1-800-652-7157 Stop buying net30's and business credit services if you have bad credit.  hen you try to build up your business credit by purchasing net30's, trade lines, having corporate financials and taxes prepared as well as add ucc's to the company, you still are not guaranteed to get the funing you need to help your business.

Most banks and other lending instituions are insisting you do a personal guarantee or have enough assets to cover the loan.  Many of us, unfortunately don't have assets to cover the loan, however we can fix our personal credit to sign off for the loan.  

Good credit Union helps people all the time to fix their personal credit and help them obtain loans upto $50k in cash funding under their personal credit.  Business Credit America builds the client a 3 to 5 year old shelf corp and pair it up with their personal credit to get them up to $100k in cash funding.

I understand many of us have been taught it's not necessary to use your personal credit to get funding under the business, however due to new rules and regulations with the financial institutions things have changed.  I try to encourage people to fix their personal credit first because they will be able to have access to many other opportunities.  They can buy a car with no money down, pay lower interest rates on loans for mortgages, and personal loans.

This Tax season fix your personal credit first and you'll have access to money all year long.

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