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Sigh. The silent expression given after looking over those fun, summer pictures taken of you in your twenties.  Those were the days - sun, fun, laughter and beautiful skin happily displayed under shorts and sleeveless tops. “When did my youthful glow disappear?”  As the body ages, cellular regeneration slows down, and skin begins to act differently, yielding dark spots, wrinkles, and rough, cracked skin.  Thankfully, plenty of wholesome products from nature can help you maintain your beautiful skin, and this puts you on the winning side - allowing you to grow older gracefully.  

You truly are what you eat, therefore an adequate intake of water and nourishing foods work internally and the epidermis benefits from those positive effects.  

In addition to eating and drinking mindfully, consistently use these three topical steps to keep your body’s largest organ conditioned, hydrated, and have you on your way to celebrating the reappearance of that youthful glow: 

First, cleanse the skin using soap or body wash with rich emollients, such as raw butters and plant/fruit oils. The hydration process begins when water comes in contact with the skin, and the wholesome emollients seal moisture into the skin.  Forgo products with harsh surfactants, such as sodium lauryl sulfate. They strip the natural oils from the skin, and hinders the goal. 

Next, slough off dead skin cells using salt or sugar scrubs, clays, or a natural fiber sponge.  Exfoliation is one of the most skipped steps in bath and body care, but is necessary for a radiant hue. Exfoliating the skin 2-3 times a week, softens rough skin, lightens hyper-pigmented spots, and allows for better absorption of other bath and body care products.  

Lastly, apply moisturizers with liquid content and emollients (lotion/cream) to maintain skin hydration and soft skin throughout the day.  Or use emollients (no water content) such as body butters and body balms for sealing in moisture after showering, softening rough skin, and protecting the skin. Petroleum jelly is an emollient, however, it does not allow the skin to breathe as well as plant/fruit-based emollients. 

Add these simple solutions to your bath and body care regimen, and you can expect that youthful glow to reappear. Say, “Good-bye” to sigh and hello to shorts, racerback tanks and short maxi dresses.





Be Whole,


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The winter months can be so unkind to your skin - wrecking havoc by turning hydrated skin into parched skin.  With the dry, cold air outside beating at your skin, cranked up heat indoors pulling moisture out of your skin, there seems to be no rescue for your epidermis.  Lost cause?  Absolutely not.  You just have to make a few adjustments to your winter bath and body care routine:

Step 1: Use a gentle grime fighter that won't strip your skin of its natural, protective oils, and that will also add to the conditioning of your skin. 

 Organic Love Body WashA pure organic, castile body wash! Lather up in goodness of sunflower oil, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, and glycerin! Organic Love is enriched with African Black Soap and Green Leaf Papaya to eat up those dead skin cells! 





Step 2: No more than 3 times a week, your skin should receive some TLC with a scrub/polish.  Exfoliating eliminates dead skin (keratin) sitting on the surface, removes impurities from the pores,  and leaves behind smooth, soft skin.  


Almond Whipped Cream ScrubA creamy body wash and exotic sugar scrub, with Sweet Almond oil to boot. Pick up your favorite sponge or puff and cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, and fragrance your body!





Sweet Raw Sugar Honey PolishA skin delicious blend of golden crystals, for banishing dead skin; pure plant oils effective for mature skin; rich humectants for protecting the skin; and honey to boot.







Step 3: Add an oil treatment to your bath & body routine. Topping the epidermis off with wholesome oils (emollient) is the best way to seal in moisture.  

  MarinadeAn after-bath oil, that is great for those on-the-go days. Seal in the moisture after showering, by spritzing on this oil-free Shea Butter oil blend. 


 Pure Body BalmA head-to-toe deep moisturizing balm, created for those women who need a bit more TLC for their scalp and body.  Pure Body Balm rejeuvenates dehydrated skin, works as a protective barrier, and is gentle on sensitive skin. 




