nguzo Saba" for Christ.
The Word of the Lord for Kwanzaa Principle:
1. umoja
Psalms 133:1 ~ Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!
Ephesians 4:3~ Endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.
Umoja is the importance of striving and maintaining unity in the family, community, nation and even in the body of Christ. Let us endeavor to keep unity by becoming peace agents in all areas of our lives.
It is a GOOD thing in the eyes of the Lord to dwell together in love and unity. Need life's pleasantries?...Live in Unity and KEEP the bond of PEACE in our Christian lifestyles. Keep PEACE with God and you will be in UNITY with others!
Lord, open the door that we can make and keep peace with others.
Holy Spirit guide and touch the heart that reconciliation and revival touches our relationships.
Heal broken hearts, repair breaches...
In the Name of Jesus, We Pray! Amen.
Celebrate Kwanzaa For Christ!-Where Do You Need To Keep The Peace?
Where Do You Need To Unify?
Celebrate The Word of Kwanzaa For Christ...Apply The Word!
Kwanzaa For Christ! Copyright 2005.
Bishop CD Miller Ministries, LLC. All Rights Reserved Worldwide

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Big Sale at my Jewelry Store!!!

Unique Jewelry Designz

After the Holidays sale &

Sale continued!!


The holidays are here. Get your shopping done early.
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In order for your items to be received by December 25th 2007, you
will need to place your order by December 14th, 2007


After the holidays Buy 1 get 1 free on all Earrings, Bracelets and
Scarves. Purchase a Scarf, Earrings or bracelet and receive a pair
of Earrings, Bracelet or Scarf FREE!!

Both Sales end on December 31st , 2007

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what my website offers for your travel

Website is powered by travelocity and




*Car Rental


*Concert tickets

*Sporting Events


*Theme Park Tickets

*Wedding Registry


*New and PreOwned Vehicles by dodge,nissan and chrysler

*Vacation Packages

*Travel Insurance

*Foreign currency

*Group Travel (students,family,clubs,etc)

*Foreign and Domestic Travel

* And much, much more!

Thank you for your interest and if you are looking for travel arrangement go to my website at:

Tynessa Moore

Contact information: 904-304-1026

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My Business

Unique Jewelry Designz

Big Holiday Sale!!!

The holidays are here. Get your shopping done early. We offer great prices and GREAT quality jewelry and accessories.
GREAT GIFTS!!!!!!!!!

Everything is $5

Unique Jewelry Designz is getting rid of old jewelry & accessories to bring in new items for the New Year. All items are set at $5. Check out more details by clciking the link below!

Start Shopping NOW!

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10 Tips For Wearing High Heel Shoes

10 Tips on heelz:
By Tasha Bell

Worried about walking in high heels? Try these confidence boosters.

1. Don't be afraid of platforms. They give added height, security, and extra stability. Find a classy platform with a wide heel to keep a jazzy look. Find a platform with a slim heel and a rise no more than .5 inches to keep business/dressy look.

2. Wear wedges. Wedges also give the same height, with more security than a platform. The wedge restricts movement of the heel, decreasing the chances of sudden heel shifting and mobility. Try a non cloth, mule wedge with slim straps to keep a business/professional look.

3. Practice! Yes, believe it or not, this really works! Try walking around on carpet in your heels for a few days before wearing them in public. Just do the things that you would normally do, dishes, cleaning, take out the trash, go to the mailbox or simply walking around your living room. Stairs are great if you have them. This help you to familiarize yourself with the shoes, the intricacies, and movements of the heels, so that when you do go into public, you know what to expect.

4. If your shoes have a smooth bottom, scuff the heels first. This will reduce the chances of you slipping.

5. Buy shoes that have 'no slip grip' on the bottom. This will also reduce your chances of slipping, possibly increasing your confidence level.

6. Start with a low heel and work your way up. Start with a 2.5 inch heel. Walk in them consistently for an hour each day. This will help to build your calf muscles, which is the primary muscle working when you wear heels. After 2 weeks, move to a 3 inch heel, practicing the same. Then move to a 3.5 inch heel, practicing the same. Then move to a 4 inch heel. Before you know it, you will be a high heel shoe diva!

7. Make sure the shoes fit comfortably!!! This is absolutely key. Now seriously, don't try to get a pair of shoes, a half size too small and make them fit. This is not healthy, for you feet, legs, back, or shoulders. Ensuring the your shoes fit helps the aforementioned keep properly aligned. Furthermore, ensure that your shoulders, back, and posture stay straight up and erect. Walk with the confidence God gave you. Know that you are beautiful and each day is God's way of showing you love and mercy. Be thankful, know that He loves your and you are His, show it in your posture. Walking slumped over is not good, high heels or flats, so straighten up ladies and walk with confidence!

