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Five Monster Online Marketing Tips


one  Email Marketing

Email is still the most effective form of marketing and relationship building. It's a tremendous tool for building the kind of long-term relationship that allows you to convert sales. While many have concluded that the same thing cannot be said for social media relationships, you can and should view your connections in these networks as a way to gain more email relationships.

two  Referral Champs

By comparing your customer referral data with your social media data, you can often discover your more active and potentially influential customers and prospects.  A customer who currently does not buy from you that much may turn out to be your greatest potential referral champion, but they may go unnoticed and therefore ungroomed without looking.

three  Know Your Customers

You need to dig deep and really find out what makes your customers tick on all levels. That means knowing what their interests and hobbies are, what events they love to attend, their favorite music and TV shows, and how much they love reading to their kids. You might guess where this is headed: What do people on social media love to do? Talk about what they had for lunch and how they can further build their business. So it just might be important after all to really know your customers and potential customers.

four  Article Writing

Great content isn't great until somebody reads it, shares it, and links to it. It’s almost like the popular kids in high school, but that’s just the reality of inbound marketing today. It’s not enough to produce lots of content; you've got to get people talking about it and bringing attention to it.

five  Blogging, Blogging, Blogging ...

One of my favorite uses of the social media layer is the ability to draw closer to other bloggers that cover your industry or community. Today’s bloggers rely on social media as a lifeline to real-time information and as a tool for collecting resources; it also makes them much more available through direct communication. By targeting key bloggers and using the social layer to build a relationship as a resource, you can quickly enhance your overall chances of media coverage.

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Food For Your Hormones


I remember all to clearly, 20 years ago, when I though 20 years was far, far away. Where did the time go? It's finally here. Those 20 years have come and gone, and I'm 43 dealing with all the issues that my mother and grandmother dealt with at my age, hormonal changes.  

Hormones influence just about every physiological response in our body including, the menstrual cycle, the reproductive system, our flight/fright response and metabolism. They are our body's chemical messengers, and can be both harmful and beneficial. So, it's especially important for every woman to know the type of foods she should consume and the types to avoid in order to obtain optimal hormonal balance and function. 

The right foods will provide your cells with the fuel it needs to make energy in order to do your body's work. The result?  Healthier hormonal secretions, and a more energized and invigorated you. Conversely, the wrong foods will cause your cells to produce more toxins and less energy, which will result in less hormone production. 

Boost your nutrition with a clean diet that balances your sugar levels. Fluctuating sugar and insulin can be quite damaging to the body. Eat several meals per day to keep your sugar levels normal and your insulin from spiking.

There are always clean, healthy, supportive foods for everyone, regardless of your eating style. 

Foods that support hormonal health

Phytoestrogens: Though estrogen cannot be obtained from food, plant foods contains phytoestrogens, which has isoflavones, a weak form of estrogen. Find your supply of phytoestrogen in soy beans, tofu, flaxseed, soy nuts and whole grains.

Dark Chocolate

Protein: Buckwheat, Quinoa, beans, lentils, nuts, soy, egg whites, fish (wild caught), chicken

Healthy fats: Avocados, Ghee, Coconut, Extra Virgin Olive oil, pressed seed oils

 Herbes & Spices: cinnamon, tumeric, cumin, thyme, ginger, garlic

♦ Fiber: dark green leafy and colorful veggies, and fruits in moderation.    

Foods that sabotage hormonal health 

Vegetable oils

processed foods



Satuated fats

Hormonal imbalances affects women from adolescence through menopause. Help yourself and your situation by being proactive. Be consistent with your good, clean, balanced diet. In addition, practice other lifestyle habits like exercise and prayer, meditation, yoga, and other activities that will bring balance to your hormonal activity. 

Lots of Love & Self-care



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