Be Whole,


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Sweet Nature by Eddie is made with moisturizing butters, natural carrier oils, and herbs that have been proven to treat alopecia, psoriasis, acute dermatitis, and dandruff, as well as block DHT, nourish the scalp, combat hair loss and stimulate the follicles for longer, stronger, healthier hair! Eddie's mission is to provide an alternative to the hair care products that contain toxic ingredients, by enriching her products with nutrient rich ingredients. She is also on a mission to educate women through consultations, counseling, seminars and workshops, empowering them to make better decisions for the mind, body and HAIR!




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Micore Intl is positioned to be a leader in the hair care business and help a lot of people earn and save money, on buying of hair extensions and hair growth products.   Our latest hair growth product is one that many people with hair growth problems will be using. We are providing the best hair growth product found in the cosmeceutical industry.

click here and get your own Hair Business for $19.95



Until know it was expensive to investigate starting your own hair extension business. Your options were extremely limited. There is no longer the case. Check this company out and then check it in!!

Start your own Hair Business for only $19.95 month!

Independent Micoré International Business owner and Hair Consultant Juniques 623-455-6364

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Cutting Edge Hair Growth Technology has arrived at Micore Intl.

Micore Intl Consultant offer innovative cosmeceutical  skin  and  hair care  products available April 2013.

A majority percentage of  hair loss hormone base. Micore Intl cosmeceutical product  is an hormone inhibator (i.e. causes hair growth)

Micore Intl will offer a product that you spray on your scalp causes hair to grow. Yes, it has been clinically tested. Yes!!

A cosmetic product must stay on the "top" of the skin, they can not penetrate the skin, only drugs can do that.

Cosmetics will moisturize, clean, and help skin appearance. However, cosmetics do not correct or control skin problems.

A cosmeceutical product by definition is a cosmetic product in which the active ingredient is meant to have a beneficial physiological effect due to an enhanced pharmacological action when compared with an inert cosmetic.  


Simply stated, cosmeceutical product can minimize or control a skin and hair care "problem".

The term cosmeceutical was created to define a subgroup of topical products with “drug-like” effects on skin and to differentiate this subgroup from purely cosmetic products and topical prescription drugs.


US cosmeceuticals market demand for 2012 estimated at $8.2 billion The global cosmeceuticals market was estimated to be worth $30.9 billion in 2011. The global cosmeceuticals market expected to reach $42.4 billion by 2018.


People are seeking ways, daily, to  improve and maintain their appearance. Skin care is one area they really want to keep  People, especially those in mature group, want to keep looking good as long as possible. Skin and Hair Care products are in demand that fill that need.

Micore Intl in April, will introduce to the consumer marketplace cosmeceuticals skin and hair care products designed to help people look their best.

Already provider of the best hair extensions available, Micore Intl, now moves into another profitable industry.

Micore Intl Consultants are Estatic!

This market, like the hair extension market, was dominated by a small number of large players.

Increasing consumer awareness, demand for high quality, innovative and premium - priced cosmeceutical product allows Micore Intl to enter the this market aggressively.

Micore Intl, is change leader!!! Micore's Intl Market Entry and Market Expansion will make it one of the major players in this market.

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Hello Community
Micore Intl is jamming in Atlanta GA. The National Launch is going great. I am watching the live stream and "acting a fool" with excitment!! You got to be part of this history making company,
I am!!!!
Get started for $19.95

This company is a "gamechanger" in all aspects of the concept.

Micore Intl is "opening" the hair industry to "average" folk!!

Yes, $19.95 and you are in business within minutes.

Your own personalize website

Your own online store

Your own customer management system.

Your own complete product line!!


Yes, you can get a 25% discount on product

Yes, you can generate income from building your company reps,

yes, your reps, for you get paid when they make sales!!!


New product lines being introduced:

Hair growth product

Hair maintenance accessories

Education service expanded

Compensation "just got better" enhancements


Ok, enough already, get on this "trailbrazer" and braze your own trail!!!