8. Wear cushions. Dr. School's makes great inserts for ladies shoes. I favor the gel inserts for the balls of the foot. They are clear, therefore unnoticeable, and extremely comfy. They reduce the shock to the balls of your feet and lower back.

9. Hide the height.........There are shoes made with hidden platforms and rises at the ball of the foot to decrease arch stretch. These are cool and comfortable fake outs.

10. Take care of your feet. Get pedicures regularly. I have learned my lesson! It is not just about making your feet look pretty, but about making them feel good. Good pedicures allow the legs and feet to be massaged, increasing circulation, critical for good foot health. Dead skin and hard spots should also be removed, leaving you with soft, supple feet, ready for walking.
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There's always this awesome feeling when a potential client contacts meand compliments some aspect of the Studio portfolio. After basking inthat for a moment, it's time to get to business. The business ofscreening. Many people are experts at screening their phone calls, butare they experts at screening clients?

The Client is new inbusiness. The Client is a seasoned businessperson. Or somewhere in themiddle. The one thing they all have in common is that I don't know whatis going through their head when I initially hear from them.

Thenthere are the potential Partners - for both short and long-termprojects. This is a newer issue to me because I am in the midst ofexpanding Sky Sister Studio. And with that comes an even deeper loveaffair with the concept of networking! So (in addition to person toperson networking efforts) I join different networking sites and I havesome really positive experiences. I've spoken to people who have becomefrustrated with the networking process, and I believe they have reasonto be in many cases!

Why I have positive experiences with networking: I treat potential Clients and Partners with a screening process!

Thegoal: Don't let anyone waste my time. Don't waste anyone's time. Andthird: don't let anyone waste my time! Now, this should not translateto a short/curt/unpleasant telephone manner. It should not lead to abuilt in distrust of all potentials. It should be a built-in layer ofcaution, very automatic, to the point of it becoming something natural.

Havinga written and published business procedure is the most AWESOME thing Ihave done for my business. Potential clients can go on my MySpace blogand read it. They get it from me as soon as they show an interest viaemail or phone. And it saves an INCREDIBLE amount of talk time. Forinstance, the graphic design business on the whole is plagued withpeople who think they should get free or close to no-cost services forno apparent reason. Some think they can pull some sort of scam when itcomes to settling the project account. Well, having the Sky SisterStudio "Memorandum of Understanding" is like some sort of mosquitorepellant - those pests don't even get near me! How do I know this? Ican see how many people have looked at the blog each day/week/total.The "Memorandum of Understanding" blog entry averages 50 views perweek! I get a steady stream of business from MySpace, and all of theseClients have read the Memorandum. The others who read it yet didn'twrite to me could have been a waste of my time to say the least! Theresults likely would have been worse if I HAD gone into business withthem!

Then there are the Potential Partners. There's adifference between a serious contact and someone who I can play"Business Card Shuffle" with. People often confuse networking with anoppportunity for an immediate/quick sale. Many just want someone totalk to; strange but true. I can't tell you how many Potentials weremore than willing to eat up my (daytime at that!) mobile minutes if Ilet it happen! Others want something for free. And since people knowthat I do love a good barter, some try to take advantage with insanelyunfair barter proposals! This is not networking!

What is networking?

Networkingto me is a chance to find like-minded people who may: 1. have a use formy services or knowledge 2.have a service or information that I coulduse 3. have a service or information that someone I know could use4.have a complimentary service or idea that could be the start of ashort or long term project partnership!

I just want to clarifythat it is not an immediate sale! Making a new contact could have animmediate result, but it certainly isn't the rule, and it isn'tsomething that I want to show through in my quest for quality contacts!Nothing is more annoying than desperation in business.

Ifsomeone is doing what Networking isn't, then they don't pass my test. Iam always cordial, right up to and beyond the point where their credit- their credibility - is declined in my screening check. It doesn'tmatter who they are, how long they've been in business, how nice theyare, or whether they are famous in my world or their own. Business isabout the bottom line, and more importantly, staying true to myself. Noone wants to feel like a sucker.

In the nicest possible way, Ifind out exactly what a Potential wants, and put them through thescreening process. When you know what to look for, it becomes enjoyablewhen you've made a meaningful Contact, and a comic relief when someonewith less than savory intentions gets DECLINED.

How do you handle the Potentials? I'd love to hear your take on it!