Independent  Micore International Consultant

Juniques Marketing and Juniques Multi Cultural Connections (

endorse this message

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People are starting home based Hair Weave business due to this company by Rickey Johnson - Juniques Multi Cultural Connections Glendale, AZ -

The company: Micore International

Hello, I am an independent representative with Micore International ( )

623 455 6364

Hair Weave is a billion dollar industry. The demand for hair extensions and enhancements make up a large part of consumer purchase from the ethnic consumer. It is projected that there will  approximately 119.7 million ethnic consumers by 2014. 

Ironically,African-American women make up a large part of that consumption,yet, are not the providers of hair extension products.

The hair extension industry is made up of manufacturer, Distributor, Retailer, and consumer.

For decades, it has been very difficult to enter the hair business as a distributor or retailer, due to limited access to product and very high business start up  cost. The hair extension industry is not showing any signs of slowing down and actually creating product supply opportunities.

This growing Hair extension industry, has open the greatest opportunity for business expansion,for those who want to capture it.

One company answering that "opportunity call" is Micore International. This company provides a distributorship to anyone, who wants to offer hair extensions, to the retail public and save on their own personal purchase.  


For $19.95 a person can open their distributorship and be in business, that same day.

Micore International, also offer online training, for those who want to become skilled at this new and growing, hair extension business opportunity.

You are welcome to explore the opportunity Micore International is offering by viewing the Micore independent representative site at

623 455 6364


It catching national attention. Join in the fun!!!

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22 Jan 2013

Hello Community, May this information find you doing exceptionally well.

Here is an update on the progress of Micore Intl. 

This company is positioning itself to be a dominant force in the hair business.

The hair business is more than hair extensions!!!!

Get connected to Micore Intl now. Learn and Grow. Build yourself a successful income producing option with the Hair Business. 

At your service,

Rickey  ( go to my site and get more info at ) 

This email is for all of our Georgia Girls (ok Guys can come to) to let you know Micore' is starting to get Atlanta revved up again, in preparation for *LAUNCH*! (However this email is Company wide!)

Beginning TONIGHT, Micore' Atlanta has a consistent weekly meeting spot! Come out TONIGHT and meet International Hair Consultant Alix Moore and the Godfather of Micore' Averi Washington, leader of TEAM QUEST! Many other leaders will be in the house and many future leaders!

The facilitator of this event is Byron Reese....and Micore' International is proud to welcome Byron Reese as a new Hair Consultant! Byron has been one of the top hair brokers in Atlanta for years, even consistently selling dozens of kilos per month of Caviar Platinum hair....BEFORE Caviar Platinum existed!!!

Achal Jain joined forces with Derrick Alexander to provide his hair to Micore' exclusively, and CAVIAR PLATINUM was born!

Byron has thousands of clients and contacts in the hair business and has dedicated his corporate office headquarters to weekly TUESDAY meetings to WAKE ATLANTA BACK UP!


Salon Deliveries: 3201 Atlanta Industrial Pkwy #206 Atlanta, Ga 30331

285 to Bankhead Hwy, then West. After Bolton Rd turn Right into the Industrial Bus Park

Soon floating meetings will start back up in different areas on other nights at hair salons, hotels, reach ALL of Atlanta!

WHY is Atlanta excited??? Because SO many things are happening at Micore' in 2013!

Southern Hair Superstar TONI LOVE has joined Micore' as Director of Micore' University! WOW

Atlanta Urban Cosmetic Giant Anita Bohannon of BOVANTI Cosmetics has joined forces with Micore' to introduce hair to their 30,000 customers and promote Micore' in up to 25 trade shows per year! WOW


Micore' International is preparing to introduce a new HAIR GROWTH product to the world! The Cosmoceutical Research Center has developed an AMAZING product that stimulates real hair growth, which results in thicker, fuller hair! The only problem CRC had was marketing, until they found Micore'!