-Sky Sister
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Diva In Me Conference

For Immediate Release

December 13, 2007


Dawn Martin

Just Dazzlind Productions



Cincinnati, Ohio and Surrounding Areas- Just Dazzlind Productions’ goal for business is to uplift, enhance, motivate, and celebrate the Full Figured Woman. Many women have expressed their desires to not only join this industry, but most want to know the basics in etiquette to help them better themselves for whatever goals they are trying to achieve. thus The Diva In Me Conference was born. First starting with social activates and now blossoming into a complete Educational and Success tool for our market of women and teenaged young ladies. The Diva In Me Conference is the first ever of its’ kind, as it features the needs of Plus Size Women and Teens only. There are many Conferences out there but none that only focus on these topics and in this arena. Just Dazzlind Productions is pleased to say that the public has fully embraced our vision and has opened its’ doors for more information.

In support of the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation, we are hosting a Conference for Plus Size Women and Teens entitled “THE DIVA IN ME”. This will take place February 15 & 16, 2008 at the Sheraton Hotel here in Cincinnati, Ohio. We are looking for all Women and Teens that maybe interested in joining us for this Spectacular Event. We are accepting registration for ages 16 and up. The Cost is $80.00 advance registration by December 15, 2007 or for those wishing to attend the Fashion Show only Saturday February 16, 2008 the event price is $20.00. This event will consist of workshops geared toward Fashion, Financial, Spiritual, and Self Enhancement.

We are also promoting a MODEL CALL for the Fashion Showcase!! If you meet these requirements we are looking for you:

* Full Figured Sizes 14-22

* Height- 5’6 minimum

* Ages-18 & up

Please check the website for more information in submitting photos!

Sponsors and Vendors Space is also available, please call number below.

This event is sponsored by Just Dazzlind Productions, Ashley Stewart Stores, and a host of others.

For more information, please contact: Dawn Martin @ 937-837-3555 or email us at Website: or

Registrations can also be mailed to: Dawn Martin

1133 Graystone Dr.

Dayton, OH 45427

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Last week's announcement

Last week was the biggest product pre-launch in Vitamark history!

Everyone is excited about Crave Energy Drink™. This exciting product gives instant results, and that makes it easy to sell and sponsor.

We are doubling our original manufacturing order right now, and are busy sourcing extra raw materials to supply the flood of pre-orders of Crave Energy Drink™.

Now, if you made a pre-order of Crave Energy Drink™, you are one of the lucky ones. You'll get your order first. We'll process the orders on a first-ordered, first-shipped basis.

The surge of orders last week will give our raw material suppliers a few challenges, but these are good challenges to have. It's great to have a product that people desperately want and crave.

We will give you an update later this week on the legal work, the foreign market possibilities, the new labeling, and the simplification approach per serving.

Watch for the next Crave update.

November 7, 2007
Crave Prospects Are Everywhere!

The energy drink market is huge. There is a constant supply of new prospects, and prospects looking for a new taste, a new convenience, or a new result from their energy drink.

Now, not everyone likes chocolate, and not everyone will like the taste of Crave. There will always be a small percentage of people with different tastes.

But the huge majority of Crave Energy Drink testers say: "This is the absolute best-tasting energy drink ever!"

So you will have plenty of satisfied repeat customers.

And where will you get your prospects?

1. Shift workers. They love energy drinks. And some shift workers may have hundreds of people on their shift ... enough prospects to qualify as a Diamond Affiliate easily.

2. College students. Many college students purchase two energy drinks a day!
Imagine the savings with Crave!

3. Long distance drivers.

4. Athletes.

5. Parents keeping up with the kids.

6. People who work two jobs.

The list is endless ... and your opportunity is unlimited!

Tell someone about the Crave opportunity ... today!

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Single Saints Searching... is celebrating FOUR YEARS of the Newsletter, "Running On..."

The Newsletter is chock full of information that will bless the Single Saints mind, soul and spirit!!! I've attached a copy for you to read. Please feel free to print it out and read at your leisure!!! Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy some more!!!

Let me know your thoughts, comments and/or questions you may have about this Newsletter.

Be Good & God Bless!!!

Download sss%20newsltr.pdf

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I have several projects on my plate right now, but the most pressing is a Workshop I want to do in the New Year for those who are thinking of starting their own businesses, start-ups, self-employed and those in the planning stages. The Worshop is pretty much to promote my services, which are Web & Graphic Design and Administrative Support Services.

I've got the Proposal written, did an extensive online search for doing a Workshop and have a "To-Do List" that I am slowly making a dent in.

Are there any hints, tips, comments and/or advice anyone out there that has done Workshops in the past, can give me to make this go a bit more smoothly that it is??? I'm giving myself a month to complete everything, although all the info I have read said it takes 4-6 months to plan.

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