The President of CRC was Vice-President of Neutrogena for 15 years and developed T-Gel among other products. CRC formulates products for many known companies and brands, but the products they sell to Micore' will be exclusive! 

While we work on designing new packaging and a unique product name for Micore', we have been asked to help CRC with an inventory BLOWOUT SALE to sell off their existing product! (Normal retail for the Hair Growth product will be $300 for a 3-month supply, but the sale price will be $180! When you sell this you will make $45 at Retail (25%), plus the product VOLUME commissions from your downline Team!

Hair Loss is right behind Weight Loss as one of the number one phrases in search engines!

Soon you will be able to sell this hair growth product to dozens of customers of all ages, all races, and genders! Every Micore' rep should set a goal to get 10 customers on AUTOSHIP (1st month) and watch your residual income go through the roof!

HAIR is the same structure as SKIN and NAILS! CRC has products for all three! YES Micore' markets the BEST HAIR....but we'll also market the BEST HAIR-CARE and SKIN CARE and NAIL CARE products on the market!

Some of these products will be released at our official LAUNCH!

Many of you are asking "WHEN ARE WE GOING TO LAUNCH?"...and you should be asking. We have decided to have our Launch EVENT in March, and expect to select the venue/date this week.

The bottom line is you can only Launch an MLM company ONE TIME! There are no do-overs!

We want this event to be spectacular, with 1000 plus in the room! Where we will introduce a new website, new products, and new thousands of NEW PROSPECTS!!!!

A Launch is not a "party" for the's to GO PUBLIC with the CONCEPT!

We are all excited about 2013 guys....and you should be too!


To your success!


Derrick Alexander, CEO

"As long as you're going to be thinking anyway, THINK BIG!"
Donald Trump

for additional information go to

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Hello Community, Yes this is EXCITING NEWS!!! It is an industry first and you can get in for $19.95!!!

I have a whole lot of fun sharing this info. Join with me

At your service,

Rickey with Juniques Multi Cultural Connections

623 455 6364

WHEW! We have been waiting a LONG time to
LAUNCH Micore'….but the FACT IS you can ONLY Launch

an MLM company ONCE! We knew we had to do this

As a result SO MANY great things will be

Micore' is about to be promoted highly in
This weekend at Bronner Brothers a whopping
5,000 flyers were passed out! Soon MASS emails will

be sent, radio interviews and commercials

released,group meetings to see some of the new things

before the launch, and a street team to PUMP ATLANTA


The Micore' Launch will have Hairlarious

Comedy, a Weftabulous Business Opportunity
presentation, and
Weavealicious Caviar Hair!


An ARMY OF ONE, loaded with our new Zebra
Sample Kits
and new Product Packs....and Powerful New
Plan....and exciting new system
take back the hair extension industry....and
keep that
money in our AMERICAN pockets!

You represent a Network Marketing Company

that owns its
own hair factory in India which makes the

THE INDUSTRY. Who else dares to Warranty

their hair for 1-Year!

You represent a Network Marketing Company

that is probably
the only company in the hair industry to
educate its customers and representatives with
information that is
untaught in the marketplace that is loaded
with misinformation.

You represent a Network Marketing Company
that will soon introduce
a mascara that will help grow eyelashes and
work to eliminate
the need for false eyelashes!

You represent a Network Marketing Company

that is GOING to have 100,000 or more Consultants with their
own Hair Business
(costing only $19.95 a month), earning a
full-time or part-time
weekly income as well as a monthly residual
income for years...
which means paid-for hair!

Micore' is the END OF NO FAIR HAIR!

You represent a Network Marketing Company

that is about to offer Health Insurance and Dental Insurance

at a special Group Rate to our Independent Contractors, which

after January 2014 will be mandatory to have! (Leaked that one

for excitement)

You represent a Network Marketing Company

that cares about you
and wants to see each one of you succeed!

Visit the  for

more details,

We can't show you the New Micore'!

Committed to your success,

Derrick Alexander, CEO


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10744088056?profile=originalIt’s TIME to STOP buying hair extensions and get nothing in RETURN! It’s TIME to Join the Multi Billion Dollar hair business as a Micoré Hair Consultant!

In 2009 Derrick & Mercy Alexander started VirginHairSupply an e-commerce website for hair. It was soon realized by Derrick that there were hundreds of other hair website competitors and they would have to invest tens of thousands of dollars if they ever hoped to make a name for VHS. Derrick did some research and noticed that even though there were hundreds of hair competitors, there was virtually no competition in the Multi-Level Marketing arena.

Derrick strongly believed that women would gravitate toward a Network Marketing program for hair extensions. He spoke to some trusted friends for support and they formed Micoré International MLM.

 Women love social settings, and they treasure their hair! Women also like to make money that they can call their own so the Micoré owners decided to put the hair business and the revenue it generates, back into the hands of the women who purchase. Even men are finding great success in Micoré!

The hair business is a fractionalized market with no single major giant competitor except the Koreans, who dominate the industry with control of more than 80 percent of the distribution of African American hair care products, beauty supply stores and the wig and extension manufacturers.

The mission of Micoré International Inc is to become the largest single seller of hair extensions and lace wigs in the USA. Soon thousands of Independent Micoré Consultants will be sharing the Micoré story and selling to women who appreciate quality hair, and money in their pocket!

This opportunity is about to revolutionize the hair industry as the first TRUE Network Marketing Company for HAIR! The mission of Micoré International MLM is to become the largest single seller of hair extensions and lace wigs in the USA. 

The reason I joined Micore is that I have purchased thousands dollars in
hair throughout the years for myself and my daughter and I never got a
discount nor made money anytime by referring people to my supplier.  Now I
can do both, because Micore offers 20% discount and I also get paid when I
help others start in the business and when my family, friends and customers
buys from my site.

This business is also ideal for hairstylist because now you can add a
profit center to your business. Where the styles can make money selling hair to her customers and have other team members sell hair and she will also get paid.


Network Marketing means that not only do you make money off the products YOU SELL, but also earn commissions from the sales of potentially hundreds and even thousands of Micoré Consultants beneath you!

I am sure you can appreciate the magnitude of this opportunity, so if you are ready to grab your spot and start earning please sign up at

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Announcing “Free Sample Friday”


We are having a biweekly giveaway on our facebook page called “Free Sample Friday”, starting  tomorrow and lasting through the end of the year.

Here’s how it will work:

Every other Friday we will post either pictures or a blog of the product which we will be giving away as samples on our facebook page, and asking who would like to win what’s on offer. All you have to do is say ‘me’ in the comments section, and that’s it. A winner will be chosen at random. It’s that simple!!

The catch:

- You have to be in the US or Canada,

- You have until midnight that Friday EST to enter.

We would like you to tell us what products you would like to be  featured as giveaway samples in the coming weeks by leaving a comment on our blogfacebook page or viatwitter. You can browse our website at to give you an idea of what you might like.

Also, please spread the word because we have lots of goodies to giveaway.


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Hello Community,
It is a blessing and a pleasure to be with
you in 2013.

WOW. Networking has really paid off for
Juniques.Truly, NetWorking Increases

1. Juniques introducing The Legacy
Development Program.
2. Juniques offer finest,no harsh
chemicals,hair care line
3. Get on the mailing list

Juniques has started the Legacy Development Program

We have put in place The Legacy Development program. We are putting focus
on economic growth,however, overall growth is the real goal. To prosper
physically,mentally,spirtually, and financally. This are the "allies" will
be work on and with

The Legacy Development program is designed
to assist any company better promote
themselves. To give their message a
professional look without high cost.

To attract more people to what they offer.The Legacy Development can show anyone
with genuine desire to succeed how generate income based on their strength,
again, their strengths.

Juniques now offer Hair Care Products

Starting today, Juniques now offerthe finest hair care products to found
from Sweet Nature by Eddie.
All the products has no harsh chemical in them. They have a proven track record
of increase hair growth result over a 5 year period. SNBE was introduced to
the marketplace in 2007, after years of research and testing. The owner, Eddie,
had experience serious hairloss and was determined to do something about it.
She Did It and Did It Big, created her ownhair care product line!!!

Ok, orders placed with the referral name,
rjohnson, get a 10% discount.

go to and get
additional information and place your

Join our mailing list

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Wedding favorites from Angel Minaro

    Angel Minaro is a luxury kissed spa and skincare line that will cater to your every need from head to toe as you prepare for your special day.




Our botanical infused skin care products nurture and nourish the skin while our luxuriousspa line pampers and detoxifies both the body and mind to keep you glowing, beautiful and ready both physically and mentally for your special day.

The Angel Minaro product line includes a facial line which consists of cleansers, a microdermabrasion cream, masks, toners, moisturizers and serums. The body care line includes lotions, creams, butters, body oils, body scrubs and body wraps. The bath splendor line includes body washes, luxurious bath oils, salt soaks, milk baths and bubble baths. The hair care line includes shampoos, conditioners and hair oils. The manicure and pedicure line includes soaks, lotions, scrubs and serums.


                                       Chocolate and Strawberry antioxidant toning masque


                                        Arome Tropical ultra nourishing and firming body lotion

Our products also make exquisite gifts for the special people in your bridal party or anyone that deserves to be thoroughly pampered.

At Angel Minaro, there’s a little something for everybody. Welcome to the ultimate spa experience.

                                                         Let’s get gorgeous!


Our services include:

- Favors for weddings and wedding showers,

- Gifts for the bride (to pamper and get herself ready for the special day),

- Gifts for the bridal party,

- Gifts for any special person of your choice.

The gifts can be fully customized for any occasion and can be full size or mini versions of any of our products. 

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The Skinny on Skincare: Super foods


Super foods is the name given to a diverse group of foods found in nature. They are loaded with antioxidants, which has the ability to get rid of free radicals, resulting in less disease, great skin and longer life. 
Super foods can be found in, fruits, herbs, dark green leafy veggies and sea weed. Of course, by no means should you rely solely on these foods for all the nutrients that your body needs. Incorporating them in your diet, regularly, will help in the fight against disease and premature aging. In addition, it won't hurt to use skin care products that contain super food extracts because, when applied directly to the skin, the antioxidants are readily absorbed into the cells.
Examples of super foods include
  • strawberries 
  • gogi berries also called wolfberry 
  • acai 
  • spurilina 
  • beans 
  • pomegranate 
  • blueberries 
  • oats 
  • oranges 
  • broccoli 
  • soy 
  • spinach 
  • salmon
  • tomatoes 
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While I sleep.......

While I sleep I cannot for the life of me keep a head scarf on. Also I don't like to sleep in a head scarf. I have found that sleeping on a satin pillow case just makes for a more pleasant night's sleep. Also my significant other does not like the head scarf either.

So. What do you do while you sleep? Head scarf or satin pillow case?

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Why Does It Have to Be So Hard?


Why Does it Have to Be So Hard?


I am very supportive of others. Tell me what you are trying to do and I will try to help. What information or resources I don’t have, I will try to find for you or at least point you in the right direction, find someone that can help you.  I am one of these people that find it very difficult to ask anyone to do anything for me, I am not a sales person, and I don’t push my opportunities or products on anyone. I share and try to show the value.  Often times that works.   What I don’t like is so many people that want you to get into business with them, you sign up,  make the purchase and they disappear.  There is little training and no support. On top of that when you share your business or anything you would like to have supported, people that you supported are MIA.


We have to learn how to support each other. Circulate the dollars and resources within. This is too much of an individualistic society. Who truly makes it alone? We have to help one another. It does not have to be huge chunk of money. We can help each other with referrals, office equipment or other needed supplies; we can donate different things that someone may need to operate their business. IF you have a great skill that may be of great benefit to someone do some bartering, something.


And when it comes to charity, it is just has hard. I have been trying to collect clothing for a local shelter for months. I got one person to donate clothing. Another organization I support sends shoes to Liberia. I have not gotten one pair of shoes. I am collecting for a local pregnancy org that helps teen and pregnant women, I have not received one can of formula or diapers…I know that times are difficult. I am struggling. But I share when I can. It does the heart good to help. Even if it is one pack of socks to a battered women shelter. One box of baby wipes to a pregnancy program, a couple cans of vegetables to a homeless shelter. I am finding just how difficult it is. I thought it would be a lot easier. You care, you Give. Maybe not? I don’t get it but I will not be discouraged. I will continue to do what I am supposed to do and donate when I can and educate and encourage others. You never know when you or someone you love may be in need.




I am in the process of offering evening and weekend childcare. Akron Ohio area.


  • NightLight for Lil Angels Care~
    I would like to provide evening and weekend care for babies. Most mothers today have to return to work after 6 to 8 weeks. The days of staying home 3 months to a year or longer are over in today’s tight economy. This service would be helpful for those who work evenings/nights or who need a break for shopping, appointments on weekends or for a weekend get-a-way.


Donated clean, safe, working cribs, high chairs, play pins, strollers etc….would be very much appreciated.  I am trying to get started with “half “ a shoe string budget.


 Giving Efforts:


The Family That Gives


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5 Bad Skin Habits

During the winter months skin care becomes a number one priority. The change in the weather combined with dry winter air causes drying and discoloration to the skin, which can ruin your complete look. Here are 5 habits that will cause even more damage to your skin. If you change these 5 bad skin habits with a combination of a daily skin regiment then you will be on the road to beautiful skin. For more information, you can visit or send all questions to Bad Skin Habits1. Choosing the wrong cleanser- This is the worst mistake that a person can make when it comes to skin care. Your cleanser is as unique as your skin, and you should look at it that way. Mary Kay offers many varieties of cleansers for your age and skin type. For more information about cleansers and skin types visit Over exfoliating- What a lot of people don’t realize is that there is a such thing as too clean. Over exfoliating strips your skin of necessary nutrients, and leaves your face looking dull, dry, and life-less. Avoid exfoliating your skin as part of your daily regiment and instead just do it every other day. Try Mary Kay’s Microdermabrasion set for the perfect exfoliation product( Over moisturizing- You wouldn’t put too much oil in your car would you? Over moisturizing your skin causes clogged pores that can cause those little nasty bumps that we hate to see. You must know your skin type in order to know how often you should apply moisturizer on your face, but generally speaking you should only apply your moisturizer after you wash your face. You should also make sure that you are using a moisturizer that will last all day instead of wearing off in a few hours leaving you with that dry feeling. And never ever use regular body lotion on your face, it’s too heavy for the skin and weighs it down.4. Not washing your face before you go to bed- Going to sleep with make-up and dirt on your face is a big skin care no-no. You must give your skin a chance to breath without concealers and foundations, also your skin is exposed to so many disgusting things( smoke, pollution, and dirt) who wants to let that sit on their face all night seeping into your pores. Yuck. Wash your face with a cleanser that is fit for your skin type. For cleanser options visit Wearing old make-up- Old make-up does to the skin what old milk does to your body. Got the picture? Old make-up is bad news for the skin so recycle your old make-up and restock them often. For a list of common expiration dates for most cosmetics send an email to now you are on your way to healthier skin any time of year. For more information about skin care or to do a virtual makeover visit article is available to use with written permission from the author.
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